How to transport the refrigerator correctly: lying, standing, on one side

If you need to transport the refrigerator, it is important to follow the rules. We will share recommendations, and you will learn how to avoid breakdowns and other unpleasant consequences. How to properly prepare the equipment, how to pack for transportation, whether it can be transported over long distances, how many to include - you are waiting for answers to all questions.

3D model of the correct loading of the refrigerator into the van by two people during transportation

Content of the material:

  • 1Preparing for shipment
  • 2How old devices are transported
  • 3Consider the season
  • 4Is it possible to move horizontally
  • 5Recommendations for the driver-carrier
  • 6Let's sum up the results
  • 7Unsuccessful transportation

Preparing for shipment

Although the refrigerator is large enough and massive, it is sensitive to movement in space. To the body, all the nodes and mechanisms remain intact, properly prepare it for transportation:

  • Unplug from the mains and defrost. Do not transport an unfrozen refrigerator, otherwise it will leak.
  • Take out the containers, shelves, trays, containers, packing them separately. Armed with cardboard, old newspapers, pimply film, etc.

When transporting the refrigerator, take care of the safety of the device and its packaging

  • Ensure the door is locked securely. Fasten with tie straps, nylon twine or tape with a width of 5 cm. If you have a model with two doors or a Side-by-Side design, attach each leaf in two places.
  • If the task is to transport a refrigerator of Soviet manufacture, fix the motor-compressor. This should be done, even if the route is only a couple of tens of meters. When traveling for long distances, the motor needs to be fixed in a new apparatus. Here you need the transport bolts.

When transporting the refrigerator it is important to additionally fix the compressor motor

  • If the equipment was left without packaging, and you threw the original box, shake the cabinet in a thick film or wrap it with cardboard and seal it with adhesive tape - so you protect the paintwork from chipping and scratches.

When transporting by car, lay the floor with cardboard, an old blanket, a blanket. It is important to fix the entire structure inside the car so that during emergency braking and when crashing into bumps, nothing is damaged.

When transporting the refrigerator in a large truck it is desirable to additionally fix it to the board

How old devices are transported

The old refrigerator should be prepared in the same way as described in the recommendations above: turn off, defrost, secure the doors, pack the parts and the body. Remember that the technique of production of the USSR has one nuance: it can not be carried lying down or on its side. It is best to transport it standing - then you with a 99% guarantee will take it safe and sound.

An example of transportation of an old Soviet refrigerator on the roof of a two-seater mini car

Consider the season

Of course, the time of year and the temperature on the street affect transportation. Often, users ask the question: how much to defend the technique after skidding into the house? Wait 2 to 3 hours for the temperature of all the equipment nodes to equal the temperature in the room. After acclimatization in the refrigerator, nothing will burn out and break.

Two men transport the household refrigerator using shoulder straps

Important! This applies to any home appliances. Therefore, if together with the refrigerator you carry a washing ordish washer, TV, computer, hair dryer and other electrical appliances, give them time before switching on.

Have you decided to turn on without waiting? Remember that the risk of a short circuit is high.

When transporting long distances in summer, also let the technician settle. The case under the influence of sunlight can become very hot, which will adversely affect the operation of the refrigerator. Give him at least 1-2 hours before starting work.

Is it possible to move horizontally

Not every lorry will be equipped with a bulky refrigerator. The question arises: can I put the refrigerator on my side or on the "back"? Masters are skeptical, but they say that you can try, most importantly: decide on which side. Sometimes during transportation, especially on a passenger car, there are simply no other options.

If there is no possibility to transport the refrigerator in an upright position, it can be placed on its side

In which position and on which side should the unit be transported so that the transportation does not end badly? Make sure that the door hinges are located on top so that the door does not come off. And also watch the compressor tube - it should look strictly upwards. After the device is delivered to the room and set to its original position, wait a couple of hours before starting it - all liquids will return to their systems.

The option of transporting the household refrigerator on its side in an ordinary car in the onboard trunk

Recommendations for the driver-carrier

If you abandoned the services of a professional carrier, take our recommendations for the driver into service:

  • In any position - standing or lying on either side - there must be reliable attachment of the body of the device.
  • Choose smooth roads without potholes to avoid jumps and jolting, sudden braking and sudden stops.
  • To facilitate loading and unloading experienced loaders have a special trolley. Together with her, he is removed from the car and, in the absence of an elevator, she is taken on the steps.

A convenient way to transport a refrigerator using a special stand on wheels

Let's sum up the results

So, all of the above we combine in a single summary with the rules and recommendations:

  • It is more correct to transport the refrigerator strictly vertically, but if necessary, you can tilt or put the equipment on its side. Choose the side so that the door hinges are at the top.
  • Carrying the equipment in a reclining position or reclining, make sure that the compressor tube looks up.
  • When loading in a car and unloading from it, do not grasp the door so as not to tear it off.
  • Remove the detachable parts of the body and the internal "stuffing either fix or pack and carry it away from the body.
  • Do not transport the refrigerator with a drop system without defrosting. The device with Know Frost can be taken out without defrosting, it is enough to pre-disconnect and conduct a wet cleaning in it.
  • Fix the motor-compressor.
  • Mount the cabinet with belts in the body.
  • Convince the driver to ride carefully, skirting the bad parts of the road and avoiding a sharp depression of the brake.
  • Give the refrigerator time before starting: 2-3 hours, or better - a day.

Unsuccessful transportation

After incorrect or unsuccessful transportation, problems may arise. I could jam the compressor because of the mixing of oils or because of its lack. Such problems are solved simply - give time for the run-off of oil.

There may also be a breakdown:

  • The refrigerant leaks from the housing (the pipes of the cooling system have become damaged, and Freon has evaporated). In a model with a single compressor, the light is on inside and there is no cold in both compartments or the motor is constantly running. In models with two motors, one of the cameras does not freeze.

If the refrigerator is not transported correctly, it may be damaged and the refrigerant leaks

  • Motor-compressor failure. In case of inaccurate transportation or a strong shaking in the car from the compressor, the spring may come off or the shoe may come off. Motors can not be repaired, so a complete replacement is required. Symptoms: loud work or lack of cold in one of the cameras. Also, it is possible to sound an alarm or blink red "Warning!" Or ALARM.

If the refrigerator after transport does not work, the compressor motor may be damaged

It does not matter which refrigerator you are going to transport - new or old, low or high, domestic or imported, Atlant or Indesit, Kandy, - remember the rules when moving. He will thank you for a long time and trouble-free work.

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