How to cook the perfect peas in a slow cooker

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Pea chopper( otherwise, pea soup with pea pod( otherwise means pea soup with pea pods)

  • ( pea peanut( otherwise, pea soup) with pea pod( otherwise pea soup with pea pudding)For cooking they resort to different methods, but now the most popular is to boil peas in a slow cooker. Because of the optimal heating system, the taste will be much better. It does not matter which crock-pot you will use, the main thing is that there are many different modes in it that will allow you to turn peas into a perfect dish. Some models have such modes as "Beans", "Pilaf", "Rice".Do not be upset if your model does not have a mode intended for beans. You can cook a dish by putting a toggle switch on the criteria for cooking pilaf.

    Tips from the chef

    You can cook peas in a slow cooker, oven, on the stove using a different food composition. But there are several tips that will help cook the dish correctly, without resorting to the "ax":

    1. There is an opinion that it is necessary to soak the peas and it is best for the night. In fact, this is not necessary. Yes, pre-soaked peas will cook you much faster and do not boil soft. As opposed to not soaked, it is perfectly boiled soft and is just perfect for mashed potatoes.
    2. If you decide to boil the peas with soaking, add soda to the water and rinse thoroughly before using.
    3. Consider, it is desirable to use yellow peas. Green practically does not boil soft.
    4. Crushed product cooks faster.
    5. When the dish is fully prepared, you should leave it for a quarter of an hour alone in the “Reheat” mode so that it “reaches”.
    6. Saying that it won't be possible to spoil porridge with oil just for this occasion. Cooked peas in a multicooker and oil - the perfect tandem.
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    Pure mashed potatoes in the Redmond multicooker

    Preparing a pea cooker is quite simple. True time with this will need to spend quite a lot. Multicooker will come to the rescue - it will greatly facilitate your work. In principle, you can use any multicooker. We will consider how to cook peas in the Redmond multicooker. Ready pea puree can be used as a separate dish, and can be served as a side dish for meat or vegetables, mushrooms.

    All you need is 2 tbsp.peas. He cooks in 5 tbsp.water. You will also need a pinch of salt and 30 g of butter for taste. By the way, it is better to take peas crushed. It will cook faster and boil down almost completely.

    In multi-cooker formulations, the number of ingredients is indicated in multi-cups.


    1. Peas should be soaked for an hour.
    2. The soaked peas are thoroughly washed under running water. This should be done until the water is completely transparent.
    3. They send peas to a slow cooker, pour boiling water on it, add salt to taste, cover with a lid and cook it, having previously set the mode “Quenching”.Cooking duration is two hours.
    4. At the end of cooking, which the multicooker will signal, the butter is added to the pea puree and mixed well.
    5. Everything, porridge is completely ready, it is laid out on plates and served to the table.

    Recipe for cooking peas in a slow cooker without soaking

    Many people do not like to cook pea puree or soup, because it must be soaked beforehand. And if there is no time? So what's the problem? Write a recipe how to cook peas in a slow cooker without prior preparation.

    In this case, it is advised to use split peas. He prepares much faster than whole.

    So, for 3 multivariate glasses of peas, 5-7 beef ribs should be taken, 6 same glasses of water. Vegetables will require 1 pc.onions and carrots. Well, of course, spices.

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    1. Wash carrots thoroughly, peel and cut into small cubes. The onion is also cleaned and cut arbitrarily( it is desirable that the size coincides with the carrot).Sliced ​​vegetables are sent to the multicooker bowl.
    2. Peas are thoroughly washed in running water until the water becomes transparent. After it is poured to the vegetables.
    3. The ribs are thoroughly washed, remove the unsightly parts. You can immediately chop into portions. Send in a bowl in the neighborhood to other products.
    4. Pour in water, salt and gently mix the contents of the bowl. At the same time make sure that the inner layer of the container is not scratched. After closing the unit, set the mode "Quenching" and cook for two hours. As a rule, there is enough time for the meat and peas to be fully cooked.
    5. When the cooking finish signal has rung, the dish is sampled for salt and the peas are ready. If all is well, lay out on plates and serve to the table, sprinkled with chopped greens.

    Pea soup with pork

    How to make mashed potatoes you already know. And now we will tell how to cook peas in a slow cooker in the form of soup. Preparing the dish is very quick and easy. In addition, it turns out tasty, thick and satisfying.

    Some hostesses change the composition at their discretion, for example, cook without potatoes or add lentils. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments.

    Meat is required for cooking soup. We suggest using pork( you need 0.3 kg).You should also take 1.5 tbsp.peas, one carrot and an onion, and three potato tubers. You can also take greens( one bunch will be quite enough) and favorite spices.

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  • Meanwhile, the vegetables are washed, peeled and cut. At the same time potato tubers - slices.
  • Carrot rubbed on a grater, and onions - in small cubes.
  • Cut vegetables are sent to the multicooker bowl an hour later, as the cooking of meat began. If you use frozen vegetables, you can throw them a little earlier. Everything, as soon as the bell signals the end of cooking, the soup is ready and can be poured into plates and served at the table.
  • Now you know all the secrets of how to cook peas in a slow cooker. Experimenting with products, you can cook not only porridge and soups, but also many other tasty and healthy dishes.

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