Melon Kolhoznitsa - healing delicacy

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Summer is coming to an end and on the shelves of the markets from melons and watermelons closely. These heat-loving plants all summer collected bit by bit the energy of the sun and the earth, processed to share with us. What kind of melon to buy, so that it pleased with its aroma and honey flavor? Usually choose the fruit of the sort of melon collective farmer. Early berry has time to ripen even in the middle lane.

The taste of melon depends on the care of

In order to grow honey melon you need to know a lot about it. This is a capricious vegetable. So, to speed up the harvest I want to sow seedlings early, but melon does not like long captivity. Two true leaves appeared and, caress, in her land, give room for roots. This beautiful land loves loose, fertile.

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In warm lands a melon has enough heat and sun in the open area. In the middle lane and in Siberia, it is best grown in a greenhouse. The plant does not like overmoistening. It should be watered when the ground is dry. At the same time the air in the greenhouse must be dry. The only sort of melon that is tolerant of a temporary decrease in temperature is the collective farmer melon.

Of the fertilizers, most of all melon loves potassium. From nitrogen, too, will not give up, but the fruit will be completely unsweetened. Ripens the berries for 80-95 days. If the lash grows vertically, the fruit should be hung in the nets. If the tender berry grows on the ground, it is better to lay wooden planks under it so that no rot forms. Constantly need to pinch a bush, leaving a few poured fruit. The fewer they are, the faster the berry will ripen.

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The ripened fruit has the shape of a ball, weighing about 1.5 kg. It has an almost orange crust, smooth or with a mesh. With a mesh, the melon is sweeter. When pressed on the peel, the flesh springs. The variety is not intended for storage.

How to choose a collective farm melon?

The mood at the moment of eating a golden, expiring juice, slice determines the correct choice of an orange fruit. Meanwhile, choosing the right melon is more difficult than watermelon. A few general rules on how to choose a collective farm melon are:

  1. You can’t buy a melon near car routes. Melon absorbs gases, becomes polluted, it is difficult to wash a rough crust.
  2. You can not buy a cut or damaged fruit. The sweet pulp is already colonized and bacteria multiply there.
  3. The melon should smell sweet honey, vanilla, pear. Odorless fruit or overfed with nitrogen or not ripe.
  4. The chosen yellow ball must be heavy and make a dull sound when clapping.
  5. Do not buy a melon before mid-August. Early harvest is artificially accelerated and such a melon will not be useful.

One of the differences between a well-ripened melon is a dry stem.

Imported melons have no pronounced smell and less sweet. In the USA, it is customary to eat melon with honey. In our case, this may cause intestinal obstruction.

When choosing a collective farmer's melon, you can hold it with your fingers. If there are grooves, then melon in the juice. If under the fingers there is a very strong indentation, the melon has overslept, the soft spots will be bitter. The melon from the fridge loses its flavor and it will be difficult to determine if it is the product you are looking for. Melon spout should be elastic. If it is hard, the melon is not ripe, if it is very soft, then it has already been overloaded and sluggish. You can not eat unripe melon. You can get poisoned.

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Melon Collective Farm Woman benefits and harm

Unpretentious kolkhoznitsa differs in taste from other grades of melons. There is less sweetness in it, the composition of useful ingredients is also poorer. But its difference allows you to use the product as a diet for weight loss and as a strong diuretic. Calorie melon Collective farmers is 31 Kcal per 100 g of flesh. Grown in the south, these fruits are not inferior in composition to Torpedo melon, another common variety.

The presence of vitamins, minerals and organic acids in the melon makes the product healing for many people. Since they consume mostly fresh melon, the vitamins are not destroyed and affect the human body.

  1. Folic acid is a vitamin found in fresh fruit. It is necessary for all women, as it improves the course of pregnancy, helps with menopause and is involved in blood formation.
  2. Vitamin C is necessary for everyone, it strengthens the immune system, helps to fight against ailments.
  3. Beta-carotene restores the natural skin color, helps to maintain the health of horny cells - nails and hair.
  4. For men's health, they recommend chewing fresh melon seeds. This is the strongest aphrodisiac. Only 2 grams per day - and you are at your best.

Fiber contained in fruits and melon's laxative properties make it possible to clean the body on a melon diet. You can use it no more than three days. It is worth recalling that you can enjoy melon in the intervals between meals, which should be enough time to clear the stomach from the previous food. This time is about two hours before and after meals.

Melon Kolkhoz Woman contains 100 grams of iron pulp 17 times more than in milk. Melon is useful for those who have cardiovascular diseases, to raise the mood, relieve irritability. This contributes to a large amount of magnesium and calcium.

The period when you can feast on fresh melon is short. It is possible to prolong its use, having dried solar slices. They retain a large number of useful items. Dried melon sugary. She can not eat a lot. Yes, and not necessary. Calorie dry product is 10 times higher than fresh. But as a winter treat such a slice will remind you of summer.

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No matter how useful the fruit is, it cannot be consumed in some cases:

  • melon is an independent product and cannot be consumed with milk, honey, alcohol or water
  • in the presence of large stones in the gallbladder or urinary system;
  • for gastritis and gastric ulcer;
  • with colitis and loose stools;
  • lactating mothers, since the baby will have loose stools;
  • patients with diabetes.

You have received information about the melon collective farm. The benefits and harms from its use are incommensurable. It is enough to follow simple rules and enjoy the taste of the healing product.

Video about the benefits and dangers of melon

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