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barberry shrubs are popular among the masters of landscape design thanks to its bright elegant foliage and beautiful fruit. With their help, it is possible to create unusual compositions and turn a simple compound into a paradise.

How to choose barberry shrubs for the garden

Today there are about 200 varieties of this plant. Between themselves, they differ not only in the color of the leaves, but also in the power of growth, shape and purpose. Before you plant this plant on your plot, you need to find answers to the following questions: how to grow a barberry, which variety is suitable for your region, which plant shape will look beautiful on the plot or in the garden?

Colorful dwarf bushes are suitable for the alpine slide, which can revive even the saddest corner. But to create topirovnoy design or green fence is better to stay at the Barberry Ordinary or Ottawa. These varieties reach a height of up to 3m, amenable to shearing and quickly restore the green mass. Plants are easy to maintain, have a strong root system, tolerate cold winters and hot summers.

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Before you buy the desired variety, you must first look at the photo of the barberry shrub in adult form, select the desired color, size and only then go to the market or to the store.

Secrets of breeding barberry

A lot of useful information can be found on the methods of breeding barberry, but several of the most popular among amateur gardeners and professionals should be highlighted:

  • Cherenkovanie.
  • Seed propagation
  • Reproduction by layering.
  • Division of the bush.
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Each method is characteristic in that it is used at a certain time of year. For reproduction by cuttings, young, mature branches are cut in mid-August. Cut the twigs treated with a rooting and planted in a loose, moist soil. If a dry autumn is foreseen, then it is better to plant in a greenhouse or a small greenhouse, which will control humidity and protect the cutting from cold snaps during the night. Enclosed space must be ventilated every day and to avoid excessive moisture. It is also important once a week to loosen the soil and remove weeds.

It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to grow a barberry from seeds, but these plants will be strong and resistant to climatic conditions. Sowing works are carried out in the fall. First you need to collect mature seeds from strong and beautiful plants, separate the bone and rinse it under running water. Stone seed is dried and only then sown in a container with soil, which consists of sand and peat( 1: 1).A box with stones is buried in the ground and left there until spring. Seeds undergo stratification and in spring give amicable shoots.

In spring sowing, seed germination will not be high and most seeds will germinate only next year.

In order for the seeds to pass the stratification successfully, you can place the box with the crops in a cool, dark room, but then humidity and temperature should be controlled( not lower than -1).In early September, choose the most powerful plants and planted in the garden. In the spring, the next year, strong seedlings can be transferred to a permanent place, and the weak ones can be left for autumn planting. Fruits such plants three years after the emergence of seedlings.

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Reproduction by layering is the easiest way that even inexperienced gardeners can do. A large percentage of rooting in the reproduction of layering drops in the spring. For the procedure, you should choose young, completely unripe branches and evenly arrange them into the grooves dug near the trunk circle. The branches are fastened with wire straps, the grooves are moistened and covered with earth, leaving the top of the shoot above the ground. In early September, rooted branches will form a lush root system. They can be separated from the parent plant and landed on a permanent place. Such a plant will bear fruit next year.

The bush is resorted to in the event that the plant has grown and it is necessary to limit the area of ​​its habitat. You can perform the procedure at any time. To avoid stress for the plant and not to lose the crop, it is better to do this in early spring( early March) or late autumn, after leaf fall. The mother bush needs to be torn from all sides in order to cover the main mass of horses. After digging up the bush, saw is cut into several parts so as to capture the roots for each plant. The depth of each landing pit should be no less than 0.5 m.

Each landing pit must be equipped with a drainage system. This will protect the plants from waterlogging and help the root system to quickly take root in a new place.

After planting, the plants are covered with soil. Watered and tamped tightly to the ground in the circle of the trunk, so that it tightly grasped the roots.

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Barberry: growing and care

Many gardeners begin to wonder how to plant a barberry, so that it quickly settles and pleases with a rich harvest. To achieve this is not difficult if you follow the recommendations for growing and planting barberry.

  • Barberry prefers earth with normal acidity. If the acidity of the soil is above 7 PH, then it must be treated with lime. It is quite simple to do this: add about 300 g of hydrated lime or a glass of wood ash to the pit when planting. It is important that the ash be from leafy wood. Do not add ash from oak wood.
  • After the spring division of the bush or transplanting, it is necessary to water the first two months during the summer heat.
  • Barberry prefers bright places, but grows well in the shade. Varieties with bright colored leaves in the shade lose their decorative effect.
  • For the formation of a beautiful hedge it is necessary to plant bushes with the calculation of two plants per 1 m.
  • Feed the plants preferably at the root once a year( in spring).
  • Frequent loosening is the key to a good root system and spreading branches.
  • Mulching will help in the summer to retain moisture in the tree wheel.
  • Regular pruning of barberry bushes will help preserve the beautiful aesthetic appearance of the plant.

The cultivation of barberry and care for it must be carried out in accordance with the instructions received so that the shrub pleases with its bright foliage and toy fruits.

Barberry: landing, care, breeding - video

https: // watch? V = 615q1GbXNwg

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