At the Russian cottage must grow horseradish

Horseradish is a traditional Russian vegetable that is rich in essential oils. For many centuries, he is known as one of the medicinal plants, which is "always at hand" - what a Russian vegetable garden without horseradish!

In terms of biology, it is a perennial with absolute winter hardiness. Gardeners and gardeners dislike him for the fact that a well-established plant begins to grow so much that it quickly turns into an annoying weed, which is quite difficult to eradicate.

However, growing horseradish in the garden, you can make healthy and tasty seasonings for the winter. It grows especially fast on rich humus and warm soil, the need for nutrients is satisfied by introducing compost or full mineral fertilizer.

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In an annual crop, you can get a smooth and straight, well-shaped root without any particular difficulties. For planting need to use the so-called "stalk" - this is the root length of about 30 cm, which is dug in the fall and stored in the sand in a cool place.

Landing is carried out in April. Before planting, this stalk should be wiped with a damp cloth in the middle part, removing fresh buds and thus preventing branching. Then the prepared roots should be planted at a distance of 50 cm from one another. Planting is carried out obliquely, deepening the upper part by 5 cm, and the lower, from which new roots will grow, by 10 cm.

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After the leaves die, it is time to pick up horseradish. In the fall, before putting the roots in a cool place for storage, you need to cut all the roots again. Those that will be at least thick with a pencil, it is quite possible to use for landing horseradish next spring.

Video about growing horseradish on the summer cottage

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