Benefits and Harms of Household Air Humidifiers

  • Arguments for the humidifier
  • Arguments "against" the humidifier
  • Myths about air humidifiers
  • How to use to not harm

In this article we will talk about such a household item as an air humidifier. This is not a novelty, because this device appeared long ago. But here is a wide popularity only recently. And then only because it is recommended by doctors. Like, dry air is harmful to health. And in a house where there are children this can not be allowed... Humidifier of air is good or harm? Or maybe it's a conspiracy theory? Let's understand.

Arguments for the humidifier

Dry air in the apartment is harmful. Especially for children. As you remember from the course of anatomy, in babies the metabolic process passes much faster than in an adult. In this regard, they produce more heat. The adjustment of the temperature regime, for the most part, occurs with the help of the lungs and partly through the skin.

Well, if there is not enough moisture in the air, what should these authorities regulate? Here is the following. The child loses a lot of fluid with sweat, the blood condenses, and this can lead to various diseases. Residents of a "dry" apartment can also earn asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, inflammation of the lungs, etc.

In order for you and your child to be healthy, doctors recommend installing humidifiers. Of course, the humidity level in the room is extremely important, but are the units that support it so useful?

Arguments "against" the humidifier

Why install an air humidifier? Reviews say that there is a benefit. But there are drawbacks. That's about them and we'll talk.

  • Steam humidifiers.Extremely dangerous subject. First, you can get a burn. Secondly, it emits warm air, which paired with the heater raises the temperature of the room, making it "hot" and "wet". In the walls of your apartment creates something that looks like a tropical climate. And this can hurt both you and your family. Thirdly. Such an assembly requires special placement. If you put it near the wall, you can immediately say goodbye to your wallpaper.
  • Cold humidifiers.This is a classic of the genre. They are considered the best option. Such a device air and moisturize, and clean. The operation of the unit looks like this. The device takes air from the room, passes it through the filters and with the help of the fan gives back already damp. But often the owners of such devices forget that on the filters over time, living organisms begin to multiply, which with this moist air settle on the mucous membrane and enter the lungs. Therefore, periodically these same filters need to be changed. How often? But this is written in the device's passport.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers.This is generally a unique range of devices, which, frankly, amaze with their uselessness. Moreover, an ultrasonic air humidifier can harm. And that's why. Humidification occurs by means of water ejection from the unit. Yes Yes. And along with the particles of water that scattered around, everything that is in that water is in the air. After all, in the device you are pouring water from under the tap, which even to wash is undesirable, and even more so to drink.

Having borrowed a humidifier at home, you have acquired another "headache which requires constant monitoring. After all, moist air is good, but only moderately moist. So now you will need to constantly monitor the level of moisture in the room, or else your apartment will turn into a hotbed of mushrooms (and this is at least).

Myths about air humidifiers

To buy or not to buy a humidifier? What is the use and harm of this device? Reviews and opinions of doctors about the device and its need? These questions constantly revolve in the mind of everyone who cares about their health. And if the use and harm of the device is more or less understandable, then with the experts' feedback... Let's Let's see what myths about the humidifier is filled with the information field and what is said about this specialists.

Myth1. The humidifier causes angina

Humidifier itself does not cause sore throat. But the humidity is above 80% - yes. The optimum humidity level in the room is 45-60% for an adult and 50-70% for a child.

Myth2. The unit does notcopeswith the task

Of course, the humidifier will not do any good if it is incorrectly selected. Select the device for power and compare it with the area you want to moisten. If the passport says that it optimizes the climate in an area of ​​15 square meters, then in a room of 25 square meters it will be completely useless.

Myth 3. Humidifiers are dangerous fordetth

Only one type of humidifier is dangerous - steam. A child can get burned by hot steam. Therefore, such an aggregate should stand in a zone inaccessible to children.

Myth 4. Humidifier is not a cheap pleasure

The device itself is not expensive, but consumables (filters) can fly you into a penny. Yes Yes. From this you can not escape. Filters need to be changed. Another question is how often. Read the instructions and plan your budget in advance. Remember, health is above all.

Humidifier and child

Humidification of the air is one of the main duties of good parents. After all, for a full-fledged development, the baby needs an optimal regime of air humidity. But many parents refuse this device, considering it a useless and dangerous acquisition.

How to use to not harm

If you bought a humidifier, the first thing you need to do is read the instruction. Once you have thoroughly studied the accompanying documentation, turn on and use the instrument. And do not forget to save this article, suddenly forget the basic rules of operation. By the way, here they are:

  • get acquainted with the documentation;
  • devices of the new generation, usually equipped with hygrostat - a device that helps to control the level of humidity in the room. If not, get a hygrometer. And remember, the optimal humidity in the room is 45-70%.
  • even if you have a humidifier, do not forget to ventilate the room. And, of course, to maintain a temperature regime of 20-24 degrees.
  • you need to take care of the humidifier. Wipe clean from dust, change filters.
  • Steam humidifiers should be installed in places inaccessible to children.

On this, perhaps, everything. The humidifier of air is good or bad - the question is settled. If you want to buy a suitable unit for yourself, do not make a choice, based on feedback from users. Although something you can learn from yourself. Pleasant shopping.

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