Squash Korean Style Salads for Winter

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The squish loyally complement any salad. Even in a spicy dish, they behave in an acceptable manner, the Korean scallops for the winter, proof of that. The taste of these vegetables is somewhat similar to zucchini, although it belongs to the pumpkin family. The soft texture of the pulp makes it easy to absorb the aroma and taste of the nearby ingredients, so the savory snacks from them are especially rich. The unusual shape, resembling a plate, looks aesthetically pickled in jars for the winter. They can not only be canned whole, but also combined with other vegetables in salads. Use of this fetus is recommended for patients with anemia, obesity, suffering diseases in the heart and kidneys. Healthy people can maintain their immunity at the proper level, because the squash contains vitamins A, B, C, PP, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and many other beneficial trace elements.

Preparation of ingredients

When making preparations for the winter from the squash in Korean, you need to pick up young and soft vegetables. If you come across mature, huge fruits, then they should definitely be cleaned, rid of the stones. Never need to ignore the blanching procedure. It is necessary for the destruction of microorganisms on the surface of the fruit and getting rid of air bubbles. This procedure should be performed when the vegetables are in a colander. Heat the water and scald the contents of a colander or a metal sieve with boiling water. In the presence of a thick peel, the process must be repeated twice. After all, the squash is placed in cold water, to preserve their strength, otherwise they can turn into mush. This vegetable goes well with fruits in salads( apples, oranges, lemons), as well as with vegetables( cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes).For example, spicy vegetable salad with scallops is very popular. Winter Korean squash recipes will allow you to bring this excellent snack to life. Carrots, onions and paprika are sure to be included in such a vegetable combination. To make such provisions, you need to have a lot of patience and time. Preparing vegetables requires a lot of effort because they are all grated. Among the spices must be seasoning for Korean carrots.

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The classic version of the squash in Korean for the winter

For preparing the squash in Korean for the winter you will need 3 kilograms of vegetables. Among the additional ingredients you need to prepare a pound of carrots, 0.5 kg of onions, 6 pieces of bell pepper, 6 heads of garlic and red pepper. For refueling you need 1 cup( 150 grams) of sugar, 2 tbsp.tablespoons of salt, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of vegetable oil.

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  1. Wash the squash, clean it from the green.
  2. Grind grated.
  3. Also do with carrots.
  4. Chop the onion.
  5. Pepper turn into cutting from half rings.
  6. Process garlic with a crusher.
  7. Mix all the ingredients, adding seasoning for Korean carrots, black pepper, parsley, dill, bitter red pepper. Add oil and vinegar.
  8. Place on cans and send for sterilization, lasting 15 minutes.
  9. Take out of the water and tighten the caps. Done!

This spicy dish is not recommended for patients with an ulcer.

Korean style squash vegetable salad for the winter

To make a squash lettuce salad in Korean for the winter you need to take 1 kilogram of squash. Additional components will be two large carrots, onion head, 3 pieces of bell pepper, garlic head, parsley and dill bunches. Fill will include: 50 ml of sunflower oil, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of salt, 0.5 tsp. of ground black pepper, vinegar( 70%) - 1 tsp, and, of course, seasoning for Korean carrots - 1 package.

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  1. Turn pure patissons into plates.
  2. Pepper cut, remove the core with stones and grind it into strips.
  3. Grate carrots.
  4. Get half rings from the bulbs.
  5. Parsley and dill finely chopped.
  6. Chips garlic skip through a grater.
  7. Mix vegetables and add spices. Pour water( 1 cup).
  8. Place the salad in a large bowl, put a plate on top of the vegetables, and press down with a jar of water. Leave for a couple of hours to highlight the juice.
  9. Place the Korean patissons in winter for banks for the winter and send them to the sterilization procedure for 10 - 15 minutes.
  10. Remove the cans from the pan, tightly screw on the lids and allow to cool. Provisioning is ready.

Before sterilizing lettuce in cans at the bottom of the pan, you must put a cotton towel or cloth flap. This will help avoid possible cracking of the glass container.

In order to make patties in Korean for the winter, you do not need to have a bag of condiments for Korean carrots on hand. You can do it yourself. For this you need black ground pepper, red pepper, garlic, dried basil, coriander. Enjoy your meal!

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