What is a blender and what is it for?

  • What is the difference between a blender and other devices?
  • What types of blenders are available and how to choose
  • How to use it correctly
  • For which dishes a blender is indispensable

People who do not have this device do not understand why a blender is needed when there is a mixer and a meat grinder. Moreover, they consider it a thing useless. But those who have it, simply can not praise!

What is the difference between a blender and other devices?

Yes, by and large, its function is to grind products. But, he does it completely differently, like a mixer, meat grinder or food processor! He simultaneously crushes and whips, moreover, with lightning speed.

If you grind meat in a meat grinder, even with the smallest net, the grinding will still be the largest, and the blender breaks the products into a homogeneous mass. And due to this, the dishes come out very tender and melting in the mouth, which is especially important for baby food and pies.

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And, even if you try to beat the minced minced minced meat with a mixer, absolutely nothing will happen. Mixer will not beat the meat. Yes, and wash two devices much more energy-intensive than one blender!

In addition, as mentioned above, the blender beats very quickly. If you mix the mixer for ten minutes, then using a blender, it will take one or two minutes. That is, saving time and electricity.

Wash blender is also much faster than the above household appliances. It does not need to disassemble into many details. It is enough to twist the cutting part and just rinse.

But, for all its merits, it will not be able to completely replace the meat grinder. The result that a blender gives is not always needed - a homogeneous and pasty consistency. For example, for ordinary meatballs, a meat grinder is much better, since a coarser grinding gives greater juiciness of minced meat.

Smash the usual mashed potatoes, also better by hand, and then beat with a mixer. If you use a blender, then it goes for some reason, sticky and not very tasty. Most likely, the matter is in the composition of the potato itself.

But on the other hand, a mix of several types of vegetables comes out just great!

What types of blenders are and how to choose

They are stationary and submersible.

Submersible is made in the form of a handle, with a removable lower part, on which the knives are fixed. After use, the lower part is removed and simply rinsed. Be sure to complete with a small, tall and narrow glass, in which it is very convenient to beat.

Stationary - quite voluminous and looks almost like a combine. It is more difficult to wash it, than submersible and its only plus that it is not necessary to hold it to a canopy.

It is more expensive than the submersible, and from this there is an illusion that this thing is more solid and functional. In fact - the opposite is true. Just the submersible is more maneuverable, since it can be whipped in any container: at least in the cup that comes with it, at least in the whole saucepan, full of soup. And it takes up very little space in the kitchen, and this, you will agree, is an important factor.

In addition, immersion blenders are completely without cord, on the battery. Charged it and use it anywhere. Although, frankly, this advantage is very strange and it is not very clear why you need a blender on a battery. Where and what needs to be whipped in a place where there is no electricity? Smoothies on the beach or minced on the street? But, the fact remains: such models exist and it means that they are needed by someone.

How to use it correctly

The most important thing is that it should not work longer than 1-2 minutes without shutting down. That is, you need to whip, occasionally turning it off, as it can simply burn. It is completely easy to do this, since the power button is on the handle by which you hold the blender.

It is not recommended to immerse it in boiling water. But, here with a reservation: if the submersible( lower) part of the blender is plastic - then you should not, but the metal should not be afraid of high temperatures.

You can not beat very dry products, without adding liquid, as they instantly stick to the walls. Nuts, for example or dried fruits.

For which dishes the blender is indispensable

Here we will list the list of dishes that work extremely well with the help of this device. And nothing else can replace him.

  • Homemade MayonnaiseJam, berry jam
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshake

You see, the list is quite impressive. If there is no blender, then many of the aforementioned dishes must be wiped through a sieve, otherwise it will not work out the consistency as desired. And wiping with your hands is a pleasure not for the faint of heart, to be honest. Especially when it comes to large volumes, for conservation, for example.

If you at least rub through a sieve at least once - if you would have five kilos of berries to jam, then without detailed explanations on our part, it will become extremely clear to you what a blender is for. To make life easier, here's what!

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