The benefits and health benefits of consuming eggplant

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Eggplants are among the most favorite vegetable crops in the world. Of particular interest to vegetables is associated with the versatility of eggplants, which can be fried, stewed, baked and served boiled. At the same time, dishes with them invariably turn out to be tasty, nutritious and healthy.

What are the beneficial properties of eggplants, and that they include the most attention of people who take care of their health?

What are the benefits of eggplants: the characteristics of the composition of vegetables

Elastic, covered with purple, variegated or white skin, eggplant fruits are a welcome guest in any kitchen.

After cooking, this valuable vegetable not only absorbs the aromas of the products with which it is prepared, but also conveys its taste and the healthy substances that make up the eggplants to the dishes.

The main advantage of fresh fruit is the abundance of cellulose, pectin, and macro and microelements, which are vital for human life. These substances mainly determine the properties of eggplants. Besides, the greenish flesh of the vegetable is rich in potassium, iron and phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, and there are vitamins in it. These are ascorbic acid, vitamin PP, or nicotinic acid, as well as a number of group B vitamins: B1, B2, and B5.

This vegetable composition determines the health benefits of eggplants, including the ability to inhibit the absorption of harmful cholesterol and reduce the level of this substance in the blood. Potassium in the composition of dishes with eggplant actively affects the heart and blood composition, fiber helps to cleanse the body and support the digestive processes.

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The nutritional value of a 100-gram serving of eggplant consists of:

  • 5.5 grams of carbohydrates;
  • 0.9 grams of protein;
  • 1.3 grams of dietary fiber;
  • 0.2 grams of organic acids;
  • 0.1 Fat.

If you add that only 100–28 kcal is contained in 100 grams of eggplant, depending on the variety, you can also talk about the value of this crop as a dietary product that is in demand for overweight and obesity.

Eggplant Health Benefits

The importance of the eggplant's beneficial properties for the body and the need to include this vegetable in the diet of a wide range of people is determined precisely by the biochemical composition of the fruit.

As the number of patients with cardiovascular diseases around the world is steadily increasing, a variety of dishes with eggplants can be a good help in the prevention of these serious ailments. Containing a lot of fiber, potassium and other substances vegetables contribute to:

  • removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • does not allow cholesterol to be absorbed, eventually blocking the channel of blood vessels and impair blood supply to organs and tissues;
  • actively remove toxins from the intestines;
  • normalize digestion and metabolic processes in the body.

All these properties of eggplant are useful for people of mature and older people who are at risk for diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and also more often than others suffering from lethargy of digestion, edema, and high blood pressure.

With proper cooking, the value of eggplant as a dietary, healthy vegetable does not decrease.

An exception is the roasting of fruits, during which the pulp is literally soaked with oil, and instead of being good, the harm from eggplant is inevitable, especially if the person has problems with digestion and pancreas.

Thanks to ascorbic acid and other vitamins, eggplants are recommended as a prophylactic agent:

  • during the period of seasonal colds;
  • during exhausting physical exertion and active mental work.

Pectins contained in vegetables contribute to the list of beneficial properties of eggplants, which also stimulate the digestion of food and improve metabolism.

These valuable vegetables with diabetes are completely harmless. In addition to the therapeutic and prophylactic effect in atherosclerosis and heart problems, eggplants are useful in detecting signs of osteoporosis and osteochondrosis:

  • Vitamin C cares about the state of immunity and the replenishment of energy reserves.
  • Vitamins of group B are responsible for the ability to work, the nervous system and the mental balance of a person.
  • Zinc and manganese in fresh fruit pulp help rehabilitate and counteract such dangerous conditions as stroke.
  • Potassium and iron actively improve the composition of the blood, which is indicated for anemia and lowered tone and pressure.
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can save fresh tomatoes from their beds before the New Year. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of eggplant, and reduce the harm from their use to a minimum, it is better to eat these vegetables in boiled, stewed or baked form.

How are eggplants useful for losing weight?

Due to the low calorie content of eggplants and the high concentration of dietary fiber and trace elements in vegetables, dishes with purple fruits are desirable in the dietary diet for weight loss.

What are the benefits of eggplant health, during a period when the body is deprived every day because of the "scarcity" of the diet?

Firstly, with the help of eggplants and other vegetables for slimming menus, you can diversify and saturate you with tasty and healthy dishes. In addition, eggplants are beneficial in the presence of iron and copper, magnesium and potassium, vitamins and organic acids. With this diet, the body will not be depleted, but will spend the accumulated fats for the benefit of health.

The best way to cook an eggplant is cooking, gentle quenching and baking, without using oil. In this case, the dish will retain a low calorie content, preserve the inherent taste of vegetables and the beneficial properties of eggplants.

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Do not give up eating eggplants for people suffering from chronic diseases of the digestive tract and stomach in remission. A slight irritant effect of the fruit on the mucous membrane only activates the processes of digestion, without causing any harm.

Eggplants are extremely useful for gout. These vegetables under the force to prevent the accumulation and deposition of uric acid salts, which adversely affect the joints, as well as disrupt the gallbladder and kidneys.

During pregnancy and lactation, the benefit and harm of eggplants can be determined by the woman herself by the presence or absence of signs of an allergic reaction.

The main thing is to use fresh young fruits, which do not contain nitrates and other toxic substances.

Is it possible to harm the eggplant?

The most serious mistakes made when using eggplants are:

  • use of old, lost the elasticity of the fruit, as the accumulated corned beef grows;
  • fruit roasting, during which the slices absorb oil, which is harmless to people with digestive problems.

If, however, it is impossible to refuse tasty dishes with fried slices, it is recommended to cook eggplants for 10 minutes to half an hour in cold salted water before heat treatment.

During this time, not only will the risk of fat absorption decrease, but also the concentration of corned beef that is dangerous to health will decrease, and the beneficial properties of eggplants will remain unchanged.

Do not get involved in vegetable stews and other dishes with eggplants for people suffering from acute peptic ulcer or gastritis, as well as in the acute phase of urinary and gallstone disease.

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