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Wheat bread makes up the majority of bread products. For its production used wheat flour of different varieties. It is believed that the most useful is wholemeal bread, but on the shelves it can be found less frequently. In addition to the main components, bran, nuts, raisins and flavors can be added to the finished product. At home, you should try to make bread from wheat flour, which will include only healthy ingredients.

Composition and caloric content of wheat bread

The main component for baking such bread is wheat flour. Depending on its quality, such bread is divided into several varieties: from flour of the highest or first grade, coarse ground or bran. Some manufacturers also use ground nuts, seeds, sesame, herbs, flavorings and flavors. They can be added to home-made bread.

The chemical composition of wheat bread is mainly represented by carbohydrates.100 g of the product contains the following components:

  • carbohydrates - 49-50 g;
  • protein - 10.5 g;
  • fats - 3.5 g;
  • fiber part - 4.2 g;
  • water - 35 g.

The caloric content of wheat bread is about 235 kcal per 100 g.

The indicators can vary depending on what ingredients the bread was made from and in what proportions. Adding raisins, nuts and other ingredients increases the calorie content of the product. Wheatmeal contains a large amount of fiber, so it is considered more beneficial for digestion.

Recipes for wheat bread at home

Bread can be baked in the oven, bread maker and multi-cooker. There are several recipes for wheat bread, which will differ in taste and chemical composition. You can cook it in sourdough, with or without yeast. Spices and other additives are added to taste.

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liver casserole Non-yeast starter recipe

For making such bread, you need a special rye sourdough. The process is lengthy, so the ingredients should be prepared in advance. For 100 g of yeast, you must take 800 g of wheat flour, 400 ml of water, 2 spoons of vegetable oil and 1 yolk. To taste add salt, sugar and liquid honey.

Cooking steps:

  1. First you need to add 100 g of flour and 100 ml of water to rye sourdough, mix and leave to heat for a day. The same procedure must be repeated three times, that is, it will take more than 3 days to prepare wheat bread for sourdough.
  2. On the third day, the leaven is poured into a large container. In it you need to sift 500 g of flour, add oil, salt, sugar, honey or spices. All components are thoroughly mixed for half an hour until a homogeneous consistency.
  3. The dough is placed in a deep container, filling it in half.2 hours, he must wait, then it is kneaded again. After that, it should stand for at least 90 minutes.
  4. Ready dough spread in a baking dish. Its surface is smeared with yolk, so that on the finished bread there is a crispy golden crust. Bake wheat bread in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees. In an hour you can get it, cut it and serve it on the table.

Such bread, although it is prepared for a long time, consists only of natural, well-known ingredients. This is a version of unleavened wheat bread, for which no special kitchen equipment is needed. The finished product will be fresh and crispy, it is worth preparing and serving at the festive table.

Homemade bread is always different from the purchase. It has a richer flavor and aroma, but for the first time it may fail. It is important to comply with all the proportions and timing of exposure of products.

Recipe for

yeast Dough for the usual white bread is prepared using wheat flour and yeast. On a pound of flour, you will need another 300 ml of water, a little salt and a spoonful of dry yeast:

  1. The most important step is the preparation and kneading of yeast dough. All flour is sifted into a separate container, yeast is added there and mixed thoroughly. Then in the center of the mixture you need to make a notch and pour water into it, to which salt was previously added. First, flour with water is mixed with a fork, and then with your hands. The dough will stick to the hands first, but then the flour will absorb the water and it will become more dense. You need to interfere for a long time, at least 15-20 minutes. The dough is very elastic. If you make a notch on it with your finger, it is quickly smoothed back.
  2. The next stage is the fermentation of yeast dough. The yeast reacts with carbohydrates, and the dough begins to rise. Thanks to this property bread is soft and airy. The dough must ferment for at least 1.5-2 hours in a hermetically sealed container. To do this, cover the bowl with cling film and leave at room temperature.
  3. When the dough rises, it can be laid out in forms and sent to the oven. Pre-mold with melted butter or cover with parchment paper for baking, and heat the oven to 200 degrees. Bread is baked for about 45 minutes, its readiness is determined by the color of the crust.

To determine whether the bread is ready, you can knock on its crust. The sound should be as if it is empty inside.

Recipe for the multicooker

The recipe for wheat bread in a multicooker is different from the classic one. For its preparation it is not necessary to withstand foods for several days. It is enough to mix all the ingredients in a multicooker tank, and she will make tasty and healthy bread. For 1 large loaf, take half a pound of wheat flour and semolina, 50 g butter, 5 g dry yeast, sugar and salt to taste:

  1. 200 g of warm water is poured into the multicooker container. Here also add flour and semolina, sifting them through a fine sieve.
  2. Salt, sugar, yeast, oil, and other additives( such as cinnamon or vanilla) are added last. To do this, you need to make small grooves in the flour mass around the perimeter, and put the ingredients in them and sprinkle them with flour. If you need to add nuts, seeds, candied fruits or raisins, they are placed on top of the flour.
  3. It remains only to choose the appropriate mode, and the slow cooker will start to prepare bread. For this option, suitable mode "sweet pastry."After baking the bread is ready to eat. It is taken out of the container, cut and served on the table.
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Such bread can be served as a sweet dish for tea or coffee. In a slow cooker, it is easy to prepare wheat pastries with various additives. However, it is better not to use fresh fruit, as for pies, because bread can not rise. To improve the taste of suitable raisins and other dried fruits, as well as nuts with honey and cinnamon.

In a slow cooker, the bread may not be as crisp as in the oven. On the other hand, the risks of baking or baking are much lower.

Wheat Flour Bread is an ordinary white bread that is served on the table every day. Any hostess wants him to be as healthy, tasty and natural as possible. Cooking classic sourdough bread is a long process, but there are simplified variations of this recipe. Bread maker is an excellent option for those who love homemade cakes, but do not want to spend time kneading and baking dough. You can also cook wheat bread in a slow cooker. In addition to the usual recipe, you should try to bake a sweet wheat bun with honey, cinnamon, vanilla sugar and any other additives.

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