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It has long been proven that if a plant produces seeds, you can get a similar copy from them with some effort and knowledge. And the rose is no exception. For growing roses at home, you can buy seeds, or you can use the seeds collected on your own plot, in a city park, at a cottage with friends or in a botanical garden, where you can see a flowering mother plant.

Preparation of Rose Seeds

Seeds of roses from unripe fruits have better germination and growth power, so you need to collect the fruits of your favorite varieties at the end of summer until they are fully ripe. Dry or rotten fruits are not suitable for planting. Carefully cut the boxes into two parts and select the seeds, completely freeing them from the pulp. Rose seeds are not dried, and washed for 20 minutes in a solution of hydrogen peroxide using a sieve. This is done to disinfect and protect the seeds from mold. The shape and color of seeds from the same fruit may be different, but this is not considered a defect. From the seeds obtained, roses can be grown in two ways: at home and in the garden.

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How to grow a rose from seed at home?

For the cultivation of roses from seeds you need to be patient and take the utmost care. Under natural conditions, rose seeds are stratified in the soil throughout the winter, so you should create similar conditions for your seeds.

  • Preparing the substrate for seeds from cloth napkins, paper towels, cotton pads or any other material that can hold moisture. We moisten the substrate with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, place the seeds on it in one layer and cover the second with the same substrate.
  • We place the whole structure in a plastic vessel or plastic bag and place it in the lower part of the refrigerator( vegetable section), where the temperature is kept within 5-7 ° C.Stratification lasts about 2 months under your constant supervision, periodically air the contents of the package, inspect the seeds and moisten the substrate if necessary.
  • Sprouted rose seeds are placed in seedling pots or peat tablets. The most optimal temperature in the room for growing roses from seeds is 18-20 ° C.To protect the seedlings from the black leg, it is necessary to provide the sprouts with good lighting for 10 hours, and the surface of the soil in the pots should be mulched with a thin layer of perlite.
  • Tender rose shoots require moderate watering, but an excess of moisture can lead to the death of the seedlings.
  • To ensure the development of the root system, the first buds need to be cut off.
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The whole process of growing roses from seeds at home will last until spring.

Finished bushes before planting in the ground require gradual hardening.

Pots with seedlings should be taken out in a lighted, quiet place, but avoid the sun's rays, gradually increasing their time in the fresh air.
In May, roses are planted in open ground in pre-prepared pits or trenches with fertile, loose soil.

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Growing roses from seeds, be prepared for the fact that in the first year the flowering will not be as abundant as we would like, and the flowers may look imperfect. But in the second year all the bushes will show a magnificent bloom.

Growing roses from seeds in the garden

Some experienced flower growers, having a large amount of seed, prefer to grow roses from seeds in a simpler way, entrusting the stratification to nature.

  • Prepared in the manner described above, the seeds of a rose are sown in August in a trench with loose fertilized soil, without deepening, but sprinkling them with a small amount of earth by 0.5 cm.
  • If autumn is arid, spray the bed and cover with any covering material to preserve moisture in the upper layer.
  • In the northern areas, the bed for the winter is covered in the usual way: with leaves, hay and a covering sheet, throwing snow on top as much as possible.
  • Shelter removed in April and waiting for the emergence of shoots. But if there is a threat of returnable frosts, then a low parnic will be arranged above the garden bed.

Roses grown from seeds in the garden are more adapted to the external environment, so the shoots are strong and frost-resistant, and the bushes are more viable.

Growing roses from purchased seeds

The modern market offers seeds of Chinese, polyanthus, border and other varieties of roses. But not always grown specimens correspond to the varieties declared by manufacturers.

Purchased seeds require stratification without fail, since it is unknown how long they have been out of the fruit.

In order not to disturb the natural course of cultivation, it is advisable to buy rose seeds at the end of summer.

  • Soak the seeds for several hours in water with the addition of a growth stimulator to increase the energy of the seeds to accelerate the germination.
  • Spread the seeds on a moistened soil in seed pots or a box, sprinkling wet sand on top with a layer of no more than 0.5 cm, slightly compacting.
  • Sprinkle the surface of the soil with a spray bottle and place the pots in a plastic bag with air.
  • Leave the pots for two weeks at room temperature between 18 and 20 ° C and then put into the basement or in the fridge where the temperature does not rise above 7 ° C.
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Stratification lasts 1.5 - 2 months, sometimes sprouts appear during this period, the main thing is not to miss the moment of emergence of shoots. When sprouts appear, the pots are placed on a bright, cool place. For the prevention of "black legs" seedlings additionally highlighted. In April, after hardening, the finished rose bushes are planted in the usual way in open ground.

How to grow roses from Chinese seeds at home - video

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