How does a humidifier work

  • Air humidifiers - what kind of device is it and what is it for?
  • What are humidifiers?
  • How to choose the best humidifier?

We all strive to create comfort and harmony in our home. We make repairs, rearrangements, regular cleaning, try to surround ourselves with beautiful things. Experiencing the safety of heat or cool. But do we pay enough attention to the cleanliness and humidity of the air we breathe in the walls of our house? But this is the most important parameter for our comfort and health! And that is why we have prepared an article for you about devices that help maintain a favorable microclimate, and tell how the humidifier works.

Air humidifiers - what is this device and what is it for?

Household humidifier is designed to saturate the human environment with moist air. The problem of air humidity during the heating period or in countries with a constant warm climate becomes especially urgent.

Why is it so important? Dry air has a negative effect on our skin, mucous membranes, lungs and the general condition of a person. Overdried skin ages faster, it also becomes more vulnerable to external influences. Dry mucous membranes bring considerable discomfort, and dry air in the lungs contributes to the development of various pathogens that contribute to the accelerated development of pulmonary diseases and the occurrence of complications. Phlegm, which dries up in the trachea and bronchi, interferes with the normal oxygen saturation of the blood, and, as a result, oxygen starvation of the organism as a whole and of the brain in particular is observed. A person becomes sluggish, sedentary, concentration and memory are disturbed. But it especially harms dry air to children, especially babies of the first year of life.

According to the research of doctors, the comfortable humidity in the house or apartment is from 40 to 60%, at a temperature of 18 to 22-24 °.Measures the level of air humidity special device - hygrometer. A simple air humidifier helps to achieve the desired performance. Therefore, if you care about your health and the well-being of your relatives - you need to think about buying such an effective assistant.

What are humidifiers?

So, we have already said that the main functional task of the humidifier is to “follow” the level of moisture in the air that we breathe in our home. But different devices cope with this task in different ways. Evaporate water, create wet mist or drive air through wet membranes. Additionally, some devices can disinfect the air, saturate it with ions, odors, or even purify dust particles and allergens.

That is, they can be divided into:

  • traditional or “cold” evaporation humidifiers;
  • steam;
  • ultrasound.

Let's look at all these types of devices in order.

Humidifiers "cold" steam

Sometimes such devices are called "sinks" of air. Their principle of operation is simple, they drive air streams through wet membranes, thereby saturating human vital space with moisture. This is an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to increase the level of humidity in an apartment or house.

They need to be periodically washed, but then inside you can pour plain water from the tap. Some humidifiers contain replaceable cartridges with an anti-bacterial coating, and they also need to be replaced. But the simplest devices do not provide consumables.

The device works almost silently, consumes a minimum of electricity, but is not able to accurately control the level of humidity in the room. In addition, the air will be cleaned of dust, but most likely there will be no smell from microorganisms.

Steam Humidifiers

From the name you can generally understand the principle of operation. Such a device boils water and vaporizes the air in an apartment or house with vapor of evaporation. Modern steam humidifiers are made of heat-resistant plastic and equipped with an insulated heating chamber. The electrodes boil water, and then the steam is distributed throughout the room. If there is not enough water, the electrical circuit will not close and the device will automatically turn off.

In addition, a working steam humidifier effectively fights microorganisms in the air, because streams of hot steam can destroy most bacteria and viruses. Such a device is often equipped with a special container for flavored liquid, for example, essential oil, and is used as an inhaler-flavoring.

But boiling water requires a significant amount of electricity, and hot steam can burn and harm human health. Such a device is not recommended for use in families where children grow up. And the bedroom is not the best place to operate a steam humidifier - the gurgling of water at the time of boiling can disturb your sleep.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

This type of humidifiers is currently the most popular. As a rule, the ratio of price and quality of such a device is optimal. They are reliable, productive and multifunctional. Let's look at the principle of operation of the humidifier.

Inside the instrument is a piezo ceramic plate with nickel electrodes. Nickel is the current that causes the plate to vibrate with a constant and high frequency. The result is sound waves that are indistinguishable to our ears and completely harmless. It is sound waves that break up water into fine particles and spread this water dust around the room with the help of a small fan built into the device. You can compare the effect of ultrasound with a spray that “sprays” the air in an apartment or house.

Such opportunities today are the most effective and economical way to maintain the desired level of moisture in homes. Working ultrasonic humidifiers consume a minimum of electricity, and practically do not make noise. The water tank will last for 20-22 hours of continuous and effective air humidification. Most models are equipped with an ultraviolet lamp for disinfecting water and air and a built-in hygrometer. However, you should check the testimony of such a device with an independent meter, because the hygrometer near the source of humidification is not always able to correctly recognize the level of humidity in the air.

The only nuance when using an ultrasonic device may be the need to pour inside only boiled or distilled water. After all, salt, which is rich in water from the tap, will leave whitish stains on the furniture. And with them it is not so easy to fight. However, you can buy ultrasonic with built-in filters and water softeners, then the question of distillation or boiling will disappear by itself.

How to choose the best moisturizer?

How your electronic assistant will be “hot”, “cold” or “ultrasound” - you decide. But there are a few general recommendations that will help make the optimal choice of a humidifier for home use:

  1. Pick up the device "with reserve", it is better if it is designed for large areas than the size of your room.
  2. Pay attention to its power consumption.
  3. Trust trusted brands and brands - then you have the right to rely on a reliable and durable device. And in the event of a breakdown, it can be quickly repaired in a specialized service center.
  4. Pay special attention to operational safety. Auto-shutdown system, water level sensors, blocking are not superfluous functions. Prefer models with cleaners and filters for water and air.
  5. Listen carefully to the work of your future purchase, because you live with it and even sleep. More precisely, sleep while the device is operating. Would you be comfortable near such a noise source? Sometimes noise and even the display backlighting can interfere with the proper rest of adults and children, and, as a result, the overall useful device is sent to the shelf instead of effective assistance.

Sure that now that you know , how the humidifier works, it will be much easier for you to find an effective and beneficial device to maintain a healthy microclimate. Choose wisely and enjoy clean and cool, and most importantly - moist air in the walls of your home. Health and harmony to our readers!

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