Where to put the old washing machine and what can be made of it?

After purchasing a new washing machine, the old unit must be disposed of, but if it is in working condition, it is more profitable to sell for money. There are alternative ways to get rid of it, for example, to make a brazier, furniture or other appliances. All the ways where to put the old washing machine, we will consider in more detail below.


  1. Where can I rent an old washing machine for money?
  2. What can be done from an old washing machine?
  3. Where do they take old washing machines?
  4. Recycling old washing machines
  5. Can I throw out my old washing machine?

Where can I rent an old washing machine for money?

An old washing machine can be turned over for money. Here are the options:

  • Scrap machine. For this it will be possible to get some kind of cash amount. It depends on the price for which metal equipment is taken in your village. It can be clarified by calling the scrap reception site. It is also worth asking if they can pick up your car from you. If so, you don’t have to bother at all, and the money will be in your pocket. You can search for companies with self-delivery on the Internet or local newspapers.
  • Sale if the machine is operational. It is enough to turn to newspaper ads or sell over the Internet at Avito.ru. To do this, go to the site, find the section "sale of household appliances", create an ad - upload photograph of the machine, briefly describe the functionality, in what condition it is, indicate the time use. You can also sell a broken car there, but it is best to indicate what its breakdown is.

The car can be purchased by a home appliance repairman, used for parts, or, having fixed the breakdown, sold to other people.

What can be done from an old washing machine?

If the engine burns out and its replacement costs a lot of money, it is better to purchase new equipment, and from an old washing machine you can make a useful thing in everyday life.

The second life of the washing machine


It may seem strange, but a real brazier can be made from the drum of a washing machine. It is made of durable material - stainless steel, so it will be able to fulfill its "brazier" function for many years.

Step-by-step instructions for making a barbecue from a washing machine are as follows:

  1. First you need to remove the drum from the machine.
  2. This is almost a ready barbecue, but he has no legs. They can be made from pipes, corners, fittings. They should have a thickness of slightly more than 2 mm, otherwise the legs will not be strong, they can bend from high temperature.
  3. To fix the legs is also not difficult. If pipes are used, they must be cut and secured with bolts. For each leg, 2 bolts with a diameter of about 5-6 mm will go. If fittings are used, it must be welded. You can also make the legs collapsible so that the brazier takes up less space.

You can see clearly how brazier is made from a washing machine in the following video:

Furniture from parts of an old washing machine

From the details of the old machine you can make various pieces of furniture:

  • Table. To do this, use the drum again. In addition, it is necessary to purchase steel rods for table legs, a countertop made of wood or glass. The rods are fixed in the drum with bolts, and on top they fix the countertop by cutting the thread on top. When using glass as a tabletop, you can set the backlight using LED lamps. Such a table will look very impressive.
The table from the drum of the washing machine
  • Floor lampthat will look good in a country house. To do this, you need to paint the drum in a bright color, install a tripod and a bulb holder.
  • Chandelier. You can even make a pendant chandelier by inserting a few rounds inside, and bring the wires out. Details on how to turn the tank of a washing machine into a chandelier, you will learn from the following video:
  • Flowerpot. The drum will make a nice flower pot, it is desirable to paint it with colored paints.
  • Ottoman. To do it, just place a soft pillow on top of the drum and attach the wheels as legs. What comes out of this is demonstrated in the video:

Miscellaneous devices

Having disassembled the car for details, you can make something from each. For example, from a glass door you can make a window in a doghouse or in a shed, and from the case make a cabinet for storing tools, a bedside table, and a washstand.

Where do they take old washing machines?

The most convenient and profitable place where you can rent a broken and old car is a store where household appliances are sold. Many doubt it, but most stores accept such cars. Of course, no one will pay you money for an old machine, but very often such actions are held in which the condition is the exchange of old equipment for new with a surcharge. However, in this case, most likely, you will have to deliver the car yourself or you can agree on the purchase of new equipment with delivery. That is, they will bring a new one and take away the used car.

There is another way - this is a free removal of household appliances. It is easiest to find such a company through the Internet, if you type in the search engine the phrase: "Free removal of used washing machines ...", adding your village. This should not surprise anyone, because even on an old machine, firms can make good money if you take it apart for details. These parts can be used in the repair of other equipment.

Recycling old washing machines

Recycling old cars is not an easy task. For this, special devices are used, and the work itself consists of several stages:

  1. Disassembly for details.
  2. Recycling technology.
  3. Sending to the desired item.

Everything that contains non-ferrous metals is removed from the old machine. Also take out parts containing glass, liquid plastic, electronics. The machine body is compressed so that it takes up less space for transportation to scrap. Glass is crushed into small parts. Plastic is melted and used as a secondary raw material. All raw materials are sent at the place of demand. Metal is used in metallurgical plants, and plastic is used to produce plastic products.

Interesting to know! Where can I rent an old TV and get the money?

Can I throw out my old washing machine?

You can’t just throw the car out to a landfill, as it contains parts that, when decomposed, release a lot of harmful poisons over time (plastic, insulated wires, rubber). It is especially dangerous to burn all the details of the machine.

If you do not want to sell it or turn it into scrap metal, then you can put it near garbage containers. There are people who will take it apart for details.

So, if your machine has grown old or deteriorated, do not rush to throw it away, because even an old washing machine can be beneficial, and in skillful hands it will turn into one of the interior items. In any case, remember that the machine should not be thrown into the trash, but it is better to find special places where it can be taken.

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