How to properly care for pelargonium at home?

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More recently, the bush of flowering geraniums on the windowsill was a mandatory attribute of a happy family. It was believed that pelargonium is the keeper of the hearth. The unpretentious plant made room and gave way to new types of flowers. Geranium is not forgotten, often at home care for pelargonium gives the first experience and develops into passion.

The history of the appearance of geraniums and the variety of varieties of

At the end of the XVI century, whether they were from India or from Africa, travelers brought flower seeds of an unprecedented fragrant plant with beautiful hats of flowers. At the court of the Queen of England, there already existed a beautiful winter garden with strange plants. There appeared the first three varieties of geraniums. They marked the beginning of numerous groups obtained during breeding.

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There are so many varieties of pelargonium that even the classification goes according to different signs. Talking about indoor colors, we use the classification by decoration:

  • zoned;
  • ampelous;
  • fragrant;
  • succulent.

There are more varieties "Angels" and "Unicums".All of them tolerate indoor living conditions well and with good care they bloom almost continuously. Pelargoniums differ in the shape and color of the sheets and buds, but they are invariably fragrant and their esters are healing.

In summer geranium is set under the open window. It is believed that the plant on the windowsill expels flies from the dwelling. The leaves are applied to abrasions and cuts for quick healing of the wound.

How to properly care for geraniums?

Reproduction of pelargonium will not create difficulties. It is enough to tear the stem from the plant or buy a bag of seeds. Seed propagation of pelargonium gives a more spectacular plant with large caps of flowers.

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By cutting, you can quickly get a flowering plant. Rooting can occur both after the instructions of the roots in the water, and rooting into the ground. Since the plant takes root easily, you can create a mini-greenhouse and plant a few petioles. Later, after soaking the substrate, disassemble them and plant them in separate bowls.

Soils for pelargonium have a different composition:

  • is a leafy, humus, sod land in equal shares plus half of the sand;
  • if peat soil is replaced with peat, the proportions of all components, including sand, are the same;
  • garden land, peat and sand in equal shares.

You can buy special soil for these plants in the flower shop. In this case, any soil should be pre-sanitized in any way possible. The container with the drainage hole should not be spacious, pelargonium blooms, if the roots cramped.

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The place where geraniums were placed should be sunny. In winter, the flower likes to relax. In the rest period, the temperature drops to 13 = 15 degrees and shading is created. But if it is impossible to provide such conditions, then there is a rule that the warmer, the higher the illumination, up to the highlight. And then the plant will not feel discomfort.

In winter, pelargonium cannot be fed.

Watering geraniums every other day in summer, when it is hot, but overmoistening can lead to rot of roots, black leg. Therefore, watering in the summer more often, in the winter rarely. Geranium will survive the drought and recover, and excess water can destroy it. It is useful to remind that the water for irrigation should be warm and separated. Fertilizing dressings with flower liquid formulations are done in a week, except for the rest period. For geranium released a special mixture, called "Pelargovit."

As soon as the roots begin to make their way into the drainage hole of the pot, pelargonium needs to be transplanted. Repot the plant in early spring after 1-2 years. During the growing season, the soil needs to be loosened, at the same time checking whether pests or diseases have not settled on the plant.

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The reasons why pelargonium does not bloom are few. The appearance of the plant will help identify the problem.

  1. The plant has good leaves, it develops quickly, but does not bloom. There is greasing. Stop fertilizing irrigation and dry the flower. If the container is large until the roots fill the space, there will be no flowering.
  2. Not enough lighting. Put the plant in direct sunlight, in the absence of bright southern windows in the apartment to organize the additional lighting.
  3. If a yellow border appears on the leaves, the plant has a depressed appearance, check for the presence of root and stem rot. Examine the leaves for the presence of whitefly or other insects.

Detailed information on pelargonium diseases and how to deal with them can be found on the website. It can be said that problems arise from improper care. Often a pest or disease is entered with the ground or a new plant that has not passed quarantine exposure. Therefore, hygiene requirements are important because it is difficult to eradicate the disease at home.

Ornaments the plant is deprived with dry air, overfeeding with nitrogenous fertilizers or the appearance of downy powdery mildew. Timely detection of the disease will save the plant or take cuttings from it.

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