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Surprised, but the modular 8P8C connector, considered the benchmark of an Internet outlet, serves as the basis for creating computer circuits, primarily used by telephony. Meanwhile, the connection scheme of the Internet outlet will require knowledge of such basics. Cable cable disagree. Some are used for unidirectional modem connection, others are used to link two jobs. The number of contacts, the assembly technique, the cable crimping order by means of the crimper will vary. How to connect an Internet outlet, when there is so much information around - your head is spinning.

Internet sockets of modern personal computers

Abbreviation 8P8C, denoting modern Internet sockets, is formed by English 8 positions - 8 contacts. The connector is provided with a lock. Used to connect the individual components of the network, initially had no relation to the Internet sockets. In the original, the modular interface began to be used by the Federal Communications Commission in 1976 for organizing telecommunications. Then they began to call Registered Jack, notice the specific use of the Bell Systems group of companies. Internet outlets have become denoted by the letters RJ, followed by the specification number( 45).A letter sequence in the form of a suffix adds variations to the base type.

Internet socket

RJ48S in telecommunications is considered a subsystem of multimedia information transfer rules( voice, image) between devices by means of two twisted pairs. Contrasting with the RJ45S, where there are twice as many wires( not to be confused with the original 8P2C version).Number 48 has three modifications:

  1. Litera S - 8P4C( 8 positions - 4 contacts) for DSX-1 lines.
  2. Litera S - the same for DDS lines.
  3. Litera X - the same, for DS lines the plug is shortened.

RJ11, RJ14, RJ25 are more often used by telephone lines for one-, two- and three-line service. If you take an informal terminology, RJ45S with a key, which is officially included in the list of plugs according to the standard, is used by telecommunications, incompatible with local networks that use an un-keyed RJ45 package. Once again, the indicated slang, it is impossible to read this in official standards. Mechanically, two types of modular connectors are incompatible. Therefore, directly connect the Internet cable to the television outlet for atypical use of a non-working idea.

To understand this, take a standard telephone set, see the connectors:

  • The handset is combined with the case with a 6P4C connector( 6 positions - 4 pins) of the RJ specification. A pair of wires for the speaker, microphone.
  • The phone casing sees the network as an RJ11 protocol, using the 6P2C connector.

Modern Internet outlet

As for computer Internet sockets, described by the TIA / EIA-568-B standard, are deprived of the key, this is noted above, incompatible with telecommunications. Call RJ45 only for external similarity. An important point when buying an Internet outlet Legrand RJ-45 may be the impression that it is for television companies. It is clear that in the Russian Federation it is difficult to confuse, be careful abroad. Moment bother to clarify. Is the RJ-45 prefix a simplified version of RJ-45S in the name of an Internet outlet, or is slang applied to computer networks with connectors via the TIA / EIA-568 interface? Easier to get the specification. Conduct a field test of the Internet outlet, find a piece of the power cord, equipped with a plug( dad).

Variety of standards for computer network sockets

The development of computer networks and Internet sockets has gone hand in hand with the growing need for high transmission speeds. The IEEE 802.3 standard was updated with new terms and concepts. In 1990, 10BASE-T was released, which serves as the basis for building an Ethernet network with a transmission rate of 10 Mbit / s. Five years later, the first 100BASE options were seen, which are still used to create computer networks. The difference between Internet sockets is limited by the number of active twisted pairs. Look at the picture, the dogma is illustrated clearly.

We can see: the 100BASE-TX standard Internet socket uses only 4 out of eight contacts. In practice, the term is called the wires that can carry 100 Mbit / s. Fast Ethernet Internet sockets. To create a patch can be 4 pairs. According to the scheme indicated by the layout of online outlets according to colors. The main thing is different! Standard T568 offers two options for the implementation of online outlets. Made to create cross-overs - cables, through which you can directly connect two personal computers. In the cords transmitters, receivers at opposite ends. On the one hand T568A, on the other - T568B.

Features of

connectors Developers of a standard for enterprises in the West recommend using only the first version of Internet sockets( probably, because A is considered to be a five-year-old in educational subjects).Wikipedia writes: some countries, showing lethargy, still use T568B.And now, attention, a question on Internet sockets! Guess which version is most widely used in Russia? Eureka!- Version of Internet sockets B. Therefore, when you are going to connect an Internet outlet, remember the annoying fact, avoid mistakes. Equipment of different standards can be mated cross-overs.

The US government in government contracts requires the use of T568A Internet sockets, due to its compatibility with early USOC( telecommunications) systems. Probably, by inertia, the Russian decided to do the opposite. Please note that we talked about Internet sockets for copper cables assembled with twisted pairs, with or without a screen. Beginning in 1998, fiber optic fiber( Fiber) became traditional for transmitting a gigabit network. Internet sockets are fed by a single-mode cable( spectral characteristic with one hump), developed in 1980, through which the signal travels in only one direction during a given period of time.

Optical connector is a bit like RJ-45, we see signs of a coaxial antenna interface of the TV.When searching by Yandex for the query “Internet socket Legrand”, take the trouble to add the word “optical”.Otherwise, the search engine will fail to issue the necessary. Fiber-optic communication is carried out in the light range through transparent channels. The frequency is large( 1000 times more radio waves), a lot of information can be encoded in a relatively narrow spectrum.

Internet outlet cables are often dual. In contrast to the splice, which is more likely to be the place of the inseparable joining of optical conductors, Ethernet connectors are designed for operational switching. Contrasting the chaos that prevails among twisted-pair copper wires, here( in fiber-optic networks) there is true chaos. Over 100 sizes - like? Before you connect a computer outlet, make sure that the type matches.

We give the actions of the provider. Transmit the driveway distribution boards of the light oscillations in the radio, so that they can use the Internet sockets. Then distribute the local grid through twisted pairs. Consequently? Consequently, the fiber optic cable will be seen only in the enterprise’s Internet outlet. It is much more important to be able to connect the Internet sockets, guided by colors, rather than stick the fiber plug, assemble the splice. Strongly adhering to the opposite view, you need to know the above: there is a wide variety of standards. Take the trouble to select Internet sockets, plugs according to the equipment present on site.

Installation of the Internet distribution socket

It is easier than simple to connect a twisted pair cable to an Internet outlet. The pinout of the connector above was already given in colors, it remains to be correctly connected. The wire is cut, the outer insulation is removed, the screen of the thinnest foil is raised. The veins are unwound to the correct distance to the connector. On the back of the outlet connector with slotted contacts. If there - between two sharp knives - to push the wiring, insulation breaks through to the core, nothing more needs to be done.

The wall recessed socket is removable. On the product Legrand is fastened with a plastic screw-latch. In order not to confuse colors, the connector has a markup. You need to firmly know, we are mounting the T568A or T568B.In Legrand, the connector is removed, installed, then, when reversed, with the clamping screw( see above), the insulation is cut to the end. A reliable electrical connection is formed. The extra ends of the connector wires are simply cut off. Before installing the outlet, you can ping the connection reliability with a tester so as not to disassemble in case of unsuccessful installation.

Rosette will open the world of

Then the connector with the housing is mounted to the standard socket, the struts are tightened, ensuring a secure fit. Please note that it is allowed to mount on four screws running along the perimeter, along the framing border of plastic. It is necessary to do as it is more convenient. Not all online sockets are like two drops of water. The company Lesard symmetrical connector - four wires coming from each side. On the sides there is a coloring of the sockets( for the convenience of switching).

The rest of the installation procedure is similar. The connector is held by plastic teeth, covered with a lid. Serves for tight wiring. The connector is removed, then opened, and the wires are sealed. Now you need to press down the lid, insert into place. A special screwdriver is usually used to press the cores into the connector. On the Internet, this is often referred to as a percussion device for terminating a twisted pair. Although strictly speaking, it is used everywhere, including telephony connectors. It is very convenient - you press down from the top until it clicks and it's about the hat.

A bare-handed or conventional screwdriver will not compare a seasoned twisted pair device to a connector. Usually such technologies will be found in distribution boxes and shields. Where are the pads, connectors. Greatly facilitates the work of the installer. As much as possible simplify the connection of a computer outlet. When choosing inventory in the store, we recommend that you navigate your own needs. Not all devices for termination are convenient, but they cost less. Small-sized sold without a pen and do not click - happy price.

For a modern Internet with a speed of 100 Mbit / s, four contacts are enough, according to the first column in our picture. If you wish, you can close up everything. The day is not far when technologies take a step forward, the entire Internet will be distributed at the speed measured by gigabits. We remind you that the green wire is sealed to the 6th contact according to the type T568B.Many will probably need to press the plug for the outlet. A special tool, the crimper, is usually used. Gizmos costs up to 20,000 rubles( not a typo), it is realistic to get it by paying fifty. Think about the quality.

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