Utilizarea submarinelor de albine în medicină

Apitherapy in folk medicine is not limited to the use of the beneficial properties of honey, propolis, royal milk, wax, bee bread, or bee venom.

Besides them, there is a bee submor. A little-known tool that has great biological potential is comparable in efficiency with all beekeeping products combined.

Preparations based on it have a wide spectrum of action, but there are certain nuances of the origin of the raw material and its organoleptic properties, due to which it did not receive a well-deserved recognition.

Table of Contents

  • What is a dead bee?
  • Chemical Composition
    • treat hormonal disorders
    • Joint diseases, migraines, skin problems
    • Other diseases
  • Preparations and drugs based on
    • Folk recipes for internal use
    • How to make a decoction and how to drink it
    • Recipe for decoction with propolis
    • Methods for the preparation of therapeutic tincture with alcohol
    • Accepting fried sea food correctly
  • The external use in
    • medicine can be used as a talent for the treatment of cortrodistomas and to treat your hearth. Extract with spritt or vodka

What is a dead bee?

Bee-dead - so called dead bees. Under natural conditions, the bee lives from one to nine months. The longest life expectancy in winter bees, the shortest - in summer ones. The bulk of the raw materials are collected in the spring, when checking hives, and from spring to autumn there is an additional, not massive, collection.

Artificially get it after apitoxin therapy, or forcibly closing the bees without food for up to 10 days. In the first case, the number is not significant, and the second - is used very rarely.

Not everyone is ready to use dead insects for medicinal purposes; moreover, by virtue of its origin, a pure, raw submor has a peculiar smell and appearance.

However, it is in it that all the beneficial properties of apitherapy are concentrated.

Chemical composition of

Dry dead bees contain biologically active compounds. When the total moisture content of the feedstock is from 8 to 10%, they can be divided into separate groups.

Dead Bee
  • Protein compounds , constituting from 50 to 80% of the total mass.
  • melanins, which have a specific weight of 20-30%.
  • Chitin - from 10 to 12%.
  • Micro and macro elements , at least 3%.

Individually, they are used in folk and official medicine.

Protein Compounds

The amino compounds having the largest specific gravity are represented by the following substances:

  • with organic acids;
  • enzymes;
  • heparin;
  • proteins of undigested perga;
  • protein compounds of bee venom;
  • other.

In medicine, due to its high biological activity, active substances of bee venom and heparin are widely used, which combine natural amines( histamine, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, melitin) and anticoagulants - substances that prevent blood clotting, the formation of thrombosis.

Melanins and their beneficial properties

Natural antioxidants and adaptogens are actually dark-colored pigments that give color to the skin and hair, as well as to the iris.

Their action is based on the absorption of ultraviolet radiation and the protection of the body from harmful radiation. The rate of accumulation of radionuclides is inversely related to the number of melanins: the more of them, the slower the process goes.

Collection of Podmor

Melanins are able to act as enterosorbents: , in addition to normalizing microflora, they have been used as an atoxic agent for the early diagnosis of poisoning.

Chitin and its use

The outer shell and inner exoskeleton of a bee consists of chitin - a natural biopolymer, a source for chitosan( or apisan), which, in turn, serves as raw material for:

  • modern cosmetology ;
  • Manufacture of Dietary Food ;
  • biologically active supplements ;
  • Pharmacology .
Its value is related to the ability to bind and excrete fat molecules from the body;it improves metabolism, acts as a natural sorbent and atoxin, helps to reduce weight and normalize digestion.

In addition, it exhibits the properties of a natural preservative for any food, and also acts as an enhancer of taste and smell.

Micro and macronutrients

Minerals contained in dry bees have a form that is easily digestible for the human body and is represented not only common in nature:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • manganese;
  • sodium;
  • aluminum;
  • phosphor;
  • with iron;
  • zinc;
  • gray;
  • copper,

but rare, and therefore valuable:

  • silver;
  • boron;
  • barium;
  • chrome;
  • beryllium;
  • molybdenum;
  • nickel;
  • vanadium and others.

The composition of mineral compounds depends on the breed of bees, habitat and food supply.

Effects on the human body

Like all beekeeping products, bee subsurface is a tool that exhibits strong biological activity.

Podor bee

The best studied is the benefits and effects on the human body of its constituent chitosan, heparin, melanin, acetic acid, glucosamine and apitoxin. What are they used for?

In complex use, their properties are manifested in:

  • bactericidal , antiviral and disinfecting action;
  • increase immunity and the body's resistance to disease;
  • stabilization of hormones ;
  • hepatoprotective action;
  • improving the condition of joints , bone and cartilage tissue;
  • acceleration of exchangeable processes and recovery of metabolism;
  • neutralize toxins , removing toxins;
  • antioxidant action, accelerates the process of tissue regeneration and slows down their aging.

If we consider the focused action of each active ingredient separately, then:

  • chitosan has with analgesic and healing properties. Its use provides restoration of mucous and skin integuments, injured as a result of injuries, burns, inflammations. Preparations based on the chitosan complex regulate the production of thyroid hormones, clean the blood vessels, contribute to the normalization of fat balance;
  • melanin.indications for use: the removal of intoxication of the organism in case of poisoning, it contributes to the removal of radionuclides and salts of heavy metals;
  • Heparin relieves inflammation of different etymologies, participates in blood formation processes, cleanses and tones blood vessels, stabilizes pressure.

Contraindications and harm to bee bezel

Despite its usefulness, bee subside has a number of contraindications and harm, namely:

  • Allergy .In the body, the bees remain undigested in the remains of pollen, an aggressive allergen. Before use, you must conduct a test for individual intolerance.
  • Pregnancy and feeding, due to the vulnerability of the body of a woman and child. Not recommended for use in the treatment of children under five.
  • Exacerbation of acute or chronic diseases.
  • Acute cardiopulmonary vascular pathology.
  • Poor tumors.
  • Renal , liver failure.

It is advisable to begin the use of apitherapy agents after a complete diagnosis and final diagnosis. Do not neglect the consultation of the relevant physician and the coordination of the possibility of using bee submarines.

During self-treatment there is a risk of a false assessment of the symptoms, and, consequently, the loss of time required to start treatment in the early stages of the disease.

Indications for use in various diseases

Of course, the best way to maintain health is a constant concern for the body, prevention, strengthening of the immune system and attentive attitude to all life support systems.

Bee Podmor Extract

Bee Podmor alcohol tincture is used to enhance immunity. It is necessary to accept in drops by the number of years. To do this, it is diluted in a glass of water and taken in equal parts daily in the morning and evening for at least a month. In this case:

  • occurs cleaning of the body from toxins, slags, salts of heavy metals;
  • accelerates metabolism and improves metabolism;
  • recovers microflora of the intestines ;
  • toned and cleaned vessel walls ;
  • strengthens bone and cartilaginous tissue ;
  • hormonal background comes to balance.

The biological activity of all components of this product has a beneficial effect on all systems of human life and helps to prevent the negative effects of stress, a polluted environment, pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

However, potent drugs are often remembered when the immunity has already failed, and the consequences of this failure have a negative effect on health and reduced quality of life.

Prostate adenoma, sexual dysfunction in mengland, treat prostatitis, relieve psychological stress and restore potency.

When treating such delicate disorders as prostate adenoma, you need to be patient and tune in to the systemic use of decoction: it acts gently, it is recommended to take it for at least a month.

Regular use of traditional medicine is a guarantee of successful treatment.

Helps to treat hormonal disordershormonal imbalance.

The unity of the human hormone system requires a complex means to restore balance, and bee subsimus meets this requirement.

To restore the functions of the thyroid gland and restore the balance of sex hormones at home, it is recommended to be treated as follows: take inside the alcohol tincture of dry bees in courses of one month, in doses according to the general recommendations for the recipe.

Joint diseases, migraines, skin problems

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties allow submorian to be used externally in the treatment of a number of diseases, namely:

  1. Joint diseases: arthritis, bursitis, arthrosis. Compresses of beeswax, rubbing with alcohol extract, rubbing ointment or bath of decoction will help relieve pain, inflammation and restore mobility.

    Trap from the plague of bees

  2. Headaches and migraines .It is recommended to apply compresses with a steam of bees on the forehead, to rub whiskey with ointment and alcoholic extract.
  3. Skin Diseases .Problems of the skin: from acne and furunculosis to burns and mechanical damage, can be solved by using external preparations of bee submoris. The inflammatory process will remove the steam and alcohol extract, and for burns, use decoction broth.
  4. Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins. In folk medicine, warm compresses with a vapor of bees are used to eliminate these vascular pathologies: they provide nutrition, tone and direct action of all the joints of the marrow on diseased areas.

Other diseases

The biological complex of compounds that make up the bee submar helps to cope with many diseases, including the eye.

To tidy up your eyes and restore falling vision, it is recommended to ingest fried submorr.
However, there are opponents with this method of using dry bees.

As arguments, they cite the fact that under the influence of high temperatures a significant part of biological compounds lose their activity.

Preparations and medicines based on Pomor

In its pure form, bee primor is almost never used. To obtain the maximum effect of the nutrients that it contains, require extraction. This is especially true for chitosan.

For the preparation of preparations based on the podmor, high-quality raw materials are selected: dry, fresh, without mold and decomposition, or purchase ready-made powder from bees at pharmacies.

Then it is used for both internal and external use.

Folk recipes for internal use.

Beegar sea for internal use is used in the form of decoctions and tinctures, less often in fried form or in the form of powder, which is added to honey. External use requires the preparation of ointments, vapors or alcoholic infusions. When and which recipe to apply, read below.

How to cook a decoction and how to drink it

One of the most affordable ways to prepare a healing agent. Low concentration of the active substance provides a mild effect on the body and requires prolonged use - from 6 months to a year.

Bank with a decoction

Boil 500 ml of water and pour 10-15 g of carefully crushed bee submoria. Mix the mixture over low heat for about one hour. Allow to cool and infuse for at least 2 hours at room temperature, then strain.

Honey is added to the resulting broth( up to 2 tablespoons) and propolis( 1 teaspoon of alcohol tincture) to improve the taste and enhance the effect, but you can do without them. The finished product is stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

The course of treatment lasts at least a month, during which the broth is drunk twice a day on an empty stomach, one tablespoon. Then they take a break and after six months the course can be repeated if necessary.

Recipe for making a decoction with propolis

Boiling water( at the rate of 800 ml - 1 l) pour 2 handfuls of crushed bees. Evaporate in a water bath. When the volume is halved, cool and filter.

Ready broth is stored in a dark container in a cool place.

Apply as follows:

  • 14 days one tablespoon three times a day;
  • for the next 14 days - 2 tablespoons;
  • 14 more days - according to 3 tablespoons;
  • make break for at least 3 months;
  • then, if necessary, drink another month one tablespoon three times a day.

Methods for the preparation of medicinal tinctures with alcohol

Tincture, it is a more concentrated remedy than decoction. It is used when it is necessary to achieve a quick effect from internal use.

Recipe 1. For 1 tablespoon of thoroughly crushed bee Podmore, 1 cup of vodka is required. The ingredients are mixed in dark glassware and left to stand at room temperature for 2-3 weeks. Shake from time to time. Then the tincture is filtered and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Apply 1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach. It is pre-diluted in a glass of warm water, you can with honey. The course of treatment up to 1 month. Then make a break for 2 weeks and repeat if necessary.

Alcohol Tincture

Recipe 2. For one glass of dry bees( you can not chop) take 500 ml of vodka, mix in a bottle of dark glass, warm to 40 ° C in a water bath for at least 10 minutes and draw for about 10 days.

Tincture is carefully filtered and used one teaspoon per day, washed down with plenty of water, or stirred in a glass of water and honey.

How to take roasted seaman

To prepare 1 tablespoon of raw materials, you must take 50 ml of vegetable oil. The oil is ignited in a frying pan and then poured out. Roast for 3-5 minutes.

Allow to cool at room temperature. Store no more than 1 month in the refrigerator. Use inside 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach 2-3 times a day during the month. You can pre-grind and mix with honey to improve the taste.

External use in medicine

Treatment of vaporizing

For compresses from the submarine, 100-150 g of bees need to be steamed in hot water. Water take a little, so that it covers them completely. Insist 15-20 minutes in a water bath. Water is drained, the remaining mass is slightly squeezed and placed in a previously prepared linen bag.

It is pressed tightly against the skin through several layers of gauze, insulated with polyethylene and fixed with a plaster or bandage. Leave on the sore spot until cool.

How to make an ointment at home

Ointment from Podmory

To prepare this medicine, take from 1 to 4 tablespoons of dry, thoroughly chopped bee honey and mix with 1 cup of vegetable oil warmed to 40 ° C.

Store in an opaque sealed container in the refrigerator. Use preheating, rubbing into sore spots.

Extract with spritz or vodka

Used in the form of compresses and rubbing. Unlike alcohol tincture, which is used internally, has a greater concentration. For preparation, dry raw materials are placed in any glass container and vodka or alcohol is poured, so that its level is about 3 cm above the level of the paler.

The extract is drawn for 2-3 weeks in a dark place at room temperature, shaking regularly. Then filtered and applied as needed.

Using the correct recipes for the preparation of preparations based on pores, it is necessary to observe the exact dosage, do not expose them to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. And, of course, pre-consult with a doctor.

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