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help the body cope with the viral and fungal diseases may Pau D'Arco tree. Therapeutic substances in its composition, relieve all sorts of inflammation, as well as pulls pus. Preparations based on this plant have been very effective in the treatment of the urogenital and respiratory systems. However, 80% of success depends on the correct diagnosis and prescription prescribed by the doctor.

Unrivaled Beauty Tree

With its tropical thickets Amazonas are home to the ant tree. It can also be found in both Mexico and Argentina. This giant, reaching a height of up to 30 m, got its name thanks to its “lodgers” - the ants. They often settle in the heart of the branches, which are not so much on the tree.

Due to the rather long branches of the plant does not look very presentable. But the situation changes when the pink lapacho( another name) throws out luxurious inflorescences. All passersby is seduced by a spherical crown of a rich pink or purple color. Complements this extravaganza of colors:

  • brown bark of an ant tree with a slight grayish tint;
  • dissolving elliptical leaves, the edge of which has exactly carved notches;
  • fruits appear a little later and resemble narrow boxes.

Tourists and people of Latin America observe this magnificent presentation of contrasts from July to September. Moreover, they use the inner layer of the bark for medicinal purposes. It is separated from the trunk during the active movement of the juice. For centuries, Peruvians used these fibers as an antibiotic.

Pregnant and lactating women should refrain from using preparations made from ant tree.

For those who have problems with blood coagulation, it is also contraindicated, because it can lead to internal bleeding. There is a category of people whose components of this wood cause allergies.

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All about the beneficial properties of

In the history of medicine there are cases when using such drugs were treated for various types of cancer. The components of wood raw material have a special influence on the blood, forming its composition. Therefore, the main actions of the bark of the ant tree include:

  1. Antiviral. Viruses penetrate living cells and begin to control the processes of DNA / RNA synthesis. Lapachol, the active substance of this natural supplement, eliminates and stops the reproduction of viral cells. As a result, for the flu, herpes, polio and ARVI there is no place in the body.
  2. Antibacterial. The causative agents of such terrible diseases as tuberculosis, malaria and dysentery are powerless against the active components of the cortex. They also slow down the multiplication of strepto-and staphylococcus.
  3. Immunostimulating. The active biological compounds of this product strengthen the protective function of the cells themselves, not to mention the organism as a whole.
  4. Antifungal. Spore microorganisms grow at lightning speed, and then divide in the same way. Some chemical compounds of wood fibers have a depressant effect on the activity of fungi. Therefore, women suffering from candidiasis or trihofiton such decoctions will be just the way.

For what just do not use the bark of an ant tree. It serves as both an anesthetic and laxative. However, it does not cause intestinal upset. Biologically active components help cleanse the lymph and the blood itself from parasitic microorganisms. With proper use of the drug in a patient, blood pressure is normalized, as well as blood sugar levels.

This herbal medicine is recognized as the best of its kind, especially for the postoperative period. The process of tissue healing and recovery of the body is several times faster than usual.

Instructions for use of

Many prefer capsules or tablets, because when steaming the bark, substances are released that give bitterness. To enhance the therapeutic / prophylactic effect, manufacturers add to the main component:

  • collection of herbal extracts;
  • missing trace elements;
  • vitamin complexes.

The daily intake of such dietary supplements is 1.5 g. This is approximately 3 pills per day. Each instruction on the use of the bark of the ant tree focuses on taking the drug three times. To enhance its effect, experts advise to choose selenium-containing medicines.

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Caps For prevention of viral diseases, you can take one capsule( 500 mg) twice a day with a glass of water. This should be done after each meal, after two or three hours. If a cold or flu is quite acute, the dosage is increased by 2 times.

Consuming the capsule shell is not necessary. Content can be poured into a warm drink: compote, syrup or tea.

Extract - an alternative to

tablets. Small children are very painful when swallowing large pills. Gag reflex often occurs in adults. Caring for the welfare of customers, manufacturers have found an alternative to tablets - aqueous extract. The peculiarity of this drug is that it is absorbed several times faster than the powder.

Alcoholic tincture is concentrated, therefore it has a rich brown tint, in appearance resembling iodine. Only a professional can distinguish it from other drugs, because the taste of the suspension is almost neutral. There are some nuances of its use, namely:

  1. The maximum dose at a time - 2 ml. If you measure this figure with ordinary drops, then with a pipette you need to measure from 30 to 56 droplets. In many ways, the dosage depends on the complexity of the disease, as well as how weak the body is.
  2. Method of use. The extract is diluted in a small amount of water. Drinking this mixture is necessary three times a day, 2 hours after meals.
  3. Recommendations for children. From the age of three, you can start this herbal medicine. Only the dosage should vary from 15 to 30 drops at a time.
  4. Removal of warts. Cotton swab should be soaked with alcohol tincture. Then put it on the wart and gently roll. It is important to keep the compress all night. The procedure is carried out until the growth completely disappears.
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The standard volume of a bottle of alcohol tincture is 236 ml. Sadly, with daily use of this extract, the duration of therapy is reduced to 14 or 30 days. This is not an economical option.

Teenagers who have reached the age of 14 should take the drug on an equal basis with adults. But there is one amendment. If the weight of a child who is 10-13 years old is more than 45 kg, it means that he is entitled to a full-fledged standard of medicine.

Tea / decoction

Colds, as well as infectious diseases, can be treated with tea from this bark. Thanks to the correct technology of preparation, all biologically active substances saturate the water. As a result, the drink turns out luxurious brown. Its taste is, of course, bitter and even with light notes of sourness. However, the result is worth it. To make this tea, the hostess needs:

  • to grind / grind two tablespoons of bark;
  • pour boiling water( volume - 1 liter) or throw the powder into the already boiling water;
  • boil over high heat for up to 5 minutes;Remove
  • from the stove, cover and leave to infuse for 20 minutes;
  • if desired, the broth can be drained.

Take this tea is recommended every day. If the disease is very acute, then you need to drink a liter of this drink per day( approximately eight small cups).As a preventive measure, you can drink one cup 2-3 times a day. The interval between doses is 5 or 8 hours.

Women suffering from candidiasis can also douche with this decoction. It is only important to wait for the liquid to become room temperature. Such procedures will help to restore the vaginal microflora, and most importantly, to overcome fungal colonies.

It should be borne in mind that the bark of the ant tree is more auxiliary and supportive than curative. She is discharged as a supplement to the main therapy. The effect of the drug is enhanced if it is used with iron and sulfur-containing drugs. So, thanks to the age-old experience of the inhabitants of Latin America, modern society can strengthen its immunity.

Video instructions for use of the ant tree bark

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