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If you are one of those who have already appreciated all the useful properties of the plant in question, then the issue of honeysuckle reproduction is probably quite relevant for you. Unfortunately, even the best bushes bear fruit for only a few years, and then grow old, gradually losing productivity. But these berries, which appear among the first in the season, are so tasty and useful that no one wants to deprive themselves of the pleasure of using them. Consequently, sooner or later it will be necessary to replace the bushes. Just so go to the market and purchase them is unlikely to succeed, so those who are thinking about updating their plantings, the following information will be useful. Read the same: honeysuckle planting and care in the open field!

Reproduction of honeysuckle seeds

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It would seem that the complex: if the fetus has bones, then there is no problem how to multiply the honeysuckle. However, in fact, this process is quite laborious and does not always bring the results you expect.

When trying to propagate honeysuckle seeds, you should be prepared for the fact that all its breeding properties will be lost!

However, if you have only seeds, a few simple steps will allow you to get the first bushes of this delicious berry:

  • Planting time seeds - October. Up to this point, care should be taken that the well-dried fruit is stored in a dry place.
  • Sowing honeysuckle seeds is necessary in the sand; a wide container with sides about 6 cm high is best suited for this purpose.
  • The first layer of sand, about two centimeters thick, should be well moistened, then the seeds should be evenly distributed over the compacted surface and sprinkled with sand, again moistened.
  • Sand container must be covered with a plastic cover or cling film. Store it should be on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
  • Every two weeks the seed container must be removed and moistened with a spray bottle.
  • In the spring, pour about 10 cm of soil mixture into the box with high sides, moisten it well and spread sand with seeds on the surface. Top with about two centimeters of the mixture, moisten everything and cover with foil.
  • Pick up a place to store the box so that it is in the sun for about 6 hours and the rest is in the shade.
  • After emergence of the shoots, the film from the box should be removed, the bushes should be carefully watered as they dry out, and in September they should be planted in the ground.
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Reproduction of honeysuckle cuttings

If you have at least one bush of honeysuckle, you can resort to reproduction of honeysuckle cuttings. In this case, you will save the variety that you chose once.

For successful growth and fruiting of honeysuckle, at least three varieties of this berry should grow on your plot! It is possible to propagate bushes with both green and stiff cuttings. In the first case, the cuttings are harvested in the period of the appearance of the first green berries, while paying attention so that it is no shorter than 7 and no longer than 12 centimeters, and at the same time 2-3 buds must be present on it.

The cuttings should be placed for a day in a container with water, and then landed in the ground. Periodically watering, cuttings are left in place until spring, and then transplanted to the place prepared for honeysuckle. However, if you did not have time to cut the green cuttings, pay attention to the way how the honeysuckle from dry shoots reproduces - this is done in the middle of autumn.

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Cuttings with at least 4 buds are cut from annual branches, wrapped in wet paper and covered with sand. They must be stored in a cellar or other cool place, and in early spring the cuttings are planted in the soil so that only one kidney remains above the ground. As a rule, the percentage of survival in this case does not exceed 20( for comparison, when planting green cuttings, survival rate reaches 70%).

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How does honeysuckle reproduce by dividing the bush?

One of the easiest ways of how honeysuckle reproduces is to divide the bush. For this, either in March or in September, the bush should be dug out and, with the help of a pruner, divided into 2-3 parts( together with the roots).Each resulting bush is planted separately.

It makes no sense to divide the bushes over five years old!

Choose to divide large bushes with a strong root system - this will ensure that each bush will have approximately the same chances to come and grow successfully, thanks to a strong root. A big plus of this breeding method is speed: as a rule, the planted bushes bear fruit the next year after planting.

If you have several varieties of honeysuckle growing on your land, plant them at about the same time.

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