Alegerea celui mai bun aspirator pentru casa sau apartamentul dvs.

You can argue for a long time which vacuum cleaner is better to buy, but until you pick up a certain model, you will not be able to make an impression about your future assistant. What should it be? With a bag or container, washing or capable only for dry cleaning, large and powerful or compact and quiet? Only the way you need it. And even if your girlfriend has a more expensive and modern vacuum cleaner, for yourself it is better for you to choose another model that will allow you to enjoy cleaning. Complicated? Not at all! We have selected for you the most popular vacuum cleaners that have managed to earn the best reviews from hostesses. Choose!


  • 1 Market leaders
  • 2 Three top models aquafiltering
    • 2.1 Zelmer 919.0 ST
    • 2.2 Thomas TWIN T1
    • 2.3 Karcher DS 6.000
  • 3 top three models with a bag
    • 3.1 Philips FC 9170
    • 3.2 Samsung SC5491
    • 3.3 SamsungSC4140
  • 4 The chief of businessmen are the chiefs of all countries of all countriesShops have about three dozen varieties of vacuum cleaners of this brand. There are plenty to choose from.

    Following the South Korean brand is the Dutch company Philips, which today offers to buy over twenty models of vacuum cleaners. Such companies as Electrolux, Rowenta, Thomas and Zelmer, who also have something to please their fans, try to keep up with the leaders.

    However, choosing the best vacuum cleaner based on the brand alone is not entirely correct. What if a single model of some little-known brand fits your home? Why should you focus on fashion? Feel free to read reviews about other companies, if you like the model. In addition to recognized leaders, you can choose the company LG or Zanussi, and among the budget options are Delfa, Saturn and Scarlett.

    Three of the best models with an aqua filter

    The best vacuum cleaners for general cleaning of the house are washing with an aqua filter. Of course, the washing assistant is slightly cumbersome and requires a bit of care( such as draining, disassembling, drying and reassembling), but no one is better at it than reading and washing the carpets. In addition, it perfectly filters the air and reliably holds dust. Among these models, the following three stand out:

    Zelmer 919.0 ST

    Modern washing vacuum cleaner. It can be used not only for dry cleaning, but also for wet cleaning of an apartment. The main advantage of this model is the ability to put both an aqua-filter and a regular disposable dust bag. Included are brushes for stone, parquet and marble. There is also a nozzle for washing carpets and for collecting water. A nice bonus is a large turbo brush that turns the house cleaning into a simple and pleasant procedure.

    Thomas TWIN T1

    Another good washing vacuum cleaner, only from Thomas.2.4 liters is placed in a removable solution tank with detergent. The solution itself can be supplied under pressure, which allows better cleaning of carpets and furniture. The index of filling the dust collector in time will tell when it is better to clean it.

    If you decide to buy just such a washing vacuum cleaner, be aware that for it there are many additional nozzles that come with it.

    This is a crevice brush for cleaning carpets, for wet cleaning and for cleaning hard surfaces. It is possible to connect the electrical brushes.

    Karcher DS 6.000

    The most expensive of the three. But it is easier and more economical on energy consumption. This is an electrical appliance with a 1.7 liter aquafilter. All trash settles in a container of water. It is convenient to store it, since right on the body there is a place for additional attachments( crevice, for floors and for upholstered furniture).There is the possibility of vertical mounting telescopic tube.

    According to the owners, extremely maneuverable and pleasant to use. The disadvantages are the high cost of filters.

    With tables compare which of these vacuum cleaners is the best:

    Features Zelmer 919.0 ST Thomas TWIN T1 Karcher DS 6.000
    type Wash Wash Neutral
    Cleaning Dry and wet Dry and wet only dry
    Powerconsumption of the weskpipe holder, pump for cleaning solution Vertical pipe support, storage space for accessories
    furniture, crevice, for washing hard coatings, for wet cleaning of carpets, for wet cleaning of furniture Crevice, simple and for upholstered furniture

    See also: vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: which one to choose?

    If a washing vacuum cleaner with a heavy aqua filter seems too difficult to use, try to choose a regular vacuum cleaner, where the dust collector is a dust bag.

    Three of the best models with a bag

    Vacuum cleaners with a bag - this is a classic of the genre, which for a long time had time to recommend itself well. When using disposable bags, the care of such a model is the simplest: it is enough to change the dust collector in time. Wanting to understand what kind of vacuum cleaner you need, pay attention to the following trinity:

    Philips FC 9170

    A good vacuum cleaner with a garbage bag. It has as much as 500 watts of suction power - more than enough for a good cleaning. Owners in the reviews joke that when you turn on the device in the apartment, the neighbors from below are attracted to the ceiling. The large capacity of the bag( 4 l) allows you not to worry about filling it, since this volume is enough for a long time. This is probably the best vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning at home, as you can use it without prior preparation, and store it right in the assembled position.

    Samsung SC5491

    Also a classic model with a dust bag. The vacuum cleaner is designed for dry cleaning. Good value for money: these vacuum cleaners belong to the middle price category, but they have excellent characteristics: 460 W suction, 2.4 liter waste bin, bag filling indicator and automatic cord rewind.

    Samsung SC4140

    Vacuum cleaners with a nice price. The most inexpensive of the trinity, but at the same time endowed with not inferior characteristics: 5 filtration stages, 320 W suction, bag capacity 3 liters. The hose can rotate 360 ​​degrees, it is possible to park the telescopic tube in an upright position.

    To decide which vacuum cleaner to choose, all three models can be compared in the table:

    Philips FC 9170 Samsung SC5491 Samsung SC4140
    power consumption W 2200 2100 1600
    suction power, W 500 460 320
    bag volume, l 2,3 4 6
    cord length, m 9 6 6
    Weight 6,3 4 4
    Additional features on the housing power control, bag filling indicator Vertical mounting for a pipe, power control on a handle Vertical parking tube, bag filling indicator
    Nozzles Simple, crevice, small and brush Simple, crevice ychnaya, crevice, for

    dust for all these vacuum cleaners have to buy additional disposable garbage bags. You can use the reusable dust collector, but cleaning it is not as easy as it may seem. Do not want to mess around, but do not know which assistant will suit you? Then you should buy a vacuum cleaner with a container.

    Three of the best models with a cyclone filter

    Such vacuum cleaners are easy to clean, they do not require disposable bags, they are easy to use and maneuver better at home than the same vacuum cleaners with aquafilter. If you want to choose this kind, look at the next popular trio:

    LG V-K89483EN

    Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning with a cyclone filter. It has features such as vertical mounting for the pipe and automatic winding wire. Absorption power as much as 380 W with a relatively small power consumption( 1900 W) makes it a welcome purchase for economical hostesses. On the case there is a power regulator( which is not always the case with cyclone models).

    Philips FC 8767

    Vacuum cleaner with cyclone filter for dry cleaning. Its suction power is 370 watts. The lightest and most compact of the trinity, so it’s worth choosing if you don’t like bulky vacuum cleaners. There is a special place for attachments. Comes with a turbo brush.

    Samsung SC20F30WE

    The cheapest of the three, but it also has the largest suction power( as much as 420 W).You can put both a container and a disposable bag, which is incredibly convenient. True, the weight of this device rather big: as much as 8.2 kg. But a large amount of garbage collection( 3 l).

    Features LG V-K89483RU Philips FC 8767 Samsung SC20F30WE
    Power consumption, W 1800 2100 2000
    Suction Power, W 380 370 420
    Weight 6 5,5 8,2
    type dust collector filter cyclone filter Cyclone Filter-cyclone / bag
    Volume, l 1.2 2 3
    extras маленьthe ones 01the onesI. Plain, small, furniture, crevice, wool brush

    All these vacuum cleaners are good, only you have to carry them all the time. Maybe it is better to buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

    A few words about the robots

    These vacuum cleaners can not be compared with their "big brothers": too low suction power. They are more like stand alone electroenchairs that can maintain order between general cleaning. It is better to choose a robot vacuum cleaner only when you have already purchased for yourself any type of conventional vacuum cleaners( with a bag, container or aquafilter).

    iRobot, AGAiT, Samsung and Clatronic are considered to be the market leaders - these brands are most often chosen by buyers.

    Those who are interested in this topic, we recommend the article How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner.

    Now the choice of a suitable assistant for cleaning will not be a problem for you. You know which devices are popular with customers, and you can certainly choose the most optimal model for yourself. Enjoy the shopping!

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