Is it true that aconite Jungar cures cancer?

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Information about whether cancer can be cured with aconite is very controversial. The use of Jungar aconite for the treatment of cancer was recorded in the medical writings of ancient Tibet. To begin with, there are different forms and localizations of this disease. There have been cases of therapeutic effects of alcoholic tincture of aconite on certain forms of cancer and benign tumors.

The history of the use of aconite in medicine

In the middle of the 19th century, the first mention of the use of aconite for the treatment of cancer appeared( The Lancet, England).At the same time homeopathic doses were selected. In the 20th century, aconite tincture was used by oncologists from several countries.

Aconite tincture in traditional medicine and homeopathy is traditionally used to fight cancer. It is considered both as an aid and as the main one. There are references to the positive results of the use of aconite extracts in the treatment of melanoma and other cancers of the mucous membranes, skin.

Since aconite is very poisonous, only micro doses of its tincture can be taken orally. The treatment regimen is selected individually by a homeopath. It is important to constantly monitor the body's response and well-being. With a pronounced negative reaction of the body, the drug is immediately canceled.

Curious Facts:

  1. Solzhenitsyn has a mention that aconite has been successfully used to treat cancer( "Cancer Corps").He writes that it was the Issyk-Kul root( aconite) that saved him from cancer.
  2. Along with aconite, hemlock is used to treat cancer. A pattern has been observed - hemlock can support in the fight against cancer of the intestines, urinary organs, and a wrestler can support cancer of all the organs that are located above the belt. In this case, aconite is considered the most poisonous and dangerous. He will not cope with cancer on his own, but it is possible that he will play a role in complex treatment.
  3. In oncology, aconite is advisable to be used to reduce pain and heal damaged tissues, as well as to slow down the growth of a tumor, to combat metastasis.
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In what forms of cancer is it recommended to use

In homeopathy, tincture of the fighter is used for various types of cancer, including with metastases. Aconitin is able to penetrate deep into tissues and negatively affect tumor cells. It is also indicated for benign neoplasms.

In order for the tincture to be beneficial, it is important to properly prepare it and select the optimal dose. However, in homeopathy this remedy is widely used in the integrated fight against cancer. If you decide to use Jungar aconite in the treatment of cancer, an experienced homeopath or herbal medicine specialist can tell you how to take it. In official medicine, this plant is not currently used.

Useful poison or medicine

Aconite refers to poisonous plants. It contains alkaloids - aconitins, which in a lethal dose can cause respiratory arrest. In ancient Tibet, it began to be used for therapeutic purposes, including for the treatment of cancer.

Aconitins can easily penetrate the skin! No need to prepare the tool yourself. Buy tincture of aconite Dzhungarsky can be in the shops of homeopaths or ordered online. The latter method is more risky, since there is no guarantee that you will be sent a quality drug, and not a fake.

Very aggressive substances are always used to treat cancer. They have many side effects. Alcohol tincture of Jungar aconite can negatively affect cancer cells, but it has the same effect on healthy tissue.

The effects of drugs that are officially approved to fight cancer can be controlled. They act selectively. The use of tincture of aconite is quite risky. To achieve a persistent therapeutic effect, you will need to incrementally increase the dose.

Aconite Jungar tincture is used in homeopathy to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer control. In this case, homeopaths emphasize that it is necessary to achieve a concentration of the drug in the blood, which would reach the maximum allowable threshold. It is individual in different patients. Because the dosage must be selected very carefully. If you decide to take Jungar aconite for cancer treatment, you should start with microscopic doses.

Aconite Jungar, whose treatment is not approved by WHO, is not part of the traditional cancer treatment regimen. It is not used at all in official medicine.

In Bulgaria, China, India aconite tincture is officially approved for use. In the USSR, the drug was also used for the complex treatment of cancer.

Surgeon-oncologist T. Zakaurtseva conducted thorough research and developed her own technique for treating oncological diseases. Before removing the tumor, she underwent aconite tincture treatment. The operation was carried out after aconitin slowed the growth and activity of the tumor. The course of treatment with aconitine was repeated after surgery. It was observed that aconitine inhibits the growth of cancer, eliminates metastases.

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With complex treatment of cancer with aconite, there is sometimes a positive trend:

  • slows down metastases, their number decreases;
  • , if used correctly, almost no irreversible processes develop in the tissues and organs;
  • with the right dosage there is a minimum of side effects;
  • aconitin is able to slow down the development of a tumor and even reduce it slightly;
  • decreases depression, pain, intoxication.

Schemes for the use of aconite in alternative oncology

Most often the drug is used in homeopathy. Apply 10% alcohol extract from tubers, leaves of repose or red aconite. These are the most toxic species. To achieve maximum dosage accuracy, it is better to use an insulin syringe. It contains 1 ml, which corresponds to 40 drops.

A pipette cannot be used for dosing. It gives a high margin of error, which can cause an overdose.

Take the tincture better on an empty stomach or a couple of hours after meals. Drops diluted in a quarter cup of cooled boiled water. The daily dose is gradually increased. If at first it is 1 drop, then by the 20th day it will be 60 drops. Then the number of drops is reduced using the reverse order. The treatment cycle will be 39 days. This is an approximate scheme. It must be selected individually.

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The standard treatment is three courses. Between each is a break of two weeks. If a sustained positive effect is achieved, treatment is stopped. When relapse therapy can be repeated.

If a weakly-looking plant is used to make tinctures, the dose will be measured in ml, not in drops.

“Tsarskaya” method of treating tumors with aconite

It was developed by a practicing homeopath Tishchenko V.V. This method also uses tincture, but it is recommended to drink only one drop of the drug per day. It is diluted in 100 ml of water. Every day, only once, on an empty stomach, you need to drink a drop of the drug. The course of treatment is until recovery.

Do not take Aconite tincture with herbs decoction!

Risks of using

If you will use aconite tincture, it is important to remember the signs of poisoning by this plant:

  • urge to vomit;
  • numb tongue, cheeks, lips, fingertips;
  • there is a feeling that goosebumps are running through the body;
  • appears thirsty;
  • temperature jumps;
  • with severe poisoning twitches the muscles of the legs, arms, face, eyesight deteriorates, breathing is difficult.

It is strictly forbidden to try even a tiny part of the aconite tuber! The root of aconite Dzhungar extremely poisonous. Even 1 gram can contain a lethal dose of aconitine.

As you can see, Jungar aconite in cancer treatment can only be used informally. It is important to consider the type of tumor, its size, localization, the presence of metastases, the dynamics of treatment. Of course, you can not use only one tincture. Treatment should be comprehensive. He is carefully selected by the oncologist. Ask your doctor if you can supplement the complex treatment with tincture of aconite.

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