What do you know about the calorie content, benefits and dangers of watermelon

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Strange striped berry in Europe was originally a delicacy for the most worthy people. In Russia, the plant came in the XVI century, and watermelon could only be found on the tables of nobles and on the royal table. Coming from South Africa, a strange vegetable gradually spread to warm regions. A long history has confirmed the low calorie content, benefits and harm of watermelon. Now heat-loving culture is grown everywhere in the fields and dacha beds. Botanists include watermelon is not a false berries, as is commonly believed, classify it as a pumpkin.

How is watermelon useful for the human body?

Comprising more than 90% juice, the fruit has a very rich chemical composition. Fluid also represents a set of useful elements that beneficially affect all human organs. Watermelon is useful for almost everyone, with rare exceptions. The product contains:

  • proteins;
  • carbohydrates;
  • fats;
  • organic acids;
  • ash residue;
  • dietary fiber.

Watermelon is considered a dietary product due to its low calorie content. A piece of 100 g will bring only 27 Kcal, but will deliver a lot of useful elements. If we take into account that nutritionists consider it normal to consume 2.5 kg of watermelon during the day, then all utility indicators should be converted to the weight of the food eaten. This is the only way to calculate the saturation of the body with useful substances, which are given per 100 g of product.

To begin with, let's define what the watermelon consists of. Usually determining for all products is their energy value. Watermelon pulp has 23 Kcal from carbohydrates, fats give only 1, proteins - 2 Kcal. Two more units are added by unaccounted items. The carbohydrate composition accounts for 93% of the total energy value. He is represented by a group of mono- and disaccharides.

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Valuable fibers represented by hemicellulose are valuable as part of watermelon pulp. They are much softer, but more actively involved in the process of binding and removing toxins. The ash component of 0.4 g is represented by minerals. Their value in watermelon pulp is in concentration and easy digestibility.

The composition is diverse, includes vitamins C, PP, E. But it should be especially noted that a large group of vital vitamins B is represented in its entirety. All that is contained in the watermelon, works to improve human health. In rare cases that are known, you should refrain from including watermelon in the menu. In others, do not overload the stomach, eating daily servings at a time.

Watermelon is eaten in small portions several times throughout the day.

The action of the beneficial components of watermelon

The effect of watermelon as a dietary product is to saturate the body:

  • with vitamins;
  • biologically active substances;
  • minerals.

One of the well-known positive effects of watermelon is its effect on the renal system. If there are no large sharp stones in the kidneys that can start moving under the action of watermelon juice, and there are no problems with an irritated urinary system, the watermelon will become a good nurse for the kidneys. The alkaline composition dissolves and removes fine sand. It is necessary to use watermelon pulp up to 2.5 kg per day in small portions. The sand will be noticeable. In men, the exit may be accompanied by a small cut in the urethra. To clean the kidneys, the white subcortical layer is the most effective from the point of view of the diuretic action.

Before watermelon washing of the kidneys, you should consult with your doctor. You can not use a watermelon diet for those who have a disease of pyelonephritis, prostatitis, or stones. The attending physician will measure the benefits and harms of the watermelon diet.

For cores and hypertensive patients, the use of watermelon is for good. The body is saturated with magnesium and potassium, trace elements, which increase the performance of the muscles. Folic acid is involved in blood formation together with magnesium and iron. As an antidepressant, watermelon soothes the nerves, which are regulators of the processes in the body. So if the excretory organs allow, the watermelon diet will have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the person.

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Liver is also being cleaned by eating striped berries. But the content of large gallstones imposes a ban on diet. In small quantities, as a portion during a snack, watermelon is permissible. But only you can not take another food at the same time, so as not to cause fermentation in the stomach.

For those who are struggling with obesity, this product is a godsend. Not only does the piece consist almost entirely of water, but it fills the stomach and fructose juice reduces cravings for eating other foods. Unloading passes quietly without stress and hunger. A week on a watermelon diet can lose up to 3 kg. At the same time, the body receives vitamins and vital elements. The benefits and harm of watermelon for weight loss lie nearby. Yes, you can lose weight quickly. But the watermelon also causes appetite. If you do not temper the use of food in the future, you can even grow fat.

Often the question arises whether it is possible to eat watermelon for stomach ulcers. There are no contraindications. Moreover, even with increased acidity, long-term inclusion of watermelon in the diet can cure gastritis. The reason is the presence of a large amount of magnesium that promotes tissue healing. Vitamin A present in watermelon is an antioxidant, it penetrates the cells and regenerates them. Due to the processes in the cells, the ulcers are inhibited. Condition one, the stomach can not be overloaded. There is a watermelon you need in small portions, but often. With increased acidity, watermelon is eaten with bread.

With all its utility, watermelon is a laxative laxative, so it is not recommended to eat it with liquid stools and women during the last stages of pregnancy.

The cosmetic effect of watermelon is known to ladies. Rejuvenate the mask of watermelon juice. Using tea from fresh or dry crusts while washing adds freshness to the skin. Watermelon Seed Flour is an excellent cleansing agent.

How not to get poisoned by watermelon?

Watermelon has one property that makes it dangerous if higher doses of nitrogen fertilizers are used in production. In order not to bring home a poisonous vegetable, you need to buy watermelons only at the end of the summer, when they mature, without acceleration. You need to buy a whole watermelon, and at home to explore the flesh. Check the watermelon for the presence of nitrates can be an eco-tester.

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Cut the washed berries and look at the structure:

  1. The watermelon should not be bright red, without thick yellow wires.
  2. Pressed in a glass of water, the pulp should not paint the liquid pink or red.
  3. At the cut, the flesh should be grainy, not smooth and shiny.

More nitrate accumulates near the stem and in the outer layer under the skin. Therefore, children should be given a piece of the core.

Even buying a watermelon closer to the fall, you should not choose it near the road or outside the malls. There is a great risk that sanitary control did not let the goods pass to official sale. You can not buy a damaged watermelon. In warm times, microbes multiply quickly on the sweet surface, which can cause dysentery disease. Watermelon with a crack can not be washed from the road and field mud. It is not known what he carries on his striped sides.

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