The nuances of planting and caring for a Thuja Woodwardy in the garden

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with a round pattern, with a round pattern, as usual, using the pattern, to move the system, as well as in the background, as in the case of. Thuja Woodwardy - one of the old, well-tested varieties with a dense crown, livable character and a noticeable appearance, which turns the shrub into a bright "star" of group and soliternyh plantings.

Thuja western - the leader in popularity among conifers, suitable for cultivation in private gardens, in city squares and containers. Culture is appreciated by Russians:

  • for high decorativeness;
  • for a small annual increase, saving time on a haircut;
  • due to easy-care;
  • for excellent winter hardiness;
  • for maintaining attractiveness both in summer and in winter.
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Thuja western Woodwardy will be interesting for those who want to see a beautiful, strong plant with a compact, ball-like crown, a dark, densely strewn branch with needles and pleasant temper day after day.

Under the conditions of the middle lane, the ephedron has established itself as a real survivor, which can withstand cold weather, hot summer and even polluted air of megacities.

Description of Tui Woodwardi

Today, at the disposal of the owners of country sites there are dozens of conifers. Thuja Woodwardy or Thuja occidentalis Woodwardii refers to varieties that have repeatedly been able to confirm their value in landscape design. The first mention of the variety of Canadian origin belong to the 20s of the last century.

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Once in the Old World, the hodgepipe quickly gained recognition from European gardeners. There were several reasons for this, but the main ones can be listed in several points:

  • is a rich, non-tinged color scaly needles;
  • dense crown, which in young plants has a spherical shape, and in adults, due to a small vertical increase, it becomes more squat;
  • excellent adaptability to the most unassuming conditions;
  • undemanding after landing, which is important in large parks and small private properties.

A shrub planted at the age of 2–3 years grows to a height of one and a half meters only by 10 years. Subsequently, growth continues, but its pace becomes even lower.

The maximum height that a Thuja Woodwardy reaches is 2–2.5 meters with a crown diameter of about three meters.

The branches of the shrub are flattened, with a large number of green shoots covered with scaly needles. Its color can vary from light to dark green and depends on the growing conditions, the age of the branches and the season. Fruits appear on adult specimens - brownish-brown oblong cones collected in loose panicles.

According to the description of Thuy Woodwardy, like her closest relatives, this is a light-loving evergreen culture, preferring cultivated light soils. For good growth and maintenance of ornamentation, the ephedra needs not only light, but also water. However, the stagnation of moisture under the roots greatly increases the likelihood of rot and fungi at the base of the trunk and deep in the crown.

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For almost the entire territory of Russia, thuja of this variety can withstand winter frosts. For adult shrubs, snow cover is sufficient, and young plants in the first 2-3 years additionally cover with sacking so that they do not suffer from dry cold and sunny spring burns.

Features of planting and caring for thuja Woodwardi

At the site chosen for planting of thuja, planting pits or trenches are dug 60–80 cm. If a large seedling or adult shrub is to be planted, the diameter and depth increase, focusing on the size of its root system.

For tui need a loose cultivated soil with good drainage. Therefore, in the sandstone add garden soil, humus and peat. Heavy and dense soils are mixed with sand and peat. In areas with flooding or stagnation of water in the ground, thuja will inevitably be sick and die. In such cases, elevation and reliable drainage are made in advance to drain excess moisture. At the bottom of the planting hole will help a layer of sand, broken brick or expanded clay with a thickness of about 15 cm. 50-60 grams of complex fertilizer for coniferous crops are added to the soil mix to fill the pit.

As a top dressing you should not use fresh organic matter that can burn young roots and provoke the development of fungal diseases .

To simplify the subsequent care of the Thuja of Woodwardy, the shrubs are planted in early spring or autumn if there is no threat of early cold. Plant care is:

  • in watering, which for young, rooting thuja must be neat and regular;
  • in loosening the soil no deeper than 10 cm;
  • in weeding wheel circle;
  • in spring dressings.
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require? In the hot season, thuis respond well to sprinkling. Mulching of the area under the crowns helps not only to preserve valuable moisture, but also to protect the plant from the encroachment of weeds.

Thuy Woodwardy in landscape design: photos and ways to use

Tui Woodwardi is universal. It looks equally good both on the park lawn and in the city square next to the highway. The compactness of the culture allows you to grow it in containers selected by size. Tui Woodwardi's

in landscape design, as in the photo, is used in both single and mass plantings. A shrub with a dense crown can be the basis of a living, slowly growing and does not require frequent cutting of the wall. A shade tolerance of culture allows planting a conifer in open areas, and under the canopy of larger perennial vegetation.

If shrubs have to become part of a green curb, they are planted so that the overgrown crowns are joined. From other plants, the tovia is planted at a distance of not less than half of its maximum diameter.

Thuy Woodwardy in the landscape - video

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