How to use a boiler to save electricity?

  • Methods for reducing electricity costs
  • Choosing the right place for installing an
  • boiler Choosing the right mode for
  • without breaking the law, they know only a few. In this article we will tell you how to save on hot water, and you can identify yourself with those units of people.

    Methods of reducing the cost of electricity

    To do this, follow these tips:

    • Choose the best place for installing the boiler. After all, if the pipeline is too large before the sink or bath, the heat will naturally dissipate, forcing you to spend more kilowatts.
    • Choose the right mode of the device. To save, you need to properly configure the active and inactive periods of operation of the device, namely the heating element, you can save a small amount per kilowatt.
    • Perform preventive cleaning of heating elements( heating element). Having cleaned it of scale, you can increase the efficiency of the element, namely, to receive the same amount of heat, with less power consumption.

    By adhering to all these points, you can save a small amount of electricity, which will have a positive impact on your budget.

    Choosing the right place to install an

    boiler When you open a tap with hot water, you often have slightly warm water coming from there. Why is that? You ask, since the liquid inside the heat exchanger is hot and there is no doubt about it, however, boiling water must be reached at the tap, after having expelled the cold liquid in the pipe. In a pipe 1 meter long and half an inch in diameter, as a consequence of the loss of temperature, it will be necessary to cover a loss of 200 milliliters of liquid.

    After the valve on the faucet was shut off, you lose the same amount of warm liquid, because the “unused” liquid will remain in the pipes until the next opening of the valve. It can be concluded that each time you use a crane, your boiler consumes at least 400 milliliters per each meter of pipe.

    It is possible to optimize this cost by reducing the length of the pipeline. Simply put, it is necessary to install a water heater so that it is located in the middle of the kitchen and bath, but it is worth noting that the kitchen branch is better to make shorter than the one that goes to the bathroom. After all, you open the faucet in the kitchen much more often than in the bathroom.

    However, not always “a suitable place”, which significantly reduces costs, is ideal from the aesthetic side and even more convenient to use. After all, think for yourself, not everyone will be able to tolerate a water heater, which is appealing to the eyes, located, for example, in the corridor. Yes, and not every water heater owner will risk installing it in an awkward location.

    If you haven’t managed to find the best place to install the boiler, or you don’t want to place it in an uncomfortable place, you can simply simply make the pipe warm with hot water. Install on fittings or brackets, retaining pipes, polypropylene cover, as well as pipes and fittings. After you fix it with adhesive tape or glue, you can start using your economical boiler, thereby reducing the cost of paying bills.

    We select the correct mode of operation of the device

    Most often, when talking about electricity saving among users of boilers, they are divided into two camps. The first ones say that the boiler must always be switched on in order to receive the necessary hot water at any time. The latter argue that it is necessary to turn off the boiler during the inactive stage and turn on only -5 hours per day in order to heat the water.

    So: in this matter, everyone is mistaken. In some way you will not be able to save on electricity by turning off the boiler, brought to the maximum temperature, respectively, will not receive any benefits.

    Changing the power supply model of the heating element can save energy costs only in the absence of hot water in the device. You do not want to get a cold bath or wash dishes in ice water? You did not count on such an economic benefit.

    However, do not be upset. In order to understand how to save money on a boiler, it is necessary to recall the Fourier's law on thermal conductivity, which deals with the relationship between the energy absorbed during heating and the temperature difference of the incoming stream.

    From this it follows that the achievement of the minimum difference between the temperature of the liquid that enters the tank and that already located there, the less energy is needed to heat the mixed liquid.

    Simply put, by lowering the temperature of the boiler from 85-90 degrees to 55-60, you can safely use the boiler around the clock for a span and save a lot more energy than permanently turning off the water heater that operated at maximum. By reducing the temperature to 55-60 degrees, you significantly slow down the formation of scale on the heating elements, due to the decrease in thermal capacity of the device.

    Consider the process of cleaning the heating elements

    Contaminated heating elements will not be able to work with its maximum efficiency. Some of the useful energy will be absorbed by scale. In case of descaling from the heating element, you will get a normally functioning device with the original characteristics.

    Step-by-step instructions for cleaning the heating elements:

    1. Drain all water from the boiler, having previously shut off its supply.
    2. Disconnect the device from the mains and dismantle the heating element.
    3. Make a cleaning solution. For its preparation you will need one and a half liters of water and 15 grams of citric acid.
    4. Reinstall the already cleaned element.
    5. Return the water supply and connect the device to the network.

    In case you do not wish to perform these manipulations yourself, you can contact the specialists who will replace the heating element for 2.5-3 thousand rubles.

    In this article, we described the basic methods, how to save electricity on an boiler, reviewed the main points on how to operate and maintain the device.

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