Why don't our favorite hyacinths bloom in the garden?

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Even the most undemanding plants have some of the features andmake their demands for planting and care. Agrotechnics used in the cultivation of hyacinths in the garden, also due to the need to create comfortable conditions for decorative culture. And here hyacinths manifest themselves as requiring thermophilic beauties and not forgiving mistakes.

Traditionally, waiting for the abundant flowering of these bulbous plants in April or May, sometimes the spring growers do not observe the desired bright arrows. Why don't hyacinths bloom in the garden? At what stage was the mistake, and how next season not to make it again? Writing answers to these questions and finding out to determine the reason why hyacinths are not blooming in the garden will help the bulb. This is the main part of the plant, on the state of which depends not only flowering, but also the growth of hyacinth, its health and reproduction.

Year-round cultivation of hyacinths in the garden

Most often, gardeners make a serious mistake by not digging out faded bulbs in June, when the aerial part of the plant is almost completely dry. At home, where summer is much hotter and longer than in central Russia, hyacinths spend the hot months on rest and accumulation of strength for the next season. It is in the summer that a growth bud appears inside the bulb, containing a bud of the flower arrow.

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If the bulb left in the soil stayed in cool, moist soil before autumn, then by the winter it not only does not have time to prepare well, but can also be affected by soil pests, fungi and bacteria. So, in the spring, at best, a weak peduncle will appear. Sometimes, after a cold rainy summer, there is no flowering at all.

When growing hyacinths in the garden is accompanied by their excavation in early summer and competent storage until the end of September or October, the risk of not seeing lush, fragrant inflorescences decreases many times.

The quality of garden-grown hyacinth bulbs

In addition, without digging bulbs for the summer, it is impossible to control the quality of planting material. But hyacinths can:

  • receive less nutrients;
  • to experience a lack or excess of moisture;
  • be attacked by pests and bulbous pathogens.

Aging bulbs also gradually lose their ability to bloom. These features must be taken into account when buying bulbs for growing hyacinths in the garden, and when growing your own planting material.

If during inspection of hyacinths in the store or during storage, soft, mechanically damaged or dried bulbs are detected, they should not fall into the ground. Otherwise, looking for reasons why hyacinths did not bloom, a gardener should only blame himself, as in a situation where bulbs with mold traces, yellow-brown or gray spots, signs of serious diseases, are planted.

Why do not bloom hyacinths: storage errors

To avoid a situation when in the spring hyacinths do not bloom, the bulbs dug in June:

  • washed;
  • pickle up to 30 minutes in an insecticide solution;
  • is dried for a week in a dark, ventilated place at 20 ºC;
  • stored at 24–26 ºC for 60 days;
  • is kept at 17 ºC for the last month before planting, making sure that the planting material does not dry out;
  • a week before planting in the ground is placed in a temperature close to the street, to harden future plants.

Only healthy processed planting material is stored, which is laid out in one layer or in boxes or in paper bags.

Mistakes when planting hyacinths and growing them in the garden

Hyacinths are planted in the soil in September or in the first days of October, after having treated the bulbs with a fungicide.

  • An earlier planting will lead not only to the rooting of the bulb, but also to the growth of the green part, which is fraught with the death of the plant from frost or the freezing of the flower bud, and then it will not be necessary to wait for the spring flowering.
  • Late planting of hyacinths is also a risk of freezing and one of the reasons why hyacinths do not bloom in the garden in spring.
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Since the growing season of hyacinths starts very early, any manipulation of the bulbs in the spring time is perceived as extremely painful by the plants. Therefore, spring is the time when transplanting hyacinths, as well as planting bulbs in the ground is highly undesirable. The soreness of acclimatization can be so strong that the plant refuses to bloom, and already noticeable arrows will die.

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Sometimes the reason why hyacinths did not bloom is the wrong selection of a plot for these spectacular plants, as well as insufficient care for a beautifully flowering crop:

  • Hyacinths prefer a neutral, well-structured and aerated soil. If the soil is excessively acidic or dense, it is not necessary to wait for amicable flowering without additional site preparation.
  • Lack of watering during the period of a set of color is also dangerous for the bulbous culture, which can throw off the buds.
  • The inflorescences can be weakened by pests and bulb diseases, when hyacinths are replaced by closely related species.
  • Thin integumentary scales may damage fresh organic matter used in top dressing and on planting bulbs.
  • A poor hyacinth bloom awaits a gardener if the plants were planted too often or deeply.
  • If a hyacinth falls into a dense soil or on a plot where there is a lot of weeds, the plant may not have enough strength to get outside.

Sometimes a flower arrow dies off, already appearing above ground level. The reasons why the hyacinth did not bloom in this case are the following:

  • the soil is oversaturated with moisture;
  • bulb was planted too early;
  • planting material got into the already frozen ground.

Under the conditions of a middle band, hyacinth grows well in the open field and annually pleases with rich flowering, but only under the condition that all the necessary conditions are created for it, and the gardener does not make annoying mistakes when leaving.

Planting Hyacinths - Video

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