Walnut shell: application in traditional medicine, in the garden and in the economy

the content of the company.when walnuts are harvested, the grower realizes that almost half of the crop is hard shells. Walnut shells are inedible, but not useless. It has long been used in folk medicine. Today it is a valuable raw material for cosmetic products. In the countryside, where the walnut is a familiar culture, shells are used for heating and as mulch.

What is the basis for using walnut shells? What properties does it have, and how to achieve the greatest benefit?

Composition and properties of walnut shells

The kernel of a walnut is covered with a very dense layer of lignified shell, divided into two equal halves. It would seem that the useful can be contained in the light brown fabric? What forced sorcerers long before studying its biochemical composition to use walnut shells for medicinal purposes, for the preparation of medicinal decoctions, ointments, rubbing and tinctures?

Studying the composition with modern means made it possible to find out that the hard shell of walnut kernels is quite rich in biologically active compounds, including:

  • 0.81% fat;
  • 2.53% protein;
  • 35.64% extractives;
  • 60.90% fiber;
  • 1.64% ash.

As a part of a walnut shell there are alkaloids and amino acids, coumarins, phenolcarboxylic acids.

Unlike compounds that determine the use of ripe kernels, substances important for the human body are much more difficult to extract from the lignified shell. Therefore, for medical use, decoctions are made from walnut shell, alcohol tinctures, as well as various preparations based on them.

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Use of medicinal properties of walnut shell

Turning into a liquid, bioactive components pass it antibacterial, tonic, anti-inflammatory properties. Alcohol tincture of walnut shell is used for compresses for varicose veins. Water medicine and vodka infusion of crushed raw materials are used by traditional medicine as a mixture for thrombosis and other problems of the vascular system, for example, in hypertension.

It is believed that walnut shells help with female diseases of an inflammatory nature. The shells are dipped in water and boiled until the liquid becomes saturated brown.

It usually takes about 15 minutes to prepare such a decoction. Pure nut shell pieces that do not have traces of fungus or mold are taken as raw materials. A glass of water requires 40 grams of shell. The finished product is cooled before use, filtered and diluted with boiled water.

The Kalmyk decoction decoction milk milk is considered an excellent sedative to sleep after debilitating insomnia, to strengthen the strength of the field of hard work or illness.

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Walnut shell from tartar and other dental problems

Tanning substances that gently dry the mucous membrane and have foci of inflammation and irritation on it are indicated for stomatitis and periodontitis. A decoction of the shell helps to soothe tissues and enhance their healing after tooth extraction, during the installation of prostheses.

Traditional medicine claims that when tartar walnut shell is fast, safe and painless:

  • softens and removes plaque;
  • clears enamel from petrified layers;
  • restores whiteness and healthy look to teeth;
  • due to the antibacterial action reduces the likelihood of a new layer of stone.

For the procedure, use fresh decoction in which the toothbrush bristles are dipped for 10 minutes before cleaning. Regularity is important for the best result, so the teeth are thoroughly treated with a decoction of walnut shells up to 3 times a day.

Walnut shells for skin and hair beauty

The use of walnut shells is also used in cosmetology. Here, in addition to extracts, they use crushed shell, which becomes part of scrubs, peels, and home masks:

  • perfectly removes dead particles from the skin surface;
  • softens the horny areas;
  • polishes the surface layer, improving regeneration, gently eliminating skin imperfections, scars and the effects of acne;
  • has a massage effect that activates the blood supply and nutrition of tissues.
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In a mixture with bee honey, walnut shell powder turns into an excellent home scrub for the body, especially useful after a sauna, when the skin is steamed and its pores are opened. Together with wax, finely ground shells or ash after burning will cleanse the skin not only from the dead layer of the epidermis, but also from unwanted vegetation.

Pure, sifted ash from the nutshell in folk medicine is renowned as a wound-healing agent, capable of helping with peptic ulcer. The same properties of the substance are used in the treatment of walnut shell abrasions on the skin, eczema and other dermatological problems, including baldness. To keep the composition better, the ashes are mixed with vegetable or burdock oil. It is sometimes advised to add a few drops of wine or apple cider vinegar to an improvised ointment.

Ash from a nutshell is an excellent natural absorbent that helps to remove all kinds of toxins from the body that are ingested with food or drink. Here the tool works like the famous activated carbon, almost the same as its effectiveness.

Although there are no substances hazardous to the body in hard walnut shells, before using walnut shells for treatment, especially when taken with decoction and tincture inside, it is necessary to receive expert advice.

Video on the use of walnut shells in the garden

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