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  • Actinidia Colomict - Colonactus Actinidia
    • Actinidia Kolomikta and its varieties for the suburbs, the photos of which are presented in the article, are known for tasty fruits. Many varieties are suitable even for the harsh Russian climate, and their characteristics will be described a little below.

      Characteristics of Actinidia Colomicta

      Thanks to the work of breeders, such a strange plant as Actinidia Colomicta has been successfully grown and bears fruit even in the regions of the Russian Federation. This species is frost-resistant, tolerant of the harsh conditions of our climate zone and quite unpretentious in maintenance.

      Actually, the actinidia of the colomicta resembles a vine with twisting branches and large leaves in the shape of a heart. The colors of the foliage are not constant and change with the seasons. The flowering of actinidia begins in mid-May and can last for several weeks, flowers of irregular shape, have a pleasant fragrant aroma. Fruiting plant since August, but often this phase is delayed until October.

      The fruits of actinidia contain a whole complex of vitamins and nutrients:

      • vitamins C, P, group B;
      • citric, malic, oxalic acid;
      • glucose;
      • polyphenols;
      • biologically active substances.

      Actinidia Colomicta is the record for vitamin C content, leaving behind lemon and black currant.

      As a billet for the winter, many housewives rub fruits with sugar or dry them. However, when using should take into account the fact that the berries have a strong laxative effect, and dispense their use.

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      Actinidia Kolomikta belongs to dioecious plants, there are male and female types. When planting in a garden plot, it is necessary to place male and female plants nearby in order for the crop yield to be full. Propagated by cuttings that are best planted in the ground in the spring.

      The best varieties of actinidia kolomikta for Moscow region

      The climatic conditions of the Moscow suburbs are quite severe. There are frosts in the spring and winter and dry summer days. The optimal area for cultivation of actinidia kolomikta - the southern regions, but with the help of breeders, some varieties of tropical plants are suitable for cultivation in the suburbs, presented photos of each of them will help determine gardeners belonging to a particular variety.

      The most recommended actinidia kolomikta varieties for cultivation in the Moscow region:

      • Dr. Shimanovsky;
      • Adam;
      • September;
      • Vitacola;
      • Gourmet.

      Actinidia Colomicta Dr. Shimanovsky is a type of plant with small oval-shaped berries that ripen in August. This variety is desirable to be planted in a sunny place, but not under direct scorching rays, the presence of light shade is mandatory. The berries have a pronounced apple flavor with pineapple.

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      Actinidia Kolomikta Adam - a decorative variety with unusually colored foliage that blooms in green, turns white to the end of spring, and becomes pink in color by autumn, the saturation of colors is constantly increasing. This variety loves sunny, low-winding places, perfect for use in decoration purposes when creating hedges, arbors, arches, landscaping balconies and loggias. Adam is the male type of actinidia colomicta. During flowering is covered with small white inflorescences, emitting a pleasant aroma, similar to the smell of lemon. Growing variety very quickly, reaching four meters in height.

      Actinidia Kolomikta September - frost-resistant form that can withstand temperatures as low as 40 C. Characterized by high yield, greenish-yellow fruits have a pleasant taste. For pollination, planting near the actinidia of the Adam variety is recommended. The plant creeps along the ground or winds around trees, installed supports.

      Actinidia Colomikta Vitacol - the variety has large oblong fruits, gathered in clusters of two or three berries. Vitakola begins to mature gradually by mid-August. Leaves inherent decorative color in white and green or pink tones. The plant begins to bear fruit in the third year after planting in open ground, refers to the female type, grows to a height of three to four meters.

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      actinidia colomikta Lakomka is a foxberry with a large size of berries. Cylindrical fruit is bright green in color with white stripes, with a rich pineapple flavor. The ripening time is in August-September.

      Acticinia colomicta care featuresGiven the love of culture for branching, it should be provided with additional supports.

      It is preferable to choose a soil mixed with clay or sand, so that it is loose and quickly moisturized. Planted actinidia recommended in early May, between plants to observe a distance of at least two meters. Topsoil should be enriched with humus or rotten organic fertilizer. For good fertility, it is necessary to regularly feed the culture with nitrogen-containing compounds.

      It is necessary to organize the airing of the actinidia of the colomict in an airborne manner in the evening, on hot days it is imperative to further moisten the soil around the plant. Loosening often with subsequent mulching of the stalk area.

      Actinidia rhizomes are well developed and located shallowly underground. This fact should be taken into account while loosening the soil, so as not to damage the roots.

      Considering all the above recommendations, each gardener can grow Actinidia Kolomikta on his plot by selecting one of the recommended varieties for the Moscow region from the photo.

      Interesting about actinidia colomicta - video

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