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That's gone in the past two winter months. A short respite for gardeners is nearing completion, and the coming February suggests rolling up their sleeves and getting down to business. Although this month is the shortest in the year, some work in the garden is important to do right now. Even if winter surprises do not stop in the form of snowfalls, cold winds or thaws, garden trees are worthy of attention of their fans.

Many people know the proverb that February is a fierce month, so it asks how someone is shod. These words indicate not only the clothes, but also the primary garden activities. After all, despite the winter cold, the sun rose higher over the horizon, the day increased, which means that spring is not far off. So that she does not catch the chandler unawares, it is important to look through the fruit trees in the garden and trim. In addition, February is the time when the cuttings prepared for autumn are thoroughly checked for vaccination. And for all garden activities there are only 28 days. Good planning will not miss anything until the coming of spring.

Thorough inspection and pruning of fruit trees

Many believe that one of the main things on earth is planting a tree. But is it enough just to sprinkle the roots of the seedlings with earth to eat juicy fruits. Almost all the year round, fruit trees need care, especially in February.

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Before you start pruning a winter garden, it is important to carefully examine each tree. To avoid irreparable mistakes, it is desirable to adhere to the basic rules of pruning fruit trees:

  1. The branches with a thick trunk, which grow in the opposite direction from the crown, are removed first.
  2. To stimulate the growth of a tree, all branches that are directed upwards are cut. Remove them at the point of branching. The procedure helps to strengthen the growing under the slope and the horizontal branches, which often bear fruit.
  3. If flowering buds are visible flower buds, they are cut off, leaving the third part of the branch. As a result, it will not break under the weight of the fruit when the time of harvest comes.
  4. All thin upright and downward branches are subjected to cleaning.
  5. Remove from the seedlings dead foliage. All work is carried out with sharp tools.

Winter pruning of fruit trees promotes abundant harvests and protects against various diseases. For example, scab, fungus and the appearance of rot often appears in a well-groomed crown. Therefore, in February, sanitary pruning of fruit seedlings is done. Wire brush removes exfoliated areas of the bark, where pests winter. Remove from the dry nests dry nests hawthorn and golden-horned. Cut the affected branches and shoots, which are stored eggs of wood parasites.

Winter pruning is best to start with adult fruit trees. They have flower buds laid earlier than young seedlings. If you do the procedure later, there is a danger of damaging a large number of kidneys, which will lead to loss of the crop.

In regions with a warmer climate, especially in Ukraine, gardeners grow peaches. It is in February, when severe frosts are behind, it is best to trim such trees. Thus it is necessary to adhere to such advice:

  • branches on the seedlings should be widely spaced;
  • pruning begins with the lower shoots to stimulate the growth of the tree;
  • adult peach reaches a height of one meter, so it is important to correctly form the crown.
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Timely pruning of peach trees favorably influences the appearance of more juicy and beautiful fruits. In the summer, branches get the maximum amount of light, which increases their healthy growth. Removing old withered shoots, gardeners give the opportunity to appear to young branches, ready to bear fruit.

If in February there are thaws and the temperature is not below -5 degrees, it is advisable to whitewash the trunks of fruit trees. When mosses and lichens are found on the seedlings, it can be treated with a lime mortar, which is prepared by mixing such components:

  • 10 liters of water;
  • , kg of lime;
  • 300 g of copper sulphate;
  • , kg of iron vitriol.

As you can see, the recipe is rather simple, the main thing is not to miss the moment and to treat the entire garden in the last month of winter before spring comes.

In the northern regions, where in February it is still cold and snowy, gardeners check the shelter for heat-loving shrubs and fruit trees. If necessary, continue to cover them with a layer of snow.Especially in this need young seedlings, grapes, currants and gooseberries.

It is known that 10 cm of snow contributes to an increase in temperature on the soil by approximately 1 degree. Therefore, it is desirable to use it as much as possible to protect plants in winter.

February control of cuttings

Experienced gardeners are trying in the autumn to prepare cuttings for the grafting of fruit trees. They are stored in a refrigerator or basement, in snow or in an unheated room. When February comes, it makes sense to find out what condition they are in. For this it is necessary to conduct such a test:

  1. Check the external state of the bark. The appearance of the bark should be smooth and fresh. The dry and wrinkled membrane indicates premature death of the cuttings.
  2. Flexibility and elasticity. If a slight crunching of the cuttings produces a crunch, then it does not survive the winter period.
  3. Color and condition of wood. After making a cross-section, inspect the color of the wood. Light green color indicates the suitability of the cuttings for grafting. Brown color indicates a lifeless condition.
  4. Healthy kidneys. When examining the stalk, one should pay attention to the condition of the kidneys. Healthy are considered smooth options and elastic. When cutting, a light green color should be visible.
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According to all the rules of gardening, fruit trees are planted in April or May, depending on the climate. The main thing is that the active movement of juice begins in the shoots.

To conduct a successful operation to inoculate fruit trees, the stalk should be at rest.

Checked in February cuttings stored in a cold room until the time of vaccination.Get them from there preferably 2 days before the procedure. Instances with a frozen lump - for 3 or 4 days. Performance of important garden works in February, contribute to an increase in the yield of fruit trees. In the end, you can always rejoice at the fruits of your hands, taking care of the garden in the country.

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