Heater power consumption

Heater power is not equal to the consumed, and less. Easier to illustrate on wind blows. Useful consider the energy given to the air. The surface of the helix is ​​small, an excessive temperature is required for the device to become significant. At the same time the metal burns out, oxygen is burned( modern spirals are covered with ceramics).The power consumption of the heater is shared with the fan, the effect of forced airflow is justified. The air warms up evenly, the device turns off earlier, the humidity does not fall, electricity bills do not increase excessively. The infrared heater absorbs least of all electricity, distributing the energy by dosed over the areas of the room.

Principles of operation of heaters

Note is important, if the meter in the house is designed for two tariffs, heating is for a double charge. Make a reservation, do not confuse the heating purpose of the room and auxiliary equipment. In the first case, convectors and infrared heaters are better suited, in the second case, oil radiators and wind blowers are used more often.

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Any device is appropriate in a particular case. Then the power consumption of electric heaters is spent to destination. Suppose there is a fireplace with spirals heated red hot. The lion's share of heat is due to radiation, part is carried away by convection. What happens in the case of using infrared heaters. There is a reflector, directing the flow of power in the right direction, heating only part of the room. The phenomenon is based on the action of infrared devices. The power consumption of the infrared heater will be less with equal heated areas. If necessary, provide a single sector of the room with heat. The rest of the room will warm up indirectly, the temperature is lower there. This is useful, for example, in spacious dining rooms, halls, bedrooms.

This is interesting! Imagine the sun as an infrared heater. The light sends energy to the inhabited parts of the planet, and the poles are frozen in the frost. Household infrared heaters are like a celestial body.

What are the additional charm of infrared heaters in terms of energy savings. The power is lower, therefore, less waste. Consider the loss aspect. Heat flows through the walls, and the amount of energy outflow from the room to the street is proportional to the temperature difference( room and street) and inversely proportional to the resistance of the wall.

The higher the temperature along the fences, the greater the leakage. Consequently, spending grows. When the temperature of the walls decreases, the dew point goes deeper into the thickness. This naturally reduces the durability of the house, here there are reservations:

  1. The owner of the apartment building is considered to be the operating organization( HOA, ZhEK, UK).It is logical on the shoulders of the organization to charge the correct conduct of affairs. To the house served longer, insulate the facade, revetted walls.
  2. As for private buildings, we will calculate the losses, compare it with the cost of insulation for the service life and choose a more profitable option.

A warm house is cool in summer because the energy of the sun's rays does not penetrate inside. Calculate modes with special programs, think for yourself: do you need air conditioning, if you install walls with insulation? Then calculate the cost of the material and the price of installation from the final number of works. In the end, it will be more profitable to make high-quality insulation than to constantly pay more because of the vagaries of the weather.

Do not be afraid that the house will turn into a greenhouse - most insulators pass water molecules. To isolate materials from excess moisture, special membrane films are used.

Convector heaters for home heating

The power consumption of a convector heater cannot be reduced relative to the calculated one, but will begin to coincide with the situation modeled using computer programs. Convectors are good at replacing central heating radiators to hang under window sills. This is due to the shape of the devices, and brackets on the body.

It is appropriate to remind that the projection of the sill should not exceed 5 cm above the wall, otherwise the flow of warm air will not be able to effectively heat the room.

Wooden warm up noticeably, begin to function as heaters, raising the temperature of drafts. It was mentioned that leakages depend in direct proportion to the temperature difference on both sides of the plane. On our side, the walls begin to warm up with a radiator:

  • We throw money out on the street( the settlement mode is not fully ensured).
  • Dew point is moving outwards, which is useful for a building, but not always necessary.

Do not block the path of air flow, and the heater power will be given to the room as fully as possible. Consider what the power depends on. The passport indicates watts, we believe that this value is transmitted to the room. In reality, measurements are carried out in normal conditions - temperature 20ºС, humidity in the region of 50%, standard pressure. When the temperature of a room falls, the power delivered by a hot body grows in proportion to the difference. There is a law that describes heat loss.

If the heater is oil-fired, the coil will operate under gentle conditions if heat rejection is assured. To understand the moment, remember wind blowers. They have spirals blown by a fan to intensify the transfer of heat, so that Nichrome does not burn out in air. We cannot change the heat effect of the current( weakly dependent on temperature), but due to the correct operation of the heater, the modes will be sparing, the device will last longer. To understand, imagine what happens if the wind blower is covered with a towel. Fire! By the way, on the convector can not dry things. The fire may not happen, but the device will last less.

The more powerful the device, the more important it is to properly install, configure and operate. The more dangerous to violate the working conditions. The power consumption of the oil heater does not change from the microclimate of the premises, if placed in the sun, the surface temperature will rise until the difference is exactly as much as it was under normal measurement conditions. For example, in the laboratory 20ºС, in the sun 60. Then, when moving to a new place, the surface of the radiator will become hot by 40 degrees. How good or bad it is for the device, decide for yourself. Do not forget, oil boils at a temperature above 100ºС, then burns.

The air inside the oil heater serves as a cushion for the thermal expansion of the fluid. The ashes settle on the heating element, the temperature of the helix will rise to critical, the thermal fuse on the body may not work, because the oil temperature will in principle be standard. As a result, a replacement of the heating element will be required. The new heating element needs to be rolled, the average master repairman will not cope with this.

It is important for readers to understand: if there is no immediate effect in case of violation of the instructions, then they will simply appear later. Second: the higher the power consumption of the heater, the more important it is to comply with safety rules - the consequences are harder, and come faster. The most economical infrared heater does not heat the walls, but gives heat to the room, objects. This is both good and bad. What is associated with a change in the position of the dew point. And it concerns the surface of the wall. The oil heater, on the contrary, often heats a little longer than necessary. Ideal for small rooms, but in large rooms will lead to losses of finances. On the question of which heater consumes more, the answer is one - oil. But good for things to dry. At the same time, it is necessary to arrange clothes so as not to block the access of air to the chamber with sensors, and choose the power mode by soft.

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