We study useful properties of roses and contraindications for use

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The rose is considered one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth. Useful properties of roses and contraindications to use are known from ancient times. It is used in perfumery, cosmetology, cooking and other spheres.

How useful are the petals of roses?

The maximum concentration of microelements is observed in the flower early in the morning. That's why it is recommended to collect them before the sun rises.

Even in ancient times, women knew the usefulness of rose petals. They loved to take baths with milk and petals. This procedure has a very positive effect on the body. She will make the skin radiant, well-groomed and velvety, soothes the nervous system.

Rose petals contain a lot of vitamin C, B, calcium, carotene, iron. The last microelement is especially important. Since it positively affects the hematopoietic system.

Having skin diseases, shallow wounds or other damage, you can also use petals to achieve an antibacterial effect. Powder of flowers helps to cure diseases of the oral cavity.

The way a rose is used by a person in cosmetology is known to many. It perfectly takes care of and gives youthful, silky soft skin to the face. You might have noticed that a lot of various cosmetics are sold in stores based on such petals. But it will not be very difficult to prepare creams and masks at home on your own. Knowing the appropriate proportions and recipes, you will take care of your beauty and save a decent amount.

In addition to petals, in medicine, the fruits of the rose are also used. They contain many useful micronutrients that help fight various diseases.

Pink water

Make this tool is not difficult. In doing so, it is quite effective in combating the first signs of aging.

Cooking process:

  1. Take pink petals, pour them with water, and slowly heat.
  2. Over time, you will see that the water has been painted over, and the petals have become transparent. This means that they have given up all their useful properties to the liquid. Put the cooked rose water in the refrigerator after cooling down, and use it safely. Thus, you can get rid of a lot of wrinkles.
  3. Freeze the resulting liquid in the freezer in a special container for ice. Slices of ice mop the delicate skin of the face and neck. This is the best prevention of aging.

In addition, you can add the received liquid to your favorite cream, giving it a moisturizing effect. Also, the decoction of rose petals is useful for hair. He makes them beautiful and voluminous.

The healing properties of roses

Roses are used not only in cosmetology, but also widely used medicines, prepared on the basis of this amazing plant. Basically, the drugs are made from buds.

Useful properties of rose fruits are as well known as petals. Of these, special decoctions are prepared, which perfectly help to overcome such diseases as angina, stomatitis, conjunctivitis, rheumatism, bronchitis, rhinitis, diarrhea. In addition, it can be used as an antiallergic and antibacterial. With a cold helps to cure the respiratory system.

Recipes for preparation of medicines are rather simple, do not take much time, besides they are quite accessible. So, if you suffer from various diseases of the oral cavity, for example, stomatitis or other inflammatory processes, just twice a day rinse your mouth with tincture.


Decoction of roses is useful and with conjunctivitis. It is enough for the cotton swab to apply scented water and wipe your eyes several times a day. At night make special lotions. Wet the wet fleece to your eyes, and lie like that for at least thirty minutes. The positive effect for a long time will not make you wait.

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To treat constipation, thoroughly chewing and eating a few rose petals a half an hour before a meal.

For diseases of the throat, for example, with angina, use flowers in combination with honey in equal proportions. A teaspoon of the medicine is held in your mouth for thirty minutes, then spit it out. Apply twice a day: morning and evening.

Fighting such complex diseases as tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis helps honey from pink petals.

Prepare it by cooking the petals on low heat and adding to the cold honey liquid. To treat such a drug is recommended to use one spoon three times a day.

Useful properties of roses and contraindications to the use of tea species

This amazing flower has a unique aroma and surprisingly delicate texture of the petals. Dry buds need to be outdoors, always in the shade, so that they do not get direct sunlight. To store the prepared petals of tea roses it is possible within a year, thus all curative properties they will keep. But before using, you should familiarize yourself with the use and harm of tea rose in a particular case.

Tea rose has such an effect:

  • relieves painful manifestations;
  • removes toxins and toxins from the body;
  • has antibacterial effect;
  • helps restore normal intestinal microflora;
  • fights diarrhea and constipation;
  • normalizes liver function;
  • calms with nervous excitement;
  • promotes the normalization of the hormonal background.

But the medicinal properties of roses, like any drug, also have certain side effects and contraindications that should be taken into account in self-medication. First of all, you need to be extremely cautious if you have a tendency to allergic reactions. Due to the large number of essential oils, the petals can cause allergies.

Do not recommend self-medication during pregnancy, and also during lactation.

To apply any medicines in this position it is possible only on the prescriptions of the attending physician. In addition, broths from this flower should not be given to small children under the age of three.

Tea from rose petals

Very often in the backyard you can meet this amazing flower. Therefore, many are interested in what is the use of the rose? Often, it is enough to drink delicious, aromatic, calming tea to fight depression, stress and confusion. Ideal for this purpose is a warm drink made from rose petals. It is very delicate, has a pleasant smell, has a soothing effect. In addition, tea from petals has useful properties. It has a positive effect on the body. This infusion fills with new forces. He normalizes the work of the heart.

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Also, a tea rose petal drink is used for:

  • catarrhal diseases;
  • pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disorders of the stomach;
  • ailments of respiratory organs.

With flu and a strong cough, you can brew rose petals as an expectorant. In inflammatory processes and diseases of the oral cavity, it is useful in a duet with honey.

Chinese rose - the most suitable grade for brewing a drink

Freshly made tea from this flower helps to cleanse blood from blood clots. Helps to recover after drinking a lot of alcohol, relieves men from problems with potency.

Today many people suffer from cardiovascular diseases and constant jumps of blood pressure. Cope with such problems will help tea, made from the petals of the Chinese rose. It is also recommended to take it to get rid of puffiness of the extremities. But the dry leaves of roses, located near the buds, with brewing must be removed.

To make this drink it is recommended to use water not more than 80 ° С. He insists about five minutes. In combination with jasmine, this tea helps fight depression, tidies up thoughts, promotes weight loss.

Karkade is also a rose

All known red karkade tea, which can be purchased without any problems in every store, is made from the Sudanese rose. In ancient times this drink was considered very rare and elite. Only pharaohs could afford it. Today it is sold in almost every store. To prepare the decoction from the petals of roses, you can use only karkade, and combine it with any other kind of tea.

If you want to sate your favorite drink with an amazing aroma of roses, then take a small jar, which must necessarily be closed. Pour the tea leaves, mix with the petals, and close tightly. In a few days you can safely use tea with a delicate refined taste.

The simplest recipe for making delicious tea is as follows:

  1. In a mug, or a brewer, pour about two tablespoons of petals. They can be both dried and fresh.
  2. Pour over boiled, but slightly cooled water, the temperature is not more than eighty degrees. Close the lid tightly and leave to stand for about ten minutes.

That's all, you can enjoy the amazing taste and aroma of a therapeutic drink. By the way, when using dried rose petals from Sudan, sugar and honey are not used, since tea and so it turns out to be moderately sweet and pleasant to the taste.

It is worth noting that the infusion of rose petals can be prepared solely from the inflorescences collected by oneself.

Flowers purchased in the store are not used for medicinal purposes and are able to contain harmful components. This is due to the fact that during their cultivation special means and chemicals were used, prolonging flowering buds and destroying various pests and insects. If we consider the useful properties of roses and contraindications, they are considered harmful for the preparation of medicinal compounds.

Tincture of rose petals on vodka

From roses it is possible to easily prepare an excellent tasty tincture on vodka with a pleasant aroma. Doing it is not difficult, the method is fairly simple, does not require much financial effort and effort.

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To prepare an alcohol tincture from rose petals, you will need:

  • 50 grams of freshly picked rose petals;
  • 3 grams of citric acid;
  • 100 grams of sugar;
  • 50 grams of clean water;
  • 500 grams of alcohol or vodka of good quality.

Cooking process:

  1. Petals need to be sorted out so as not to be spoiled, dried up and withered, with black spots.
  2. Then rinse, dry, and grind with a meat grinder or blender.
  3. Pour into a suitable container. Place sugar, citric acid and water. Pour on top with vodka or alcohol, as it should be mixed. Close the lid tightly. Leave a container with a drink in a cool, dark place for about fourteen days. Every three days, shake the jar.
  4. After two weeks, pass the tincture through the filter, remove the flesh. If necessary, add some more sugar, mix and place in the refrigerator for ten days. After this time, again pass the tincture through the filter, and everything is ready.

The longer it will be infused, the more pleasant and more pronounced will be the fragrance. Thanks to this drink you can not only enjoy yourself a pleasant gentle taste, but also with pride to treat your guests, because such a tincture can not leave anyone indifferent. But the use of tinctures from rose petals on vodka is not recommended for people prone to alcoholism.

Rose for beauty and youth

Rose in cosmetology has been used since ancient times. In the modern world on the basis of this flower is sold a huge variety of cosmetics for skin care and hair. This is not surprising, because the rose oil has many useful substances. In addition to purchased, such cosmetics can easily be prepared with your own hands.

Why do we need rose petals in cosmetology:

  • make hair shiny and strong;
  • struggle with wrinkles and old age of the skin;
  • give the skin a uniform shade;
  • narrow the pores;
  • have a moisturizing effect;
  • extract of rose in cosmetology helps to get rid of dandruff and various dermatitis;
  • nourish the veil, give it vitality;
  • increase the elasticity of the skin and its elasticity;
  • help get rid of stretch marks and scars.

To moisturize the skin and give it freshness, you need to attach the petals, and hold them for half an hour. As for the benefits and harm of a bath with rose petals, cosmetologists recommend such procedures for beauty. And dermatologists - to eliminate skin diseases. It will not only add vitality, but also help to relax and distract from problems in everyday life. If you are not attracted by floating petals, then prepare the broth of the rose in advance, and pour into the water. In the same way, you can simply wipe the skin with a cotton swab.

Prepare half a cup of petals, pour them a glass of boiling water, close the lid tightly and let it brew for half an hour. Such a solution works well for acne eruptions, insect bites, and for allergic reactions.

As you can see, this flower has a lot of useful properties. Rose is used in folk medicine, cooking, cosmetology. However, do not forget that there are certain contraindications to the use.

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