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Peasant farming provides the family with food products of plant and animal origin. Breeding pigs in a farmstead is beneficial for many reasons. Obtaining meat after short fattening, utilization of food residues, summer maintenance with grazing makes pork a cheap and affordable product.

Is it profitable to keep pigs and why?

Pork production is beneficial both for the family and for business development. In any economic situation, there will be a piece of meat on the table. With small investments, you can start a pig breeding business on your own farmstead. A unique animal will provide a stable income both when growing livestock for meat, and when keeping sows for the realization of the litter.

Objective data on the effectiveness of pig maintenance:

  • rapid increase in the stock of goods, for the year of keeping the live weight of a newborn piglet increases 140 times;
  • The weight of the carcass is 85%, compared to the live weight, while the cattle have 50-60%;
  • for overgrown uterus brings up to 14 pigs depending on the breed, each of which in a month will bring 100-200 dollars;
  • pigs absorb up to 30% of the composition of feed, in other domestic animals this figure does not exceed 20%.

Proper selection of the breed and small investments will allow beginners breeding pigs at home to create a successful business. To ensure the family's need for meat and fat, it is enough to buy two piglets early in the spring. Babies do not require a lot of space for maintenance. In the summer, animals grow rapidly. With the onset of autumn on the farmstead a lot of plant remains, which are a good fodder base. For intensive feeding of pigs for two months before slaughtering, it will be necessary to increase the consumption of protein feed. Except for labor to care for pigs, the annual supply of pork will be cheap. Do not need a warm penny. But there are requirements for fattening pigs that need to be performed.

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The maintenance of pigs at home requires a proper approach to food choice. So the baby at the age of the month requires:

  • prevalence of dairy products and cereals based on milk or its substitutes;
  • use of special premixes for piglets containing special sets of vitamins and antibiotics, so that babies grow up healthy;
  • maintain the frequency of feeding, corresponding to the age and size of the pig's stomach.

When fattening a pig from 2 to 4 months, do not include in the diet raw potatoes, only puree or jerk. Root vegetables should be given boiled and chopped. Carrots are more useful to feed raw rubbed, the grass should be finely chopped and boiled with boiling water.

After the slaughter, the pig is treated with a blowtorch to remove the stubble. A high pressure washing will help to wash off the carbon. Compact car wash is available from car owners. The use of this treatment method increases the presentation of the product.

Entrepreneurial activities in breeding and fattening pigs

Any business requires planning. The business plan for breeding pigs should include expenditure and income. Pig breeding is a lucrative affair only if the requirements for keeping and feeding animals are met.

Therefore, in the cost estimate, the main item is the construction of a pigsty from the calculation of an area of ​​4 square meters. m per feeder unit and 6 squares per sow. The premise should provide a den, a walking area and a canopy from the sun. A swim should be provided for pigs. If feeding is done in a common trough, there should be enough room for each animal to approach.

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The stable should be strong, so that the pig does not go to freedom as a result of digging. In the pigsty provide:

  • roof, excluding leakage;
  • natural and combined lighting;
  • capital walls, excluding freezing;
  • floor with gutters for waste disposal and with clean dry litter;
  • ventilation of the room.

At the premises there should be a walking ground, on it in the summer time the pigs spend most of the time. In the open air, a quicker set of muscle mass, animals less sick.

In the expenditure part includes the acquisition of thoroughbred individuals. For the commercial production of meat, the breeding of pigs of the required breed must be carried out on the premises. This will reduce the expenditure on the acquisition of pigs on the side and will allow you to get healthy offspring for the herd.

If the piglets are purchased in other farms, they must undergo quarantine before the formation of the herd. It is necessary to put in the cost estimate the vaccination of the herd at each development period. Without a certificate of veterinary control of the livestock, the legal sale of meat will be impossible.

The current costly item will be the purchase of special feeds for pigs, premixes and vitamin complexes. However, food is much cheaper than meat. The cost of production is traditionally high. And while observing the technology of growing a business, the risk is minimized, but it is necessary to plan this expense item.

With a large number of pigs, it is preferable to dry-feeding. Increased feed costs will pay off with a large gain and lower costs for grooming when fattening. It is important to provide animals with water 6-8 liters per head per day.

In the income part it is taken into account that one sow can give up to 14 piglets, whose fattening will provide up to 3 tons of marketable produce. Distribute profit by the terms of receipt of products. If the received balance does not give the expected profit, the business plan for breeding pigs should be optimized. That is, find cheaper feed or suckers. Successful pig-breeders in a home farmstead receive for 2-3 years up to 1000% of profit.

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To grow pigs at home, as a business has been successful, you should follow the rules:

  • to observe hygienic conditions of pigs maintenance;
  • do not miss the time of castration boar;
  • carry out preventive measures against diseases and beriberi avitaminosis;
  • observe the time and frequency of feeding animals, ensure constant access to water.

Feed with mold and signs of souring of liquid food can not be fed. Feeders should be periodically treated with boiling water.

Buying an offspring from thoroughbred pigs, you need to know about the features of the structure of animals. Get pork with a predominance of fat, bacon or meat can be from a particular breed.

Is it profitable to keep pigs? There is no other way, to provide the family with meat at cost price. To organize a business with a small number of heads, the sale of meat will take place without going to the trading floors. Buyers will be neighbors. Livestock products are always in high demand.

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