Is it possible to eat watermelons with type 1 and 2 diabetes?

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Watermelon is a useful dietary product. However, the presence of sugars raise doubts about the benefits of the sweet berry for people with insulin dependence. Is it possible to eat watermelons with diabetes mellitus, and in what quantity, we find out, based on the specifics of the disease.

Diabetes and

Diet Our body is a finely tuned system. To break down foods, enzymes are required that the pancreas produces. But the team gives the endocrine system. The breakdown of sugar requires insulin. If it is not produced in the body, then the person dies from an excess of sugar in the blood. Therefore, insulin is given after a certain period of time by injection.

There is type 1 diabetes, in which insulin is not produced at all. Such a person lives only on external feeding with insulin injections. Closer to the declining years due to many factors, including obesity, the body cells refuse to break down carbohydrates, despite the fact that insulin is produced in the body and is in the blood in the right concentration. It is type 2 diabetes or insulin-independent.

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It is impossible to cure diabetes mellitus, but with the help of a slimming diet and a strict diet, the patient’s condition and the number of medications taken can be alleviated. In order to understand whether watermelon diabetics can, you need to learn the criteria for choosing products for the diet. Diets for diabetics are prescribed on the basis of two indicators: the

  • glycemic index( GI);
  • bread index( XE).
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The glycemic index is a relative unit. It allows you to judge how quickly the nutrients in the form of carbohydrates are released, how soon they enter the blood. In this case, it is not the caloric content of the product that is important, but its rapid or gradual entry into the blood. Per 100 units taken the activity of glucose, pure carbohydrate. This means that the level of sugar in the blood from the consumption of glucose increases by 100%.However, there are products that increase the sugar intake even more, for example, dried apricots.

It is believed that the index means the body's response to food, regardless of the quantity. But the amount affects the duration of blood sugar and the amount of insulin needed to block. Therefore, for diabetics, overeating watermelon can do a lot of harm with certain symptoms.

Bread Index shows how much sugar goes into the blood after eating foods containing carbohydrates. The standard is a piece of bread in 1 cm, cut from a standard roll and weighing 20 g. In order for such food in the body to be processed without increasing sugar, 2 units of insulin are required.

Daily Standard ХЕ for people:

  • work related to physical activity - 25;
  • sitting work - 20;
  • for diabetics - 15;
  • for obesity - 10.

Benefits and harms of diabetics using watermelon

Watermelon is a dietary product with up to 10% sugar. However, the composition of sugars is represented mainly by fructose, and it is split without the participation of insulin. The limited inclusion in the menu of sweet berries is useful, as the body gets nourished with minerals, folic acid and other significant elements. The simultaneous use of a large portion of watermelon can cause an increase in blood sugar. And excess fructose will be stored as fat.

To include watermelon in the diet, consult with your doctor. For the balance of HE and GI, the diet is being revised for a while, other products are excluded.

In this case, 135 g of watermelon is 1 XU, 40 Kcal and has GI 75. This means that drinking watermelon increases blood sugar by 75%, and it should be eaten in small portions, 200 g and 4 times a day. This applies only to type 1 diabetics.

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For insulin-independent patients, it is possible to use no more than 200 g of watermelon per day, while it is better to eat it with bread. An important indicator for those who watch their weight is the high GI of the watermelon. It speaks of the rapid absorption of the product and the feeling of hunger that follows. The patient may develop stress from restricting food intake. Therefore, watermelon in type 2 diabetes is a product that causes concern. Fighting overweight, including watermelon in the diet, type 2 diabetics can not.

Research has shown that fructose is not harmless. Eating it more than 90 grams per day causes obesity, and the constant presence in the diet can trigger type 2 diabetes. These people have more appetite, which leads to excess weight.

The fructose contained in daily intake of 800 grams does not require digestion. So, 40 g of fructose does not need 8 units of insulin, based on the HE.In this case, the body receives nutrients from the pulp and is the most useful product from summer greens and fruits. However, a large amount of fructose threatens the opposite phenomenon - obesity, problems with heart activity. This was proved by the latest research scientists.

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Useful properties of watermelon pulp are:

  • diuretic;
  • removes cholesterol;
  • strengthens the heart and liver;
  • improves blood formation and circulation of fluid through the system of arteries and veins;
  • cleans the liver from obesity;
  • cleanses deposits on joints and atherosclerosis.

The saturation of the pulp with the 14 elements necessary for the operation of all body systems allows the use of fewer replacement medications. Magnesium present in the berry is vital for the patient. It soothes stress, improves the functioning of the heart, suspends the deposition of salts in the form of stones. It also helps to eliminate cholesterol.

Can diabetics consume watermelon products? You can not drink the juice because of the concentrated composition of sugars. The use of nardeca or watermelon honey is contraindicated. This processed product contains 90% sugars. Watermelon oil in the diet of patients is welcome. In this case, the product must be unrefined, first cold pressed.

An incurable severe illness dictates a nutritional program, but the body must receive the necessary substances. The menu can be changed, but at the same time take into account the advice of a nutritionist.

Watermelon for diabetes - video

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