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Among the shrubs and ornamental trees for landscape design and decoration of city streets, a special place is given to the Nedzwiecki apple tree. It is stunningly beautiful at the time of flowering, attracts mysterious color design in the summer, a scattering of small shiny balls in the flaming foliage in the fall. Connoisseurs of landscape design consider this apple the best detail in the design of the site.

Biological features and appearance of the species

Known as an amateur botanist, Vladislav Efimovich Nedzwetsky, while traveling in China, he discovered a wild apple tree in Xinjiang province, near the city of Kashgar. It was unusual, 8 meters high, with surprisingly decorative leaves and smooth bark. Finding out that this is an ornamental apple, Nedzwetsky exported either seedlings, or seeds, and sent them to scientist biologist Georg Dick. It was at the turn of the 20th century, a local historian lived in Kazakhstan. The apple tree has been entered into the plant catalog and described by Dr. Dick. He registered a tree in honor of the discoverer under the name

apple tree - Malus niedzwetzkyana Dieck .

A new species of apple has spreading branches that create a spherical shape. The branches of the ornamental apple differ in purple-brown color. Young leaves are purple, later becoming dark green, leaving red at the base. Reddish and wood and bark. The dark-red buds of large flowers do not fall off for 10 days, saturating the area with aroma. In the autumn ripen small sour apples, which can be used to prepare compote. For the extraordinary decorativeness valued apple Nedzvetskogo presented in the photo.

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But this plant is no less decorative when the fire of the inflorescences goes out. Very attractive and the tree itself. In order for decorative functions to be performed in full, it is obedient and responsive to trimming. Therefore, from a single standing tree, you can get any shape by cutting. Formation of apple crown can go in any direction.

After a systematic formation, a tree in itself can acquire forms of enchanting natural beauty. Do not even think that the hands of a skilled gardener, part-time artist, worked on this beauty for years. A tree even in the winter rime leaves an unforgettable impression.

A beautiful autumn outfit with drooping clusters of small sour fruit from frosty twigs. Fruits do not fall off and hang on bare branches in winter, inviting to eat flying guests. But for compote, these sour tart apples are suitable.

How to grow an ornamental apple

For an apple tree to be decorative, it must be healthy. Apple Nedzvetskogo is affected by all fungal, bacterial and viral diseases that affect fruit varieties. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow all the requirements of agrotechnology and process the plants at the right time. It is necessary to choose the right landing site and fill the landing pit well with fertile soil.

The landing site is chosen open with a low standing of groundwater. Swampy and too dry areas for wood are not suitable. From the third year of life, the tree gives a big increase for the season. Usually planted on a permanent place two-year seedlings. Later young trees during transplanting are ill. Depending on the designer's intention, it is decided at what distance to plant the apple trees. Considering that the crown of trees is spreading, it will be optimal to plant the apple tree of Nedzwiecki no closer than 5-6 meters.

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The size of the prepared pit should be one meter deep and at least 80 cm along the sides of the square, the shape of which is prepared for the landing site. Fertile light composition is prepared half of the humus with the addition of leaf soil and sand. Be sure to add about 300 grams of superphosphate to the pit. Planting is carried out in the fall for a month and a half before frost is steady or in the spring before bud break. Young plants tolerate urban gas contamination. The fertile soil created by planting is enough for several years.

Another way is seed reproduction. In this case, the seeds must undergo a stratification in the snow during the winter period. Seedlings grow in shkolke for two years, later the survival rate of the material is much worse. Particularly decorative varieties propagated by grafting on the stock, which will be the seedling. Sometimes the stock is made into a column of a columnar apple, transferring it from a fruit tree to a decorative tree.

Apple cultivation, and other agrotechnical activities are carried out in the same terms as for fruit trees. Particularly relevant pest and disease control. But since the tree is decorative, the treatments are carried out without fear of accumulation of harmful substances in the fruit. Fungal diseases are especially dangerous for the loss of tree decoration. Therefore, blue spraying in the spring before bud break is necessary. Even before the sap flow, the tree is sprayed with urea, which serves as prevention and feeding at the same time. Next comes the processing on the green cone and after flowering.

Fungicides should be applied systemically, which would act against powdery mildew, rust, and scab. Usually the treatment is carried out using drugs Scor, Topaz. On ornamental plants, it is possible to use chemicals against karbofos-based leaf-eating insects. Conventional insecticides for processing fruit trees are also suitable. Spraying with Ekoberin or Zircon solutions will increase the resistance of the apple tree.

Ornamental apple trees love the mulching of the tree circle. For mulch, you can use ordinary sawdust, bark from pine or other conifers, can be used for mulching walnut shells. When caring for ornamental trees, it is important to prevent the occurrence of diseases and pests.

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Watering of apple trees is carried out only during a long drought. The plant does not like excess moisture. You can start the Nedzvetskogo apple tree only in areas where there is no frosty winters. In Eastern Siberia, such a tree will not survive.

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