Cooking flavored sea buckthorn jelly for the winter

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On cold winter evenings, when the whole family gathers for dinner, wise housewives serve a unique dessert. Bright orange color, pleasant aroma, excellent sweet-sour taste - this is sea-buckthorn jelly. The composition of the dish includes an incredible array of useful elements that have a beneficial effect on the human immune system. It is not surprising why caring ladies try to make a dessert out of the sunny berry before the onset of the cold. Practice shows that the amber dish is pleasant not only to young fidgets, but also to adult family members. Its pleasant refined taste and pineapple flavor brings a truly heavenly delight.

An easy recipe for an exquisite dessert

To make sea buckthorn jelly, you need to pick up the berries in advance, but this is not an easy task. Some summer residents cut the branches of the shrub and calmly harvest with small scissors or a loop. Then the berries are cleaned of leaves and debris. Carefully sorted out, removing rotten and moldy fruit. After that, they need to be washed and dried on a paper napkin or cotton towel.

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Purified sea buckthorn spread in enameled dishes and put on a slow fire. Heat it until the juice appears( no need to add water).Next, the amber fruit is passed through a sieve with small holes to separate the stones. Mass is covered with sugar and then on fire. Bring to a boil and immediately removed, leaving the slurry for 8 hours. During this period, it will harden and turn into excellent sea-buckthorn jelly.

If the initial weight of the berries is 1 kg, it is desirable to put as much sugar. A one-to-one proportion applies to any number of fruits.

While the dessert freezes, you can make jars: wash, steam and dry. Mix the prepared mixture with a wooden spatula and place in clean containers. Cover dishes recommend nylon covers or cling film. You can store sea buckthorn jelly in the cellar or in the house at a temperature of 20 degrees.

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Some housewives cook jelly in this way:

  1. Cooked berries and garbage are cooked over low heat.
  2. When the mass cools, it is filtered through a sieve or cotton fabric.
  3. Add sugar to the mixture and mix thoroughly.
  4. Berry gum is put on the stove and brought to the boiling stage.
  5. Remove from heat and add pre-cooked gelatin.

When the sweet mixture releases foam, during heating, it should be removed. Due to this, the syrup will be light in color.

Simple recipes for sea buckthorn jelly with gelatin allow you to create real vitamin masterpieces. For example, if the dessert is slightly muddy, you can add egg whites to it. According to the recipe - 2 proteins per 1 liter of liquid. Pouring the mixture is important in the cooled jelly, so that the proteins do not boil. The mass is thoroughly mixed and set on low heat, and, not bringing to a boil, removed. The finished dessert is poured into small containers, for complete solidification. So easily and simply, you can make sea buckthorn jelly at home for lovers of orange berries.

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Vitamin treasure for the winter

So that the winter chill does not catch the family by surprise, resourceful housewives prepare vitamin dishes from sea buckthorn. The collected berries put in an enamel bowl and pour water. It should cover the fruit on the finger. Mass is put on the fire and slightly boiled. Then the berries are poured into a colander so that all the liquid is gone. The remaining fruits are ground with a wooden pestle or spoon. Syrup is combined with pulp and back on fire. Boil until its volume decreases. This recipe for sea buckthorn jelly for the winter is available to many hostesses. After all, to create it will require 800 grams of sugar per 1 liter of syrup.

You can check the readiness of the dish if you pour a little mixture on a flat plate and cool it. The finished jelly will remain on the dishes in a solid form with a sharp turning of its top bottom.

A beautiful amber dessert is laid out in jars that have been heat treated in a microwave. Tightly closed and stored in a cool place. If the product is refrigerated, the jars may not be sterilized.

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To save a full set of useful items, you can cook sea buckthorn jelly without cooking. To do this, fresh berries thoroughly washed with cold water. Dried on a sieve or a wide colander. If desired, use a clean towel. Prepared fruits of sea buckthorn fray to get rid of the bones. The resulting puree spread in a glass dish. They fill up with sugar at the rate of: 1 part of berries for 1.5 sugars. The mass is thoroughly mixed and sent to the refrigerator. After the sugar is completely dissolved, the dessert can be served.

Caring ladies who know how to make sea buckthorn jelly are sure - such a dish will help replenish your vitality for the whole winter. They add it to tea, spread it on bread and enjoy the taste straight from the spoon. What could be better than a sweet and sour dessert on long, winter evenings? Only sea buckthorn jelly.

Video Recipe Jelly and Sea-buckthorn Compote

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