How to repair a bread maker with your own hands

How to repair a bread maker with your own hands


Bread, baked with your own hands, is not only tasty and useful, but also economical. In addition, so on the table will be only those baked goods that they like, and even at the right time. And if the technique were never broken, the result would be an almost perfect picture.

But malfunctions often annoy us at the most inopportune moments. And all that remains is to repair the bread maker with their own hands. Not all problems can be solved by average users themselves, some of them have to be repaired by professional repairmen from the service center.


  • 1What is more often broken
  • 2Malfunctions of electric heater or temperature sensor
  • 3Problems with the software (card)
  • 4Motor failure or reverse relay
  • 5Belt jumping off the pulley
  • 6Lack of power
  • 7Problems with the lid
  • 8Malfunction of the bowl
  • 9Video about repairing the bread maker with your own hands

What is more often broken

The most common failures are:

  • malfunction heater;
  • failure of the temperature sensor;
  • problems with the software (card);
  • engine failure;
  • belt slip from the pulley;
  • lack of nutrition;
  • oar faults;
  • breakage of a bucket or bowl for bookmarking ingredients.

There are other problems, because in each model the bread maker has its own design features.

Bread, baked with their own hands with the help of a bread maker, is tasty, useful and economical

Malfunctions of electric heater or temperature sensor

If the dough remains moist for a long time and does not rise in the bowl, then the heating element has broken down. Also in some cases there is a failure of the thermal sensor or thermistor. In the situations described, it is not worthwhile to repair the bread maker yourself, if you are not sure of a successful result.

Problems with the software (card)

Baking devices are more complex than, for example, microwave ovens or washing machines. Here, all operations are controlled electronically at the program level.In this situation, you can decide to repair the bread maker with your own hands, if you are well versed in the arrangement of printed circuit boards, etc.

Motor failure or reverse relay

When you see that the dough is kneading, but does not reach the ready, and sometimes it has a paddle imprint, the reverse relay has failed. Very rarely happens that the mechanism that drives the paddle directly gets stuck.


Well, with complete silence after turning on the household appliance or the paddle stiffness, you can be sure that the engine itself has broken down.With his hands to repair the bread maker in this case does not succeed, you need to contact a specialized repair company.

Repair engine failures should be entrusted to a specialist

Belt jumping off the pulley


Without load, the paddle will rotate very easily and quickly, but when the first ingredients appear in the bowl, it will not be able to move independently. This clearly indicates that the belt does not receive acceleration from the pulley.

It happens that helps to scroll the paddle hand, but this is the first sign of failure of the electric motor.The reason for this is a worn or over-tightened belt, which is most often due to insufficient lubrication.

Before you repair the bread maker with your own hands, remember that you can not expect warranty service. So if the warranty period has not yet expired, the best option in this case will also be contacting the service center.

Lack of power

It is necessary to start checking from the plug and cord, and then proceed to other components of the electrical equipment of the bread maker. Pay attention to the serviceability of the switching power supply - the fuse has blown. But do not rush to change it until you determine exactly the cause of the short circuit.

To check, connect a normal light bulb to the circuit. With the correct operation of the power supply it will not burn constantly, the maximum will turn on and immediately go out. And remember that the repair of the bread maker will be successful only when you find and repair the electrical equipment.


Problems with the lid

It happens that the lid of the bread maker closes very tightly, or, conversely, loose.This indicates that, most likely, the mechanism of the lid itself is damaged.Most often in this situation, you have to buy and install a new cover.

Malfunction of the bowl

A bucket of a breadmaker sometimes begins to leak in a place where a mobile connection occurs. If you are friendly with the technique, you can try to disassemble the household appliance and solve the problem yourself. But with the slightest doubt, contact a professional repairman.

Video about repairing the bread maker with your own hands


Remember, in the case of repairing bread makers, you should not waste time, because this will only aggravate the situation. Especially do not take risks if your device is still under warranty.

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