Simple rules for saving electricity at home

  • A little about energy savings
  • How to save electricity in a house
  • Consumption of electricity in the so-called “idle”
  • 7 the most effective ways to save electricity

Paying utilities at the current time can significantly hit the average family’s family budget. Most often, the biggest expense is electricity bills. So how to save electricity in an apartment and in a private house ?In this article we will try to answer this question.

A little about energy saving

Ensuring that every household turns off the lights behind it, prepares products only at low temperatures - this is good, but the introduction of such methods, unfortunately, will not bring you too much benefit. These are only measures that must be followed by all family members. You can bring a few simple tips, following which you can significantly reduce your costs.

First of all, it is necessary to find out which electrical equipment is recognized as the most energy-consuming. The most energy-consuming appliances have always been units with heating elements, such as multicookers, washing machines, a boiler, and electric floor heating.

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In addition to the above, they also include: electric kettles, ovens, electric furnaces, electric fireplaces, refrigerators and dishwashers, electric heaters, irons and hair dryers, as well as other similar appliances. In addition to household appliances, active consumers of electricity are also building devices, such as: rotary hammers and drills, concrete mixers, building hair dryers and so on.

If energy-saving( fluorescent) bulbs are still not installed on the premises, requiring 4.5–5 times less electricity for operation than usual, then this is the exact time. Their cost, at the moment, is still quite large in comparison with ordinary ones, but in the long run they will save you much more money.


It should be noted that five energy-saving lamps with a nominal power of 20 watts consume the same amount of electricity as the ordinary "weaving", but each of them will produce a luminous flux one level higher.

At this point in time, modern people are completely unaware of their lives, without the already accustomed, benefits of civilization, such as: various gadgets, warm batteries in an apartment or house, household appliances, in general, everything that can improve our daily lives. The issue of reducing consumption and, consequently, paying for this electricity consumption, is currently very relevant. Therefore, it is necessary to know approximately what energy consumption of all electrical appliances.

How to save electricity in the home

Refrigerators. The device should be located in a cool place, contact of the refrigerator with sunlight is not desirable. It is forbidden to install the device near appliances and things that radiate heat, such as stoves, heaters, batteries and radiators. If the temperature around the refrigerator is 30 degrees Celsius, then energy costs can increase in two.

According to the rules of operation of the device, it is forbidden to put food in a refrigerator in a hot state, before they must be cooled to room temperature. The freezer also needs periodic defrosting, otherwise accumulated, a considerable layer of ice, significantly reduces the cooling rate of products, and therefore, increases electricity consumption.

Multimedia systems and TVs .The current plasma and LCD TVs, in common "flat", have been improved so much that their electricity consumption has almost halved compared to its predecessors, which were also equipped with kinescopes, this also applies to computer monitors. The kinesk 17-inch screen can “wind” more than 190 kW / h during the year. If there is an economical mode on it, this number can be reduced to 130-135 kWh per year.

Personal Computers. The current "smart" PC, necessarily equipped with energy-saving technology. Sometimes there is such a situation that this mode was not activated initially, in this case, you need to activate it yourself in the internal settings of the computer motherboard. This method allows to reduce the energy consumption of the computer by 50%.

Vacuum Cleaners. For the most correct operation of the device, you must regularly clean or replace the dust collector. In addition to other things, try also to clean the air filter, because this element can affect the energy consumption during operation.

Smartphones and mobile phones. Left in the network, the charger is able to consume energy even in the absence of the device, because of this, 95% of the energy is spent for other purposes.

Printers, copiers and multifunction devices. If you do not disconnect the devices from the network, then for a period of one year, they are capable of winding a thousand kilowatt hours and more. The best way to save when using a copier is to turn it on only when copying a large amount of data, and then turn it off until the next use.

Washing machines. The main reason for the inefficient power consumption of the device is its overload or, on the contrary, underloading of the drum. In the first case, excessive consumption may be about 30% of the rated power of the device, 20 kW / h. In the second, about 10-15%.If the device has an ultrasonic washing function, we recommend that you use it, because it consumes about 15 watts.

Below is a table with monthly consumption of some devices;Asdcalled “idle”

Consider devices that can consume electricity even in the off or “sleep” state. It is worth noting that almost every home has about ten such devices.

For example, take an ordinary TV in the off state, which is in the presence of each family. You might think that if the screen does not broadcast any TV shows, then it does not consume electricity, but it is not. The power supply unit of the device and some microcircuits are always powered, in order to respond in time to the command coming from the console.

The following is a small list of devices that consume electricity in the off state:

  • cordless phones( charging station and receiver) - 1 watt;
  • laser or inkjet printer - from two to four watts;
  • laptop and phone chargers consume about 1 cotton;
  • electric stoves with electronic control of about 3 watts.

7 the most effective ways to save electricity

  1. Use only energy-efficient lighting. The most effective and perhaps the most effective way to save is to dismantle ordinary lamps and use energy-saving lamps. In addition to fluorescent, not so long ago, there were even more economical options that work on the basis of LEDs, that is, LED lamps. Only one major drawback is the relatively high price of products, but it is worth noting that in the future they should get cheaper, due to the expanding range of applications.
  2. Do not forget to turn off the lights leaving their rooms. This rule applies to the simplest advice, but it can significantly reduce energy bills. If you can’t get used to it, we recommend that you fix small “little notes” on places that you notice, in order to develop a habit, to constantly follow this rule, so to speak, to bring it to automatism.
  3. Perform redecoration indoors. Having made a small redecoration of the room, you can also save a certain amount of money. It is necessary to make wallpapering of light shades and color the ceilings in light colors, thanks to which the light reflection can increase up to 80%. The darker the material or the shade, the less sunny it can reflect, you should pay attention to it when planning your interior. In addition, it is recommended to use natural lighting as often as possible.
  4. Clean dust lamps and lamps regularly. One of the fairly well-known ways to save electricity in an apartment is to clean the lighting devices from accumulated dust and dirt in a timely manner. Indeed, besides the fact that a dirty light bulb gives out a dim light, it also consumes more power than a clear one.
  5. Install heat reflectors. The screens will help you to reduce heat loss, simply install it behind the battery or heater, and you can get a temperature increase of a couple of degrees, and the heat will not go outside and into the walls. Such a screen can be made of ordinary cardboard and food foil.
  6. When buying home appliances, pay attention to appliances with energy consumption of “A” and “A +” and “A ++” classes. Energy efficiency is referred to as the so-called energy efficiency classes, it varies from A ++ to G. If the device has the energy consumption class G, then this device consumes an enormous amount of energy, while class A is less voracious. When buying home appliances, you should pay your attention to class A and above appliances, because it can best help you in saving energy.
  7. Think about the insulation of the apartment or house. One of the best ways to save energy is to retain energy, rather than reduce its generation. From which it can be concluded that the insulation of the premises is the primary task. At first, it is necessary to plug all the gaps in the windows, but the best solution would be to replace old wooden windows with new plastic windows with an energy-saving double-glazed window, as up to fifty percent of heat can be lost through poor-quality windows. In the winter, however, it is recommended to hang thick and dark curtains on the windows. Insulated facade can bring not only heat to your home, but also significantly reduce heating costs, as it is easier to maintain the already set temperature than constantly warming up the walls of a building. In the process of insulation, you can use mineral wool or foam.

We hope that in this article you learned how to save electricity in an apartment and in a private house. It describes the main ways to save energy and thereby save on bills.

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