Marking of washing machines LG: interpretation of symbols

If you are only going to buy, or have already bought a washing machine LG, then certainly paid attention to its marking. A set of letters and numbers is reflected on the label. But for what encoding is needed and what it means, very few people know.

You will no longer have to collect information bit by bit, in our article we will describe in detail the meaning of each symbol of the marking of washing machines AlJ.

Marking of washing machines LG: interpretation of symbols

Content of the material:

  • 1What is the marking on the washing machine LG
    • 1.1Coding LGA for CIS countries
    • 1.2Marking of SMA LG for European countries
    • 1.3CMA Encoding LG for the United States

What is the marking on the washing machine LG

The model serial number may vary depending on the country of manufacture. The fact is that the interpretation of the notation depends entirely on the parameters and the functional of the styralka. These data the manufacturer can change, adjusting them to the needs of the buyer.

In the United States, machines with huge capacity, mandatory drying and sophisticated programs are considered popular. Our users prefer compact models, they have enough and standard functions. That's what distinguishes markings from different manufacturers.

Where to search for marking? The label with letters can be on the front panel under the hatch, on the door, on the drain filter flap, or on the rear panel. If you can not find it on the case, look directly at the documents or instructions.

Coding LGA for CIS countries

How to determine the country of the manufacturer of equipment? Since the design of the stylals is the same, with the help of a visual inspection do not understand where it is made. This will help code.

Consider the example of a model released in 2015 in the CIS.

Coding LGA for CIS countries

  1. The first two letters of LG mean the brand of the washing machine.
  2. Next comes the letter F (depending on the manufacturer, it can be M or E). It means the type of loading - front (horizontal). Such machines are considered the most in demand in our country.
  3. The next two digits are 12. Decode as the maximum spin speed - 1200 turns. If at this point the figure 10 is indicated, it means that the spinach produces 1000 revolutions, 16-1600. The higher the speed, the more efficient the machine presses the laundry.
  4. How to decipher the next two figures? Figures 96 in this case indicate the external design of a particular model. They can also change if the shape of the hatch or display changes.
  5. Now comes the letter W. Its value will tell the user about the depth of the machine. In this case, W is up to 60 cm, the letter L is a narrow SMA, if S stands, then the washer is super-narrow, only 35 centimeters.
  6. The next letter is D. This means that the manufacturer used an inverter motor with direct drive Direct Drive. That is, the engine does not have a driving belt, but is fixed directly on the drum. Pay attention to this, since such models are the most productive.
  7. There are two letters left. One of them S (Steam) speaks about the built-in steam processing function. This mode allows you to refresh and disinfect things, getting rid of dust mites.
  8. If the label contains the letter H, then you can dry clothes in the washing machine.

Marking of SMA LG for European countries

This encoding is very similar to the native one, but there are some differences.

Marking of SMA LG for European countries

It is clear that the first letters of LG talk about the brand of the car. The next F means that this eraser has a front load. Two figures 14 - spinning at a maximum speed of 1400 revolutions. Then there are the differences:

  • The combination of U2 symbols indicates the type of control - mechanical. Touch control - U1.
  • The three letters following, QCN, indicate the presence of various functions in this model. If there is a function of steam, the letter S stands at the end.
  • The last digit 2 is the color of the washing machine case (white).

If you do not understand how to find out the year of release, take a look at the sticker. In the upper corner on the bottom line is the year.

Detailed interpretation of another variant of the encoding using the model as an exampleF12U2HBS4:

  • F12 - front washer with pressing up to 1200 revolutions.
  • U2 - touch type of control.
  • H is the depth in millimeters and the maximum load in kilograms. H = 450 mm and 7 kg, T = 560 mm and 8 kg.
  • B - design. B - Better, C - Good, D - Basic.
  • S is a function of steam. If instead of it is N, the machine is without steam.
  • 4 - color: silver case and chrome door.

Other variants of color codes:

  • 0, 3 - white case and white door,
  • 1 - white case and a silver door,
  • 2 - white body and chrome door,
  • 5 - silver case and silver door.

In models of typeF12U2HFNAcolor is indicated by a letter. A = silvery.

CMA Encoding LG for the United States

The LG Stalk code for the United States is very different from ours. Americans prefer not only a large capacity, but also a different type of installation and loading.

CMA Encoding LG for the United States

For example, the marking may reflect the way of embedding the AGR on the pedestal. This is done for small washing machines, when you need to wash a small amount of laundry.

  • The symbol W in the United States means the type of household appliances - a washing machine.
  • The second letter M denotes models with horizontal loading. If the letter T stands on this place, then the load is vertical, if the D-car is mounted on a pedestal.
  • The set of digits 3370 speaks about the series of the model, as well as the control method (sensory, mechanical).
  • The letter H will tell you that there is a steaming mode in this model.
  • The next letter, V, is the color of the enclosure of this model.
  • The letter A at the end will tell you that the machine is equipped with a pedestal for installation.

As you can see, the symbols of the country of the producer are indicated in the upper right corner, so there should be no errors. Now you know what labeling means, it will help you make the right choice.

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