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Greetings to all! At the cottage last year there was a problem. This year I would like to solve. In the spring, a newly planted lawn was pleasing to the eye with greenery and pomp. Already by the end of June he had turned yellow, almost completely dead. Of course, the problem would be solved by watering. But we only go to the country for the weekend - I don’t want to spend it on watering. Therefore, advise the lawn irrigation scheme so as not to waste time on care and be able to admire fresh greens. Thank you in advance!

The question is really relevant. Today, many owners of villas and private houses allocate considerable areas for lawns. It is both beautiful and comfortable. Greens give a special liveliness to the site, and lawn care is minimal - you just need to feed and trim in time. But this is only if the automatic irrigation is properly organized. In general, it is quite difficult to advise on the lawn irrigation scheme - a lot depends on the lawn itself, its size, conditions, and the requirements of the owner. Sometimes it will be easiest to turn to specialists - they do real miracles - lighting, synchronous watering for a particular melody, and more. But it is not cheap. Therefore, we will try to tell in brief about the rules for choosing an autowatering scheme.

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Standard irrigation scheme

Start with a standard irrigation scheme - it can be supplemented with a humidity detector, a meteorological station and other complex sensors. But it increases its cost and installation complexity, so at first you can do without additional components.

So, the standard autowatering scheme includes:

  • Pump station;
  • Pipeline;
  • Sprinklers.

If different types of sprinklers are used during assembly, pressure regulators should also be used - they will ensure reliable watering and durability of the entire system.

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In cases where one irrigation scheme provides moisture for a large area and the pump is not enough to irrigate the entire area, electromagnetic valves are used - thanks to them the system sprinklers alternately watering the entire lawn.

When supplying water with sand and other mechanical impurities, the installation of a filter is necessary - it will protect the sprinklers from damage.

Now it's worth telling about the different components of the system in more detail.

Pump station

When choosing a pump station, you should first choose a model whose capacity corresponds to the irrigated area. It is quite clear that a more powerful model will cost more. But she can quickly water the lawn of a really large area. If in doubt, it will be better to consult with specialists in the company where you are going to buy a pump. This will avoid mistakes and, accordingly, serious financial spending.


Another name for sprinklers is the sprayer. It is designed for even distribution of water over a large area. It also eliminates damage to the lawn too powerful jet. On sale today you can see the static and rotor models.

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First spray water all along the radius at the same time. Rotary same make a circle of 360 degrees in a few seconds, watering the area gradually. Static look more aesthetically pleasing and distribute water as evenly as possible, but they are not recommended to be used in areas of more than 6-8 square meters. Rotary is great for larger areas.

Pipeline Normal plastic pipes of low pressure are suitable for the pipeline. The main thing here is to calculate the cross section. However, it is not difficult to do this - knowing the throughput of all sprinklers( this should be indicated in the specifications), it is easy to calculate how many liters of water per second a pipeline should pass.

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