How to customize channels on your TV

How to customize channels on your TV


TV for many - a source of fresh information about the global situation in the country and in the world. But right after the purchase you will need to make some adjustments, because the manufacturer is not able to determine all the nuances of connection in your specific conditions.

The main questions that will arise in this regard: where does the Russian language turn on and how to set up the channels on the TV? And to solve problems it is necessary just in the presented sequence, because it is much easier to adjust any technique when the menu is in the native language.

So, remember the school knowledge of English (almost always when the first menu is included on it) and try to include Russian. Even by the "poke method" this should turn out pretty quickly.


  • 1Tuning channels on Samsung TV
  • 2Set up channels on your LG TV
  • 3Features of manual and precise settings of some parameters
    • 3.1Manual tuning of TV channels (video)

Tuning channels on Samsung TV

You need to enter TV mode and select the correct playback source. To do this, click the Source button or enter the appropriate menu manually.


There are several connection options:

  • HDMI;
  • AUX;
  • USB and others.

After selecting the desired TV mode, go to the main menu using the remote control. Clicking on the sub-item Channel, you will see a pop-up hint, which shows the order of setting up the channels.

Now select the sub-item Antenna, offering to determine the source of the signal:

  • cable TV;
  • satellite TV;
  • terrestrial TV.

All that is required now is to tick the appropriate line in accordance with the way you choose to connect to the provider's broadcast.For example, it will be terrestrial television channels.

At the next stage of the setting you will be asked to choose a country. Remember that Samsung very widely groups "neighbors". So, here it is enough to indicate Eastern Europe, and not a specific locality on the map.

Please note that you may need to enter a pin code. Typically, this is 0000, but for complete certainty, clarify this issue when purchasing from a seller or an authorized representative of the company. Do not be embarrassed if you have to call the hotline - you will be happy and quick to explain everything.

Now you need to understand the channels that you would like to view:

  • digital;
  • analog;
  • Both types of broadcasting simultaneously (digital and analog).

Samsung's TVs make it possible to configure the type of broadcasting in just two clicks on the buttons of the remote. Remember that when connecting to satellite or cable channels in the Country line, leave the Other parameter.

Modern TVs allow you to adjust the settings in the menu

Next, you select the type of settings that you can use in this case: manual or automatic. If tuning channels is not the first time, then all the previously stored broadcasts will be deleted and replaced with new ones.

You will see a scale that will fill slowly. The screen displays a list of already found channels and the overall process of performing the task in percent. The TV will do everything itself, just give it time.


To properly configure the cable broadcasting, instead of the Antenna in the beginning, you need to select Cable TV. The search parameters will be as follows:

  • initial frequencies - 346000 kHz;
  • final frequencies - 410000 kHz;
  • the data transfer rate is 6956 kS / s (kilo-seconds per second);
  • The modulation is 256 OAM.

After the search is completed, the list of channels that you can find is displayed. Unfortunately, at the same time, the unpaid broadcast channels will also be included in the general list, and you will not be able to view them yet. But it's quite convenient to remove all unnecessary and quickly from the Channel Manager: just go to the appropriate item and select the desired action.

To sort the cable channels, you can use the button with the letter C.

Set up channels on your LG TV

It is easy to guess that in this case all actions will be similar. The maximum difference that you will have to face is a different formulation of the same technical features.

LG televisions also use DVB-C or DVB-C2 receivers to decrypt the digital content of the network. In addition, a card can be installed in the special slot to decrypt a certain packet of paid channels.

Usually the channels can be tuned in manual or automatic mode

So, after choosing a language, go to Menu - Options - Country - Source of the signal (for example, cable) - Search. In models with a built-in digital receiver you can specify the exact parameters for the card: the initial search frequency is 114000 kHz, the final search frequency is 862000 kHz, the BCS frequency is 690000 kHz. The data transfer rate is 6750 kS / s, and the modulation is the same as that of Samsung, 256 OAM. All the above parameters are typical, and they are easily recognized by the service provider.

Please note that LG TVs are primarily looking for digital channels, and only then - analog channels. When the automatic setting is completed, a message appears on the screen that it has been successfully completed.

By the way, buyers of televisions from brands such as Philips or Sony, should not expect any special difficulties when setting up channels. Here in the menu everything is practically the same, but in a few words in other words - that's all!

Features of manual and precise settings of some parameters


Many of us do not realize the power of our habits, but it manifests itself, for example, in determining the order of television channels. After all, if your mother, grandmother or other close relative is accustomed to automatically turn on a certain digital stream, then it is sometimes incredibly difficult to change this (if at all possible).

But do not despair! You will need a little patience and time to reconfigure the channels already found in the right order. Enter the manual settings, find the digital stream that you would like to move and assign the desired number to it.

Then, using the manual channel search or the frequency, find the desired track and be sure to save the changes. And having looked through the general list of channels, you can on a place of the formed double to adjust the missing channel which has been removed before it.


Despite the rather confusing explanation, there is nothing complicated in these actions. You yourself will come to this conclusion when you start doing something yourself, while you are near the TV. Well, when it turns out to customize to one's taste one channel, with the rest it will be quite easy!

By the way, do not forget that the quality of any of the detected digital streams can be corrected and even improved.To do this, select the Fine tuning item in the settings. Most often it is produced with an interval of 5, 0 MHz.

Manual tuning of TV channels (video)


Do not be discouraged if you can not configure the channels on the TV. With a properly connected antenna and a working cable, you should contact a specialist - it may be necessary to carry out minor repairs.

But, as practice shows, in 90% of cases the adjustment is possible from the first time even for unprepared users. After a successful search for channels do not stop there, experiment, study the menu - there certainly will be a lot of interesting!

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