Instructions for use insecticide Angio

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  • agriculture, gardens and kitchen gardens for the destruction of various pests that affect a variety of crops. Moreover, it can be sprayed by hand or by plane.

    Description of the drug Angio

    Angio is an insecticide of the group nicotinoids, pyrethroids. The main active ingredient is thiamethoxam( concentration 141 g / liter) and lambda-cyhalothrin( its content is 106 g / liter).The drug is available in the form of a highly concentrated suspension and is packed in 3.6 ml sachets, as well as 0.1 l bottles and 5 l cans.

    The mechanism of action

    The active substances in the composition of the insecticide Enzio completely different from each other and have different effects on pests.

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    Thiamethoxam has a systemic effect. His role is to protect plants as much as possible. And he copes with this task perfectly: the effectiveness of the drug lasts for at least 20 days from the moment of the spraying.

    Lambda-cyhalothrin has a contact effect and after contact with the pest leads to their instantaneous death. And not only adult individuals are eliminated, but also larvae. High efficiency of the substance is provided by the rapid penetration of the insect into the body through the cuticle.

    The drug is good and that has side effects. So, when spraying, the drops flow into the ground and are absorbed by the roots. Due to this, the root system is well protected from soil pests.

    Advantages of the

    Among the positive qualities of the insecticide Angio are distinguished:

    1. Speed ​​of action.
    2. Both active ingredients enhance each other's effects.
    3. Safe for humans.
    4. No addictive.
    5. Can be used even at high temperatures.
    6. Possibility of applying insecticide Enzio to a wide range of pests.
    7. The result is held for a long time.
    8. Safe for the environment.
    9. Ability to conduct a minimum number of treatments.
    10. Plants are protected from the inside as well as from the outside.
    11. Ease of use.
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    Among the negative sides point out the possibility of deteriorating the quality of processing plants during strong winds, heat, dew, precipitation.

    Insecticide Angio: instructions for use

    To prepare the working solution you need to dilute the contents of the package in 3.6 ml in a small amount of water, mix well, turn on the stirrer, and add volume to 10 liters. The amount received is enough to treat an area of ​​2 weave. But during the work it is necessary to take into account which culture you are processing and observe the necessary norms.

    The work should be carried out in calm, calm weather, so that the foliage does not have moisture, respecting, and not allowing the drug to enter the neighboring cultures.

    Compatibility and Toxicity

    Insecticide Enzio can be used with other drugs to effectively control pests. But before work, it is desirable to pre-test for compatibility.

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    As for toxicity, it is moderately dangerous for humans, completely safe for bees and earthworms, not phytotoxic. Nevertheless, it cannot be sprayed near water bodies, because it is dangerous for aquatic inhabitants.

    With the observance of all the rules of preparation of the solution, strict use of the norms, the drug will relieve the crop from pests and protect it for a long time.

    Insecticide Angio pest control - video

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