Winter squash salad recipes

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it was whatSome housewives are satisfied with a mix of cucumbers and tomatoes, and those who have tried “round zucchini” at least once, prepare delicious salads from the squash for the winter. We suggest to try to make winter preparations according to the recipes presented below.

Unlike cooking caviar, where large fruits can be taken, young squatas with a diameter of up to 5 centimeters are used for salads.

Snack of squash, carrots and onions

This squash salad for the winter is a bit like pickled vegetables, but thanks to the sterilization process it does not get sour over time and can be stored in the cellar all winter.

Cut three kilograms of squash into small cubes.

Grate a pound of carrot.

Cut the same amount of onion into rings. It is better to use big heads to make beautiful rings.

Put prepared vegetables in an enamel bowl. Pour vinegar( 1 tbsp.) And oil( 0.5 tbsp.).Add salt and sugar( 2 tablespoons and 1, respectively), pepper. Knead with clean hands and let stand for 2-3 hours to let the vegetables start the juice.

Arrange the billet in jars and put in sterilization for 15 minutes. Roll up

Squashes with garlic and onions

Crispy vegetables in spicy pickles will surely please the strong half of the family. Salad of patissons with garlic will serve as a good snack on the New Year's table.

Squabs( 2 kg) cut into pieces of arbitrary shape, and 4 large white onions - half rings.

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Prepare a dressing:

  • 5 finely chopped garlic cloves;
  • 50 g each of chopped parsley and dill;
  • half a glass of oil and vinegar;
  • a tablespoon of sugar and salt.

Mix all ingredients and leave to marinate for 3 hours.

During this time, prepare half-liter jars.

When the salad is fed, fill the cans with the scallops and put them in sterilization for 15-20 minutes. Roll up and cover with a warm blanket.

Salad of squash and cucumbers

Round scallops look very nice in a jar against the background of long cucumbers. Despite the fact that the taste of vegetables is somewhat similar, the patissons have a denser flesh, so they also crunch better.

To prepare the salad of squash and cucumbers for the winter, you should:

  1. Wash and cut out the bulges on one side with one kilogram of vegetables.
  2. Prepare saline solution. Per liter of water will need a tablespoon of salt. Add there a bunch of greens, two bitter peppercorns and 4 cloves of garlic.
  3. Let the caissons and cucumbers stand for 3 days in the prepared brine.
  4. After the specified time has expired, the brine should be drained and put on fire. As soon as it boils, pour the vegetables in the jar and roll up.

You can immediately distribute the vegetables to the banks to know how much brine will be needed, and not to make an extra solution.

Spicy salad for meat

Squash salad in Korean is practically the same as traditional Korean cuisine. If at home there is a special seasoning and grater, which are used in the preparation of sharp carrots, it is not difficult to cook it.

3 kg of young small squash and carrot in the amount of 500 g to wash and grate on a special grater.

Cut 5 large sweet peppers and a pound of onion into rings.

Pass one garlic head through a garlic box.

Put the ingredients in a common bowl, add 1 bag of Korean-style seasoning, squeezed garlic, a tablespoon of sugar and refined oil. Salt to taste and pour a glass of vinegar. Leave pickling for three hours.

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Spread the salad in containers and sterilize for 15 minutes, then roll up.

Spicy Salad of Squash with Spices and Sweet Pepper

Among the salad recipes of squash for the winter is a fairly simple and quick option. It turns out very tasty thanks to spices, and cooks quickly, because vegetables do not need pre-pickling.

One kilogram of patissons, 6 sweet peppers and onions each, cut one large lemon into beautiful pieces. Separately, grind a small hot pepper.

At the bottom of a liter jar, put 2 sprigs of parsley, one leaf of celery, basil, laurel and 1 bud of carnation. Then lay out the vegetables in layers, and on top - 1-2 slices of hot peppers and a slice of lemon.

Of these ingredients should get 6 liter jars.

Die out how much water is needed for one jar: fill a jar of vegetables with water, and drain it back. Now prepare the marinade:

  • 1 l of water;
  • glass of sugar;
  • half a cup of vinegar;
  • 2 tbsp.lsalt.

Pour the hot marinade into the salad and put in sterilization( 15 minutes).Close. Wrap and leave to cool.

Snack from the squash and tomato

Recipe for the squash salad and tomato for the winter is somewhat different from the rest. Such a snack is not marinated, but immediately stewed in a cauldron.

Pre-washed tomatoes( 0.5 kg) and squash( 1 kg) cut into pieces of the same size and pour into a cauldron.

Finely chop 200 g of onion and parsley root, as well as greens( to taste) and put them to the vegetables.

Pour a glass of water into chopped vegetable mass and simmer for 40 minutes.

At the end of salt salad, add 0.5 tbsp.oils and 4 tbsp.lvinegar. Bring to a boil and roll up.

A quick squash lettuce salad with

slices Especially for those who do not have enough time for winter conservation, there is a recipe for squash lettuce without sterilization.

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Blanch four kilograms of patissons for 2 minutes, then cut into small pieces.

Put dill( umbrellas with seeds), peas, a few cloves of garlic into sterilized liter jars. For spicy lovers, you can add a piece of bitter pepper.

Fill the cut scallops in the jar and pour vinegar on top per liter container - 40 g of the product.

Prepare marinade: for 4 liters of water, 300 g of salt and sugar.

As soon as the marinade boils, pour them patisson slices in jars and roll them up. Salad ready!

Products listed on 6 liter jars of finished salad.

Assorted squash, zucchini, carrot and onion

For the preparation of 6 liter jars of squash and zucchini salad for the winter, you will need one and a half kilograms of finely chopped vegetables.

In addition, chop the onion( 500 g) and chop the carrots( the same amount) using a grater for Korean salads.

Mix everything and put chopped garlic( 2 medium heads).

Make marinade - dressing:

  • vinegar - 1 cup;
  • sugar - 1 cup;
  • oil - 0.5 cups;
  • salt - 2 tablespoons;
  • ground pepper - 1 teaspoon.

Stir all marinade ingredients thoroughly and pour into vegetables. Leave the workpiece for 2-3 hours to soak.

Place the salad in jars, put in sterilization for 15 minutes. Roll up

Squash with Bell Pepper - Video

If you can, plant healthy and beautiful vegetables like squash on a garden next to squash and cucumbers. With the onset of the conservation period, it will be possible to make a variety of blanks and squash salads for the winter. Those who do not have a garden, it remains to acquire the necessary vegetables on the market. They cost not too expensive, but in the winter grateful family members will appreciate your efforts. Enjoy your meal!

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