Îndepărtarea și îngrijirea adecvată a inimii cireșei Bull

This garden tree today can be found on almost every backyard. Sweet cherry is popular due to its sweet and tasty berries. It is quite natural that any gardener wants to grow only the best crops, and sweet cherry is not an exception. In the article, we will tell about the large-fruited variety of Bull's heart and give its characteristics.

aesthesia.comHer wish to grow and gardeners of the southern regions, and gardeners of central Russia. Everyone wants to get the sweet fruit of this variety, which is considered the largest among the others, bred by specialists of domestic breeding.

By its name the plant is obliged to the rich dark red color of the berries and the external resemblance to the heart of a strong animal.

Even during the Soviet era, this variety of sweet cherries was recommended for breeding in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the south of the country. And today the boundaries of its cultivation significantly expanded .Even gardeners of the Black Soil Region and the central regions of the country get good yields.

Like other varieties, the plant at the initial stage shows a good growth, turning into a strong tree with a crown of medium thickening by the age of five. Then the annual growth decreases, the tree reaches a height of three - five meters .

The degree of branching is low, the foliage covers the shoots sparsely. This allows the crown to be well ventilated.

The foliage of the variety doesn’t cover the shoots, which contributes to airing

The cherry foliage has the following characteristics:

  • with a rich green tint;
  • wide lanceolate forms, pointed tips, rounding of bases, ending with a durable handle;
  • biped strip edges.

The appearance of foliage occurs almost simultaneously with the opening of the inflorescences, and this period falls in the middle of May. Most flower buds are laid on short bouquet branches. Flowers are collected in two - four pieces.

The cherry variety ripens gradually .It all depends on the climatic conditions and weather. Most often the first yields can be obtained in late June – early July .

Characteristic of fruits

Berries are large, weigh from 7 to 10 grams each. Externally, they look attractive, the skin is dark, almost black, the flesh is juicy, red tint.

The peel, although dense, does not protect the berries from spoilage and dents during transportation.

Fruits are even, held on short stalks. If the harvest is going gradually, then ripe berries quietly hang on the branches for another month, almost without changing their quality.

Berries are large, weigh about 7-10 grams

is used fresh, preserved .The content of sugars and acids depend on the weather conditions and the care organized by the tree.

The advantages and disadvantages of the

variety include the following features among the distinct advantages:

  • sweet cherry tolerates the winter cold ;
  • variety has good yield ;
  • tree able to resist fungal diseases;
  • excellent taste of berries.

But the culture has its own disadvantages:

  • the taste of the berries depends on the weather;
  • crop poorly transported, stored for long.

Planting and care

Since the sweet cherry tolerates severe frosts, it can be planted not only in spring, but also in autumn. But gardeners recommend doing it all the same after winter, so that the tree has time to settle down well in a new place.

When choosing a place for planting, it is necessary to consider that the plant needs a lot of heat and sunlight .The southern side of the site, well protected from drafts, is best suited for this.

The southern side of the

plot is best suited for planting a bull heart sapling. The soil composition should be with good fertility and moisture permeability of .Groundwater should be at a depth of more than one and a half meters from the surface of the earth. Best of all, if the land is loamy or sandy. Marshy areas for planting seedlings are not suitable.

Landing is carried out in compliance with the interval in 3-3.5 meters .The spacing between rows should be at least five meters .

The landing pit is being prepared in a few weeks. Its depth must be at least sixty centimeters. Topsoil is mixed with several buckets of organic fertilizer and used for planting.

It is recommended to bury a seedling gradually, periodically shaking it, so that the soil can fill the voids between the roots well. The root neck should remain on the surface. At the same time with the landing set garter number.

Everything ends with watering, for which uses at least three buckets of water .Pristvolny circle mulch humus or peat.

Growing Conditions

The tree loves moisture, so watering should be abundant, but not frequent - once a month .It is necessary to take into account weather conditions and monitor the condition of the soil. Under a young tree pours up to three buckets, but under the adult cherry - twice as much. The procedure is performed from the moment the foliage appears and until it is completely dropped.

In the first year of growth, the tree does not need a sub-feed. But then you will need to make fertilizer compounds containing nitrogen. It is allowed to feed with organic compounds in the form of rotted manure diluted with water.

superphosphates and nitrate are suitable from mineral compounds. They are made periodically, in small quantities. If soil acidity is high, it can be reduced with lime.

Peculiarities of this variety

Sweet cherries of this variety are very light-loving

The tree almost doesn’t need to be cared for, but you must follow certain rules:

  • light-loving , there should be no other trees near it;
  • sapling must have a strong, well-branched root system;
  • basic growing conditions - irrigation and soil condition .

Diseases and pests

In order for the sapling not to be attacked by rodents, it is necessary to wrap the sacking for the winter.

In addition, it perfectly protects against frost. Some gardeners scatter poison near the tree, wrap the trunk with roofing felt.

With the onset of spring, until the tree has begun to bloom, it should be treated with copper sulfate, urea or chemical composition "30" .The same procedure should be carried out when flowering is fully completed. These measures will help save the tree from diseases and attacks of harmful parasites.

The plant is a popular, unpretentious, not requiring special care. The tree always gives tasty yields, if you give it a little attention and, if necessary, plant a number of pollinators.

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