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Every self-respecting person should have a good trimmer

  • Every good person should have a good trimmer
  • D every respectable trimmer

  • trimmers
  • This includes vegetation on the face and body. Many people use for such purposes such a useful device as a trimmer. They appeared quite a long time ago and during its existence this useful thing has undergone many changes and improvements.

    If you also thought about buying such a device, our article is for you. Let's try to determine the best trimmer for the beard, mustache, ears and nose of 2017-2018 year. Having given this question only a few minutes, you can easily make the best choice.

    Why exactly the trimmer

    This small device because of its size is not suitable for high-quality haircut or for a full shave. Its advantage is lightness and tiny size. These qualities allow you to perfectly remove hair in hard to reach places, and exactly repeat the intricate contours of the chin.

    To choose the best trimmer of 2017-2018, you need to pay attention to several criteria:

    • possible length of the haircut;
    • number of modes( levels);
    • availability of interchangeable nozzles and their number;
    • vacuum cut bristle removal system;
    • recharge time;
    • battery life;
    • power type;
    • blade quality and the ability to replace them.

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    Rules for choosing the trimmer

    To choose a good trimmer for beard and mustache, as well as other parts of the body, you need to consider several rules:

    1. Cutting width. The more corners and zigzags your “beard” has, the narrower the trimmer head should be. This, of course, will slow down the process a bit, but it will become much more convenient to use the trimmer.
    2. Replaceable nozzles. Their presence and number significantly increases the cost of the device. Therefore, before buying, think about what accessories and for what you really need.
    3. Ability to adjust the height of the haircut. The overwhelming number of models has such a function. But the number of levels can vary.
    4. Blades. They are stainless steel or ordinary steel. The trick is that you cannot sharpen them yourself. Dull blades must be replaced. But their price is often comparable to the cost of a new trimmer. So the choice of trimmers for beards and mustaches with self-sharpening knives is one of the most faithful.
    5. The quality of cleaning blades. There are three possible options: dry, wet and vacuum. The latter, of course, is most preferable, but such models are much more expensive.
    6. battery life. Before buying a trimmer, ask how long it can work without interruption. For most models, this figure is at the level of 45-50 minutes. But there are also "long-livers".Some devices are capable of working on a single charge for 1.5–2 hours or more.
    7. Full recharge time. Of course, it is best to buy a device that restores its performance quickly. But you can give preference to the fact that charging 3-4 hours. They often cost much less. And if you are going to use the device not constantly, this time may be enough.
    8. Network capability. Some models do not have an electric cord and are able to work only from a battery or battery. It is very convenient to travel, but very unprofitable in everyday life.
    9. The availability of items for the care of equipment. Many models come with a carrying case, cleaning brushes and special oil for moving parts.
    10. Voltage Switch. There are trimmers that can operate from the mains in the range from 100 to 240 V. This can be a powerful argument for those who often travel to different countries.
    11. Options. Some models of 2018 are equipped with laser pointers to achieve perfect lines. This is very important in the formation of model hairstyles from a mustache and beard.
    12. Reviews. It’s more important that it’s not the presence of positive comments, but the absence of negative ones. Probably not worth explaining why.

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    Rating trimmers for beard and mustache

    Well, now we present to your attention the best trimmers for beard and mustache. We will not award places, but simply call three models that, in our opinion, are completely worthy of respect.

    Philips BT 7210

    Let's start with the model BT 7210 from Philips. This convenient, effective and reliable device has the following functions:

    • Lift & Trim system, which lifts hairs, creating comfortable conditions for shaving;
    • vacuum suction of cut bristles;
    • blades with self-sharpening function;
    • 20 modes of operation in the cut-off range from 0.5 mm to 1 cm with a step of 0.5 mm;
    • visual charging indicator;
    • small size;
    • "wet" cleaning system: the blades can be washed under running water.

    The only not very pleasant fact in this case is the rather high cost of the device. In different retail outlets for the trimmer this model is asked from $ 110 and up.

    Philips QT 4015

    And here is another good model from a popular manufacturer. According to experts, the trimmer QT 4015 - the best choice for those who prefer the popular haircut for a beard "three-day unshaven."Of course, this is not all that this wonderful and inexpensive device can do. In the list of its advantages are:

    • 20 adjustment levels: 0.5–10 mm;
    • titanium blades do not dull for a long time;
    • visual control of the charge level;
    • rounded tips at the ridges and the canvas itself;
    • full charge is achieved in just 60 minutes, it provides up to one and a half hours of continuous operation of the device;
    • all attachments can be removed and washed.

    From unpleasant moments, it can only be noted that the quality of the plastic from which the combs are made cannot be called very high. That, however, is more than offset by the price of about 50 "American presidents."

    Braun BT 5070

    Another model that ranks among the best mustache and beard trimmers. BT 5070 is an excellent German quality at a very affordable price. The cost of such a trimmer in online stores can start from 50-60 dollars. Such accessibility is most likely due to the lack of expensive and often useless “bells and whistles”.Instead, everything is arranged very simply and therefore as reliable as possible:

    • 25 options for the length of the haircut;
    • automatic selection of power supply parameters, from 110 to 240 V, which allows you to adapt to electrical outlets in any country in the world;
    • battery light indication;
    • dual battery: continuous operation –50 min, full charge - 8 hours;
    • possibility of cleaning with running water.

    This excellent trimmer, however, is not suitable for those who would like to be able to shave “zero” if necessary. This function Braun BT 5070 does not have.

    Rating trimmers for the ears and nose

    If you do not like facial hair and a beard with a mustache is not for you, it is better to pay attention to the trimmer for the nose and ears. Which is better to choose? Here are some interesting models.

    Wahl 5546-216

    A very inexpensive and effective model that can perfectly cope with vegetation in the nose and ears. The cost of the device is about $ 15, it works on two ordinary batteries( they are not included).The trimmer has a pair of interchangeable nozzles:

    • piston;
    • rotating.

    Sharp stainless steel blades will last a long time, and you can clean them under running water.

    Moser 5640-1801

    This trimmer is also quite affordable, about $ 20.However, it weighs three times less compared to the previous model, only 60 g. It is made in the shape of a pen and works on a small AAA battery. Using this trimmer does not cause discomfort and is completely safe. And your ear and nose will not suffer. Also, there is the possibility of wet cleaning the device.

    Of the shortcomings, only one can be noted - it will be necessary to change the battery quite often, it is not enough for a long time.

    Philips NT 3160

    Of course, one of the leaders of such household appliances, Philips, could not but get on our list. Model NT 3160, although it is a bit more expensive, compares favorably with other similar products. Despite the seeming simplicity of the design, ProtecTube is used here, an innovative development by Philips engineers. Its essence is as follows: the cutting element consists of a pair of independent blades, which prevents the hair from being pulled out, and the thinnest mesh covering allows to avoid cuts. Also, there are other pleasant moments:

    • rubberized case will not slip even from a wet hand;
    • blades can also be washed;
    • there are slits between the knives, which makes the process quick and of high quality;The
    • is powered by a conventional AA finger-type battery.

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    Rating the best multifunctional trimmers

    For those who are used to receiving everything and immediately present the rating of the best multifunctional trimmers, made up of models of 2017-2018 year.

    Wahl 9818-116

    This practical and inexpensive model is produced by active Americans. Its cost is only about $ 20.For this pretty little money, the trimmer does an excellent job with all the tasks. In the case, made of "stainless steel", there is a knife block to clean up the face, neck and ears. And now about the pleasant:

    • 3 different nozzles for beard correction;
    • comb;
    • 6 lengths, from 1.5 to 13 mm;
    • nozzle, shaving "under zero";
    • replaceable attachment for working with ear and nose hair;
    • lithium battery fully charges in 1 hour and ensures high quality uninterrupted operation for up to 240 minutes;
    • has a charge level LED;
    • excellent build quality.

    Philips QG 3335

    This trimmer is quite expensive and costs at least $ 45.However, he has every reason to do this:

    • 6 various nozzles for all occasions;
    • hair length pitch regulator for 18 positions( 1 mm pitch);
    • can be cut to zero and used as a razor;
    • has a special nozzle for accurate modeling;
    • for the “hedgehog” design on the head there is a comb with a variable length from 3 to 20 mm;
    • self-sharpening blades;
    • is able to work autonomously for an hour;
    • "wet" cleaning system.

    Almost the only drawback of this model can be called a rather long charge. A full cycle takes as long as 10 hours. So if you put in order only half of the face, and the second did not have time, you will have to wait a lot.

    GA.MA T21.6IN1

    This model can be successfully used in almost any part of the body. The trimmer of this brand can relieve you from the "shaggy" in the nose and ears, tidy up the mustache and beard, "edging" the haircut on the back of the head, arrange whiskers. Moreover, they may even quite tolerably shave. And all this splendor works only from a simple AA battery.

    Using the backlight will allow you to see the slightest nuances of the process, and even a wet hand will hold the rubberized case.

    Well, the most pleasant moment: all this magnificence is worth about 15-17 dollars.

    The best professional trimmers

    If you plan to use the trimmer for commercial purposes, for example, to serve customers in a barbershop, pay attention to the following options. Here the power of the device and the possibility of long-term operation without recharging are especially important.

    NorelcoBeardTrimmer 9000

    This wonderful model has received the most feedback from masters at hairdressers and beauty salons. The Philips BT-9290/15 trimmer provides perfectly even contours. The desired cutting height varies and is smoothly adjusted using a special wheel. The device is completely waterproof and equipped with an information LED display. It can work autonomously for an hour, after which it can be used by switching on the network.

    Well, the main "chip" Philips BT-9290/15 - a laser guidance system that can provide super clear lines, the perfect result.

    As you understand, even a rather high cost( from $ 165) cannot be considered a disadvantage for this miracle of hairdressing equipment.

    Ga. Ma GC614

    This model, of course, is much more budgetary, but also copes with its responsibilities. Included is a hair clipper( 4 lengths from 3 to 12 mm), thinning, edging attachments, trimmer for the nose, ears, whiskers, mustaches and beard. In general, a complete set. What is important, after the depletion of the battery, the device can be turned on and continue to work.

    All blades have a special titanium coating that ensures their long operation. The cost of Ga. Ma GC614 is very good - from $ 30.

    Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion +

    The final model of our rating is one of the most durable. Offline operation here is enough for as much as 4 hours of uninterrupted use. Just a monster! Only for the correction of the beard there are as many as 22 nozzles. Add to them a precision attachment and functionality for processing the ears and nose. In general, for every taste.

    Unfortunately, it is worth noting that for all its merits this trimmer has a drawback. True, only one.

    The power of this trimmer is not so much. Therefore, when working with it, one has to perform an order of magnitude more movements than when using similar models. Shave and shave have, as they say, a little bit.

    We hope you will now be able to choose the best trimmer for beard, mustache, ears and nose of 2017-2018.At least what you should pay attention to already know.

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