I have moss on the lawn - how to fight?

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I have moss on the lawn, how to fight, how to determine the causes of the appearance of moss and lawn, how to use organic, chemical agents and herbicides to eliminate, how to do,moss didn't grow?

Causes of moss

Most of all weeds grow on lawns that have been sown recently. Moss on the lawn can appear due to poor drainage, improperly done water flow, due to too dense ground, from lack of fertilizer.

Moss can often grow in places where there is a shade, for example, under trees. It also grows due to the increased acidity of the soil, and even in those places where the grass is cut very low.

How to determine why moss grew?

The reason for its appearance on the lawn can be determined by how it looks. If the moss is green at the top and brown at the base, this means that the ground is too dry and has an acid reaction. If it creeps, it happens because of the shadow on the lawn and poor drainage. Thick carpet of moss grows when the lawn is cut low.

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If there are dimples on the lawn, water is poured into them, and this leads to good conditions for the growth of mosses. Because of this, you need to gently level the lawn by adding earthen mixtures with sand, as the sand improves soil drainage.

Aerate to supply oxygen to the roots. Caln the sod for small holes. So do if you have a small area. If you own a huge area of ​​land, then it is best to handle aerators.

If the moss has grown due to increased acidity, that is, the pH is less than 5.5, then lime should be added to the ground. This is rarely used, since the systematic application of lime harms the lawn.

With a lack of nutrients, fertilizers are poured into the ground. If the lawn is too dark, then instead of grass, it is best to plant plants that feel good in the shade, for example, Red Fescue.

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Use mixtures made with the addition of ammonium sulfate( ammonium sulfate), ferrous sulfate and sand, in which there is no lime.

It is recommended to use the products in the morning when it is warm and there is no wind. After 2 days, if there is no precipitation, it is advised to water the lawn plentifully. After another 2 weeks, the moss will wither, it will turn dark, it is worth collecting it with a rake. If it has grown a lot, the processing is repeated. A little later, you can sow grass in open places.

Ammonium sulphate promotes accelerated grass growth. If you spray chemicals all over the lawn, then add fertilizer to them so that the grass grows as quickly as possible. But if you have a lot of weeds, then it is better not to use fertilizers.

Use of herbicides

Herbicides for moss, as a rule, mixed with fertilizers. They should be used when warm. And after 2 days the lawn is watered. Then 3-4 days grass should not be cut, then the herbicides calmly penetrate into the ground. Do not advise them to use on young lawns that grow less than 2 years.

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Liquid herbicides are poured from a watering can or sprayed, they are used to treat small areas.

Precision herbicides perfectly eliminate individual weeds that grow in the grass. Herbicides are sprayed on the moss or smeared with a brush.

How to prevent the moss from appearing?

  1. Treat the grass with a rake. Then the water will be easier to penetrate into the ground, oxygen will be better to penetrate to the roots, rakes will remove dry grass.
  2. Aeration contributes to the looseness of the earth.
  3. Fertilize the primer. Then the plants will increase immunity to disease. Early spring is advised to apply fertilizers with nitrogen. Now on sale is fertilizer Biopon with a high content of iron, it does not allow mosses to grow and provides the grass with nutrients.
  4. Don't mow the lawn very low.

If you clearly understood the cause of the growth of moss and correctly used the funds, then these weeds can be eliminated in 2 weeks.

Video on the fight against moss on the lawn

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