How is the preservation of a septic tank for the winter: instruction

Septic constantly functioning sewage system does not require conservation - its winter operation is no different from working in any other season. But the treatment plant in the country house, where people are visited by only from time to time, require special attention.

If you do not take care of the design, the spring house can lose sanitation. We will understand how to make conservation a septic tank for the winter, which is to adhere to the rules and by what measures should be abandoned, not to provoke a breakdown of battery drain.

The content of the article:

  • Why stop working holiday septic tank?
  • Full pumping capacity - fatal error
  • Rules of conservation treatment facilities
    • Method 1: Preparation of septic tanks of industrial manufacturing
    • Method 2: stop operation makeshift construction
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Why stop working holiday septic tank?

septic conservation called a temporary suspension of its work in the winter with the possibility to run again, when will a suitable weather for this. It is necessary to preserve the health facilities.

If the septic tank is used in the winter for its intended purpose, he'll be all right, but for the villa sewerage conservation measures are needed. Otherwise septic tank body may be damaged.

Often this ends with the appearance of internal and external leaks, partial or total suspension of construction.

I stopped for the winter septic tank

Measures for the conservation of a septic tank is much cheaper than the subsequent repair and recovery. All work can be done with their own hands

The goal of conservation - to suspend the operation of the system so that it could be easily resumed. The system operates through a natural decomposition of the agents - anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. On their type and quantity depend on the speed and efficiency of sewage treatment.

In conventional septic tanks effluents purified by approximately 50-75%, and in biological purification plants - by 95-98%. If conservation is necessary to create conditions in which micro-organisms inhabiting different types of septic tanksThey remain alive and able to reproduce.

This means that they must have nutrients, and aerobic bacteria should be getting more and oxygen.

Driving sewerage septic tank

If the septic tank is installed correctly (below the level of soil freezing), it is possible not to worry, that he peremerznet. Furthermore, during their life bacteria produce additional heat and temperature in the tanks generally does not fall below + 5 ° C (+)

In some models of septic use biological filters that improve the quality of wastewater treatment. They successfully replace filtration fieldsBut owners sometimes have to clean or replace the system, the use of special biological products.

In addition to the high cost of construction itself, you need to constantly invest in their performance, take care of proper preparation for the cold and maintenance of a septic tank in the winter.

Full pumping capacity - fatal error

A common mistake owners of septic tanks in the preservation - pumping tank. If you do not remain liquid, bacteria quickly die from lack of food. In this case, the spring can face big problems in sewer operation, if not promptly take measures to increase the number of microorganisms.

The treatment plant will cease to perform its functions: the water will go into the ground merely clarified, rather than purified. It threatens pollution of fertile soil, the spread of pathogenic bacteria, and even cases of diseases among humans and domestic animals.

The circuit arrangement of layers groundwater

Do not assume that one properly working septic tank "means nothing" to the environment. Groundwater overcome great distances and feed a plurality of hydraulic structures, including wells and boreholes. The consequences of untreated wastewater into soil unpredictable (+)

If the site is suitable underground aquifer close to the surface, it is possible infiltration: fecal bacteria will quickly be in drinking water wells and will spread further. Under unfavorable circumstances, it is fraught with real epidemics and pestilence livestock.

The logic of the owners of septic tanks, drain the water in the winter clear: they fear that the liquid freezes and break the shell of tank, but when properly installed structures such probability is extremely low.

The damage, which can cause a complete septic tank pumping chambers, may be much larger, so do not make this mistake.

Surfacing empty septic tank

Wishes of the owners of septic tanks do not affect the laws of physics. If the light volume reservoir is empty, it can emerge during the spring floods

If water is removed from the chambers of a plastic or fiberglass septic tank, the spring can get an unpleasant surprise design float to the surface, breaking the soil and rising pipes. Proper installation reduces the risk of surfacing, but not as critical as owners expect.

Incremental instructing installation is provided below.

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The first stage - the septic tank inspection for damage

After the delivery of a septic tank on site should be carefully examine the case and make sure that no factory defects and damage during transportation. If the model includes an electronic control system, it is necessary to ensure its functionality

The second stage - the preparation of the pit

Under the septic tank to dig a pit. It must be of sufficient size to under construction can be installed concrete slab and run backfill with a mandatory protection from frost heave

The third stage - fixing the septic tank to the concrete slab

At the bottom of the pit equip a sandy base, and the top set or make a concrete slab. To it is attached to the anchors special straps that firmly fix the septic tank. This prevents the surfacing construction in periods when rising ground water table, but such measures are not enough, if the septic tank is empty

The fourth stage - backfilling construction

The distance between the tank body and the pit walls is filled with a cement-sand mixture. It should be dry. It stack layers and tamped. Only after that structure can be filled with soil. This protects the septic tank corps during ground movements

The first stage - the septic tank inspection for damage

The first stage - the septic tank inspection for damage

The second stage - the preparation of the pit

The second stage - the preparation of the pit

The third stage - fixing the septic tank to the concrete slab

The third stage - fixing the septic tank to the concrete slab

The fourth stage - backfilling construction

The fourth stage - backfilling construction

Primers are not static, their motions are always possible, especially during rapid temperature changes, or changes GWL influenced by other factors. Loads on the side walls and the bottom of the tank may increase substantially.

Under pressure from the ground empty a septic tank can either float or be deformed. In both cases, it will have to spend energy, time and money to restore the sewer. If the body can not be repaired, it is necessary to buy a new treatment plant.

Protecting plastic septic tank

When installing a septic tank include the possibility of ground motions and protect the structure. Such measures are only required when installing fiberglass and plastic constructions, as concrete structures are heavy and much less susceptible to external influences (+)

All these problems, extra costs and experiences easily avoided. You just need to properly preserve the septic tank and note that in the winter you may need to re-start it to work.

If the owner plans at least once a month to go and see a country house or dacha, sewage treatment plants can be left "as is" - fully functional. Even volatile septic tank with working compressors is not too burden the budget.

Rules of conservation treatment facilities

Typically septic suspend operation with the first chills - as soon as the temperature falls to 0 ° C. It is important not to wait for frost and do conservation treatment plant, while the land is not the beginning of the freeze.

This period is considered the best, since the groundwater level has decreased to its lowest level, and the soil is stabilized, and thus shifts are virtually eliminated.

The principle of operation of anaerobic septic tank

Spring at time of startup in the septic tank is not enough work to bacteria in waste water treatment required 95-98%. Can accelerate their reproduction by pouring into drains sour yogurt or adding special biologics (+)

If all measures for the preservation of a septic tank in the winter will be done correctly, in the tanks remain sufficiently viable bacteria that begin to proliferate once receive the first sewage with the necessary organic substances.

Very quickly, they will be able to recycle waste water at the proper level, though at first the cleaning quality is not the highest. To "help" bacteria can be added before starting the system in septic drug "Dr. Robic".

Method 1: Preparation of septic tanks of industrial manufacturing

Septic tanks are convenient industrial production not only in the installation and operation. The order of their preservation is described in detail in the technical documentation.

Each model has its own characteristics, so before stopping work should carefully read the instructions.

Conservation and septic tank insulation

Septic tanks insulated only in areas where there are heavy frosts. For heat insulation are suitable for almost any material. The main thing is that the roof of the treatment plant was completely sheltered and insulator are not exposed to external influences

There are a few general rules to be followed for the preservation of any volatile treatment plant:

  • deenergizing. Biological treatment station connected to the mains. They include-off using special automatic switch in the building and / or buttons on the control panel.
  • Partial dismantling of electrical equipment. It is mandatory to remove the compressor mounted in the working compartment. To do this, you need to remove the clip-locks.
  • dismantling the pump. In some models, a pump for the forced transfer of filtered water. It is also necessary to remove, inspect, clean, and repair if necessary.
  • The measurement of the water level. For conservation requires that septic tanks were filled to 2/3 or 3/4 of the total volume. If the fluid is not enough, you need to replenish the missing amount.
  • Thermal insulation of the roof construction. This is an optional event. It is performed only if there is a risk peremerzaniya septic tank. Roof insulated by any available material - extruded polystyrene, Foam, straw, dried grass, sawdust, etc.

Properly canned septic tank ascends and will not suffer from the instability of the ground. It will be possible to start the work almost immediately - immediately after installation and connection of the compressor.

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Step One - cleaning septic tank sludge from the chamber

Clear from septic sludge by using specialized equipment assenizatorskaya or independently. It's easy to do if there is a good or a fecal drainage pump and sufficient capacity. When self cleaning septic should consider beforehand as will be reclaimed evacuated yl

The second step - dismantling and routine inspection of the compressor

The task of the compressor - drawing air from outside and pumped into the working chamber septic tank. It is important that the unit was clean and working properly. After dismantling it inspected, checked, thoroughly clean from dirt, dust and sent to storage in a dry room

Step three - checking fluid level in chambers

Most industrial production of septic tanks are provided with level sensors liquid. These are small devices consisting of a plastic body and a copper wire, which is connected with the findings of reed switches, soldered to the signal cable. If the sensors are not provided for the construction of a septic tank, they can be made independently

Step Four - septic tank and pipe insulation

In regions with harsh climates insulated septic tank and the injection point tubes. If the tank is usually kept zero temperature, the pipes can be strongly affected by frost. For warming is desirable to select water-resistant materials. If the choice was made in favor of mineral wool or another insulator, carrying the bad effects of water, it is further waterproofing

Step One - cleaning septic tank sludge from the chamber

Step One - cleaning septic tank sludge from the chamber

The second step - dismantling and routine inspection of the compressor

The second step - dismantling and routine inspection of the compressor

Step three - checking fluid level in chambers

Step three - checking fluid level in chambers

Step Four - septic tank and pipe insulation

Step Four - septic tank and pipe insulation

Before stopping the operation of a septic tank for the winter season is recommended to clean and airlifts camera, remove silt deposits.

In regions with severe climate it makes sense to establish a fluid chamber with several floats, which will save from the housing wall damage due to ice crust.

Floats of plastic bottles

The problem of plastic floats - reduce the pressure on the wall structure of the housing. It is desirable to produce more. Ice compresses the floats, allowing smaller burden falls on the fluid reservoir

Produce floats for a septic tank is very easy. To do this, take several plastic bottles of beverage volume of 1.5-2 l, and sand is poured into them to such a level that the vessel immersed in the liquid by about half and thus did not sink.

Ready floats tied to a nylon rope long that they are easy to pull out when needed. Very firmly fastened the rope outside.

Method 2: stop operation makeshift construction

industrial septic tank - it's convenient, efficient, but expensive. Many owners of summer cottages to choose cheaper home-made constructions. Usually it is non-volatile structure, with preservation of which can not be too much difficulty.

Septic tank cleaned of silt. If set to some electrical equipment (compressors, pumps and the like), it is dismantled and conduct preventive maintenance. If necessary replenish the liquid level in the same way as in the case with industrial septic tank - 2/3 or 3/4 volume chambers.

Concrete septic tank

Least of all the problems with the preservation of self-made concrete septic tanks. Enough of them to inspect, clean and warm, if necessary

The water level in septic tanks of concrete rings It is not critical, since such structures surfacing structure view gravity excluded.

If you need insulation, using special materials or straw, dried leaves, sand. In the case of using foamed polystyrene boards, polyethylene or other insulators, impermeable to air, should make several holes to aerobic bacteria obtained oxygen required for their life.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

There are many types of septic tanks. Their service and preparation for winter are not always simple. The owners could raise issues related to checking the fluid level in the models without any special sensors. Often problems occur with self-pumping activated sludge.

We offer videos that will simplify the task of preservation treatment facilities.

If you want to install a sensor that signals the high level of water in the septic tank, it can be assembled by hand. How to do it, explains the expert:

Detailed video instruction on conservation septic tank:

How to maintain a septic tank "Tapas", without recourse to a specialized firm:

Spring degreasing treatment plant is simple. It is necessary to remove the insulation layers, to get the floats to install compressors and pumps. It will only have to connect the septic tank to the grid, and it will work.

Within a few days or weeks, the bacteria "come to life", and the efficiency of the cleaning system is the same as that before preservation. The probability that we have to "revive" the microorganisms, is low.

Do you have personal experience of the preparation of a septic tank for the winter? Want to share your own methods, or ask questions on the topic? Please leave your comments - feedback form located below.

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