Cypress Elwoody needs a caring care

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Among coniferous plants, Cypress Elwoodi occupies a separate niche, the distinctive feature of which is the fluffy spreading needles. This species is most in demand among the florists due to its frost resistance, decorative characteristics and compactness. The best option for growing at home.

General characteristics of the plant

Cypress Lovson, home of which is North America and East Asia, refers to evergreen plants. Adult tree can reach 350 cm in height, growing for a year from 5 to 10 cm. The gain is very slow and even after 10 years the cypress will not be more than 150 cm.

The crown is conical, covered with needle leaves and closed shoots, located vertically. The diameter of the crown varies from 100-120 cm. You can buy cypress Elwoodie d9 in a pot in a nursery or a specialized store.

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Cypress Elwoodie: rules of care at home

Care of the plant for independent cultivation is available even for beginner growers, the main thing is to observe certain rules:

  1. Location. Cypress does not like direct sunlight, so it is better to place it in the penumbra. During the summer heat, the crown needs regular spraying, while avoiding overflowing the soil.
  2. Shine. Burns can occur under the influence of the open sun on the leaves of the tree. Cypress Elwoody at home feels well on the northern windows, or a glazed balcony. The lack of light negatively affects the color of the needles.
  3. Temperature and humidity. For a plant, a reduced temperature is preferred, so in summer it is necessary to cool the air with an air conditioner, humidifier, or by lining the pot with ice, in winter the pot with cypress should be kept away from heating devices. The optimum temperature is +15 degrees and the high humidity level in the room.
  4. Soil composition. Cypress is planted in a drained, loose soil of peat, sand, sod on 1 part and 2 parts of leaf land. To avoid plant death, during planting, the root system can not be deeply deepened.
  5. Pruning. Removal of old, withered branches, as well as the formation of a conical crown, is performed in the first month of spring one year after planting. During one trimming, no more than 30% of foliage and branches can be removed;
  6. Watering. The tree does not tolerate a drought, so you can not dry out the earthen coma, especially in the spring-summer period. With the onset of cold weather, the plant should be watered less often - after the top layer of the soil dries. Excess moisture can also have a disastrous effect and lead to decay of the root system;
  7. Top dressing. Planting and care of cypress Elwoodi includes regular fertilization every two weeks, except during the winter months.

For favorable development of the plant, the dose of fertilizing should be 50% of the indicated volumes on the package.

Methods of reproduction

Cypress is multiplied in two ways, each of which is carried out according to a certain technology.

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Reproduction by seeds

For the reproduction of cypress with the help of seeds, the planting material is taken from wild trees, the germination of which lasts more than 10 years. Planting is carried out in the winter season in stages:

  1. To reduce the germination time, seeds must be stratified. To do this, you need to place the seeds in a container with loose ground, take it out to the street, cover it with a layer of snow and leave it until spring;
  2. In spring, place the container in a warm room and wait for the germination of the seeds. Young shoots should be regularly watered and thinned;
  3. With the onset of heat pots with sprouts can be taken out to the street in a place protected from drafts.

This method is quite laborious and the probability of growing cypress in this way is small.


Propagation by propagation is the optimal method for obtaining a healthy plant:

  • in the beginning of spring it is necessary to separate the cuttings (at least 15 cm) from the lateral shoots;
  • clean the bottom of the leaves;
  • place the cutting in the soil from coniferous bark, sand and perlite:
  • to cover with a film or a plastic bottle, creating hothouse conditions, for 2 months prior to rooting.
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After the tree gives the roots, cypress Elwoody d9 in the country can be transplanted into the open ground.

Technology transplantation

For the favorable development of the plant, it is necessary to transplant it properly, because the cypresses suffer this procedure severely. A transplant should be performed only when the tree becomes too crowded, moving it into a container a few centimeters more, acting neatly.

To cypress Elwoodi minimally damaged during transplantation, it must be moved to a new container along with an earthen lump. The plant should not be deeply deepened. After the procedure, the pot should be placed in a shaded place and not watered for 10 days.

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Transplant to open ground

Caring for the cypress Elwoodie in the pot allows it to move to the open ground. The transplant is carried out in April, when the soil is completely warmed up. The event should be prepared in autumn, preparing a pit 90 cm deep and 25 cm wide. Technology of transplantation:

  1. In autumn, at the bottom of the hollow, create a pillow made of sand and expanded clay 20 cm thick, from top to fill with soil (a mixture of turf, humus, sand and peat).
  2. Before planting, pour the fossa and earthen plant with a solution for the development of the root system.
  3. Place the tree in a groove, gradually fill it with soil, adding 250 gr. nitroammophoski.
  4. After placing the seedlings, the soil will shrink, so the root should be 15 cm below the soil level.
  5. Pour the plant and fill the ground to the level of the root neck.
  6. Soil around the tree is to be covered, and the cypress is fixed with a support.
  7. For wintering, the crown should be covered with non-woven material.

After transplanting to an open site, care for cypress is carried out according to the same scheme as when transplanting to another container.

If you comply with all the rules of care, Cypress Lovson can easily grow in a suburban area or in an apartment, the main thing is to have patience, because the tree grows very slowly.

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