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Many lovers of salted fish have no idea how to pickle pike on their own. To make her taste tender, you need to know some of the tricks of her pickling.

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Detailed salting process

First you need to prepare the fish for salting, rinse it thoroughly and trim the excess parts. These include the head, tail and fins. The inside of the pike is also removed. At the same time make sure not to damage the gallbladder. After that, the carcass is cut, removing the ridge through the incision on the back.

In order to remove the remains of entrails from the carcass, use a napkin. Water inside the fish is better not to rinse.

Ingredients Required:

  • Cloves;
  • black or red pepper;
  • bay leaf;
  • 7 tablespoons of coarse salt per 1.5 kg of pike;
  • rosemary.

Before salting a pike, you need to mix all the prepared ingredients, namely salt and seasonings. The carcass must be rubbed with spices inside and out. If you cut it into pieces, the salting process will be faster.

Fish spread in a prepared container, pressed on top of the load. Do not forget to put a bay leaf. If the pressure is heavy, the pike will be more dry. The pike is kept for 2 days at room temperature, after which the cargo is removed and the brine is drained.

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If you are not impatient to eat salted pike, after two days, remove it from the brine and soak it in cool water. Then you must remove the skin from the carcass and cut it into pieces, if you have not done so before. Fillet sprinkled with lemon juice and sprinkled with herbs. Leave the fish to soak for 20 minutes and add the slices of pickled onions.

How to pickle a pike so that it turns out to be slightly salted? To do this, reduce the time it is under the yoke. Adding vinegar to the pickle will protect you from parasites that may be present in the fish. If desired, you can add garlic and other spices.

How to pickle pike for drying

For the pickling process, use dishes that are not oxidized. For this, an enamel pan is suitable, as well as a plastic or glass container of suitable size.

If you want to learn how to pickle pike for drying, so that the dried fish is delicious, then take note of simple tips. It is important to properly prepare the fish and not be mistaken with the necessary salt concentration.

Starting the cooking process:

  1. The fish is thoroughly washed and the entrails are removed, in which case it turns out to be more dry. But if you want you can not gut pike.
  2. Prepare an enamelled pot of sufficient volume and pour salt in a layer of 1 centimeter at its bottom.
  3. Put the pike in the pan with the side, and cover it with a centimeter layer of salt from above. So lay all the fish. Cover the last layer with salt.
  4. On top of the lid, place a weight in the form of a weight or a container of water so that the fish can run juice.
  5. Clean the pan in a dark place for 2 weeks.
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After 2 weeks, the next stage of pike pickling begins at home, the recipes of which we cite in this article. After salting, the fish is soaked for 2 days in cold water.

This process occurs as follows:

  1. Already salted pike are taken out from under the load and washed thoroughly.
  2. After that, it must be lowered into a container with cool water.
  3. After two days, the fish is taken out and hung to make excess glass liquid. At this point, its preparation for drying is completed.

How to pickle pike for smoking

There is another option for salting pike - for the smokehouse. In this case, the process of preparing fish is a bit different.

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The following steps are necessary: ​​

  1. Using a sharp knife, separate the head and make a cut in the back.
  2. Getting Started to prepare a saline solution. To do this, pour water into the selected container and send it to the stove. In the liquid you will need to add a fairly large amount of salt.
  3. We bring the brine to a boil, it is not necessary to cool it. Then dip the fish in a pan with hot liquid and leave it for 3 hours.
  4. Take out the pike and wash it in cold water.
  5. This completes the preparation of fish for smoking.

Before salting a pike for smoking, use important advice. To test the salt solution for strength, take the peeled potatoes raw and dip them in a saucepan with water. If the potatoes surfaced, then you have added enough salt.

If you follow all the necessary recommendations, the fish will be fragrant and piquant. Use these simple recipes when you do not want to spend a lot of time salting pike at home, but want to enjoy its delicate taste. A treat can be presented to your family or friends for a festive table, or you can simply cook fish for dinner for any side dish. Enjoy your meal!

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