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nematanthus or gipotsirta- This is a plant that belongs to the family of Gesnerian. In nature, there are both shrub and herbaceous forms. There are a total of 28 varieties. Some types of nematantus can be grown at home.

Vetstayn Nematantus

Vetstayn's Nematantus is an ampelous plant whose shoots can reach 90 cm in length. Its stems are rather thin and strongly branched. They are covered with small leaves of oval shape, which are arranged in pairs. The tips of the leaves are slightly pointed. You can see a light wax on them. Painted in dark green saturated color.

Blooms profusely and lasts from April to September. A large number of red-orange flowers bloom on the plant.

Nematantus Fritsch

The leaf coloring is a distinctive feature of this type of nematantus. Its underside has a reddish tint. The upper side of the rich green color with a spectacular sheen. The length of one leaf does not exceed 7.5 cm.

Nematantus Fritch in height can reach 60 cm. Thin shoots are strongly pubescent. During the flowering period, pink flowers bloom in a bright or slightly muted shade. They have a funnel shape. The size of a single flower is no more than 5 cm.

Nematmantus riverine

The plant belongs to the form of climbing, that is, likes to climb up, holding onto a support. In height does not exceed 25 cm. The stalk does not branch. On it opposite leaves of epileptic form are located. Their length varies from 5 to 10 cm. They are painted in bright green color. The reverse side of the leaves has a reddish tint.

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From the axils of the leaves grow long and rather thin peduncles. They can be up to three pieces. They form lemon-yellow flowers. Their size does not exceed 5 cm. In shape, the flowers resemble a funnel, one side of which is swollen. Nematanthus riverine blooms profusely from April to September.

This type of plant is well suited for growing at home.

Nematantus ankle

Nematantus ankle is a type of climbing epiphytic bushes. On the shoots opposite are large leaves. Their length can reach 10 cm. Width 4 cm. They are painted in an attractive light green color. Smooth, have no pubescence.

One or more pedicels emerge from the leaf axils. Their length can reach 10 cm. On them single flowers are revealed. They have a peculiar funnel shape with a slight swelling on the side. The cup of the flower is cut and thus divided into five segments of small width. Petals are scarlet-red.

Nematantus fine-bristled

This is one of the most compact types of nematantus. Its height does not exceed 25 cm. The plant is evergreen, therefore, does not shed its foliage. The leaves of the plant are saturated green.

During the flowering period, the small-bristled nematantus is covered with bright buds that resemble a ball on a small tube. They are colored in a reddish-orange color.

Nematantus naked

The plant belongs to the type of semi-amber. His shoots at the base of the erect, and closer to the top of the wilted. Virtually no branch. The branches are covered with a large number of fleshy leaves. They have the correct elliptical shape. Their length does not exceed 4 cm.

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From the axils of the leaves come tsvetonosa. Their number can vary from one to three. On the peduncle blooms a beautiful flower of bright orange color. Nematantus bloom blooms naked.

Nematantus coin

This name nematantus coin received due to the shape of its leaves and flowers. They have a round shape that looks like a coin. The leaves are small, do not exceed 2 cm in diameter, fleshy. Their surface is covered with small hairs. Painted in light green.

Ampelnaya plant. It has long sprawling shoots. During flowering, hypocyrt is covered with small flowers. Their petals are painted bright red. Have a yellow corolla.

A distinctive feature of this plant is that after the end of flowering, it completely sheds its leaves. In the spring on the shoots bloom fresh leaves.

Nematantus short-hair

Spectacular fast-growing plant. Nematanthus short-hair has erect stems that practically do not branch. Most of the leaves are concentrated in the upper part of the shoots. This is due to the fact that in the wild the plant is adjacent to tall grasses. Because of this, the decorative characteristics of the hypocytes are affected.

During the flowering period, the plant is covered with unusual yellow flowers. The petals are covered with microscopic fibers. At the base they have a small cup of purple hue. The leaves are located opposite. They grow on long cuttings of a dark reddish color.

Nematantus corticolus

One of the largest members of the family. Nematantus of corticone in height can reach 1.2 meters. Feels good in the penumbra. Stems rather thin, branched. The leaves of the plant are quite large. Painted in dark green. In the wild, it is most commonly found in the eastern part of Brazil. Likes to hide in trees or in rocky terrain.

The large clusters of spectacular flowers become a distinctive feature of the plant. They hang on long peduncles. The size of each flower does not exceed 5 cm. They have an attractive red-scarlet color.

Nematanthus Tropical

Tropical Nemantindus or Tropicana is a tall plant with a thin highly branched stem. The leaves on the shoots are located opposite. They have an oval shape. The edge is slightly sharpened. The leaves have an attractive glossy sheen.

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During flowering, small flowers bloom on the plant. They have an unusual color. Golden stripes stand out on a pleasant orange-yellow background.

Nematantus gregarius

This is the most popular type of hypocytes. In the people it is called “goldfish”.This name stuck to the plant due to the unusual shape and color of flowers. They vaguely resemble small goldfish that are bred in an aquarium. There is a variety with yellow and orange flowers.

Nematantus gregarius is covered with small oval leaves. Their edge is slightly tapered. Have a glossy dark green surface. Shoots creeping, therefore, the plant belongs to the type of ampelous.

Nematantus variegated

This type of hypocyrth is distinguished by a double leaf color. Their surface can be saturated green with a light middle or a white border around the edge. May have streaks a couple of tones lighter than the main color.

The flowers of the plant are spherical on a hollow tube. Painted in a nice orange color.

Nematantus has a large number of varieties. For home cultivation are suitable gregarius, riverine and hypocyrt tropical. With proper care and favorable conditions, the plant will long delight you with its spectacular views and stormy blooms.

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