We can preserve for the winter or eat at once rolls of eggplant with different fillings

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For those who are tired of canning ordinary salads, it is proposed to make eggplant rolls for the winter. This dish will serve as a snack, as well as the usual addition to any side dish. Such tasty foods are eaten in a matter of minutes, so cook more. Pouring in the bank can serve as your own juice, selected in the process of sterilizing them with the contents, or it can be a tomato. In any case, the provisions will be stored for a long time, the main thing is to follow all the steps, based on the recipes with photos of eggplant rolls.

Preparation of the main component - eggplant

Eggplants should be moderately elastic: not soft, so as not to fall apart during processing, and not too tight to be soaked with auxiliary ingredients and stuffing. The thickness of sliced ​​along slices usually ranges from 0.5-0.8 cm. These vegetables have a certain natural bitterness, which you should get rid of, otherwise the dish will lose all the charm. Therefore, after cutting, the blue ones are immersed in a deep bowl mixed with salt, which contributes to the secretion of that very bitterness. In this state, leave for several hours, often it is two hours. If your blue is overripe, then it's better to increase the time. After the set time has elapsed, get the eggplants out, drain the unnecessary liquid and start the roasting procedure. Further steps according to the recipe.

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Eggplant rolls with carrot filling for the winter

Eggplant in the form of rolls for the winter takes only 40 minutes of preparation. For such a snack will need 1 kilogram of blue( eggplant).Carrot filling consists of 0.4 kilograms of carrots and is prepared according to the Korean principle. Therefore, it is worth preparing a seasoning for Korean carrots, which cost only 2 tsp. The filling will be saturated with spicy 6 cloves of garlic, 20 grams of vinegar and 100 grams of sunflower oil, salt to taste.


  1. Eggplants do not require cleaning. They are simply cut along the strips having 5-7 mm thickness. Then you should put the cut in a large bowl and cover with salt. Set aside a couple of hours to glass eggplant bitterness.
  2. Crush peeled chives with a special device.
  3. Carrots recycle on a Korean grater.
  4. Mix carrots with garlic and desired spices.
  5. Bring the oil to a boil and immediately turn off the heat. Pour the carrots on them and let them stand for a while. Only then slowly pour vinegar.
  6. Remove the eggplants from the bowl( the juice should remain at the bottom) and fry slightly on both sides.
  7. We proceed to the main step of making eggplant rolls for the winter. Place the carrots in the finished eggplant strips and wrap them in a roll.
  8. Put the rolls tightly into the pre-sterilized jars and send them to the sterilization procedure, which lasts 40 minutes.
  9. Pull out, screw on caps and invert. Wrap in a blanket and wait for about a day to cool down. Done!

Do not immediately pour vinegar into boiling oil, an explosion may occur.

Eggplant rolls stuffed with carrots, onions and peppers for the winter

Description of how to make eggplant rolls with onions, carrots and sweet peppers can help you create such extraordinary provisions that you will lick your fingers. The main ingredient will need 3 kilograms, and this is undoubtedly eggplant. On the stuffing will go 3 pieces of carrots and 1 head of garlic. It will be prepared according to the Korean principle, so prepare 5 tablespoons of vinegar, 3 same spoons of sugar, 1 tsp salt and black ground pepper 1 tbsp.spoon. The salad, layered between the mini-rolls, will consist of 6 pieces of bell pepper, 5 small onions.

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  1. Wash the eggplants, cut them into plates along. Pour in plenty of salt and wait 2 hours until the bitter juice is drained to the bottom of the pelvis. Fill with plenty of salt and wait 2 hours until the bitter juice flows to the bottom of the pelvis.
  2. While the unnecessary liquid from the blue ones is flowing, you should cook Korean carrots. To do this, you need to grate it on the appropriate grater, cover with pepper, sugar, Korean seasoning and salt.5 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with 1 spoon of vegetable oil and pour in carrots. Crush the garlic, fit into the sliced ​​and mix very carefully. Set aside soak.
  3. Return to the eggplants, in which you need to fry both sides so that they are lightly golden.
  4. Cut the pepper into straws and the onion into half rings. Mix it up.
  5. For eggplant rolls for the winter, it’s worth putting carrots on the edge and wrapping them.
  6. Put the layers in a jar: a layer of rolls, a layer of onions with pepper.
  7. Make a marinade of 200 grams of sugar and the same vinegar, 2 tablespoons.spoons of salt. All diluted with 250 grams of water and boil. You can add bay leaf. Pour jars with rolls.
  8. Sterilize 15 minutes.
  9. Cover with lids, wrap in warm. After cooling to store in the pantry.

In layers, the number of onions and peppers can be taken at your discretion.

Eggplant rolls stuffed with tomato and garlic

Eggplant rolls with tomatoes and garlic does not provide for their canning for the winter. This appetizer is consumed immediately. The components are taken all 2 pieces each: two eggplants, two tomatoes, two cloves of garlic, two bunches of greens. The rest to taste: mayonnaise, salt, ground pepper.

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  1. Cut the eggplants along the plates. Cover with a glass of salt and wait a couple of hours for the bitter liquid to drain.
  2. Fry eggplant plates.
  3. Prepare mayonnaise-garlic sauce. In mayonnaise add chopped garlic, chopped herbs and salt.
  4. Spread eggplants with mayonnaise on top, like butter in bread. Put a piece of tomato on the edge.
  5. Wrap the tomato in an eggplant “tongue”.Done!

Rolls can be pierced with a skewer or a toothpick to ensure deployment reliability.

Various ingredients can be wrapped in eggplant “tongues”, not just those presented above. Eggplant rolls with various fillings are unsurpassed and original. The filling may be as follows:

  • ham and carrots;
  • grated hard cheese with mayonnaise, tomatoes and herbs;
  • minced greens;
  • other.

Turn on the fantasy and experiment. You can compose chicken meat, potatoes, nuts, avocados, basil, sprats. What and with what will fill the eggplant, it's up to you and your taste. Enjoy your meal!

Video Recipe for Eggplant Rolls

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