Choosing the right avocado is the key to a delicious meal.

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not to be mistaken and not to be disappointed. Although it is a common fruit for various salads and side dishes, it is still more difficult to understand it than in apples or tomatoes. Today we will try to introduce you to this gift of nature and tell you all about his right choice.

What is an avocado, and what is it eaten with?

First, let's find out what we are talking about, and then we will figure out how to choose a ripe avocado that will delight you with a delicate taste and a pleasant, characteristic aroma.

The hero of our story has another interesting name - alligator pear. The shape of the fruit, indeed, looks like a pear, and its rough surface is dark green in color, with pronounced pimples reminiscent of crocodile skin, hence this poetic name. Wild overseas exotic grows in Mexico and South America, but cultural species are successfully cultivated in Europe. American Perseus tree, which gives amazing fruit, never shed its leaves, and it can reach a height of up to 20 meters. His crown looks luxurious and sprawling.

Unripe avocados will not please you to taste. It is hard, and the immature pulp has an unpleasant bitterness. The ripe fruit is soft, slightly oily in texture, with a sweetish aftertaste. It is an integral ingredient of the world famous spicy Mexican sauces.

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If you mistakenly chose an unripe fruit, do not be discouraged. We will tell you how to ripen avocados at home, but first let's find out how to choose the right one from the variety offered in stores.

Learn to choose avocados correctly

So, we need a ripe fruit, because the unripe is almost inedible because of unpleasant bitterness. Today, in many stores an unusual green guest can be found all year round, so there will be no problems with searching. But with the selection of the ideal instance - it may well be.

A few important tips on how to choose the right avocado:

  1. Soft. There is one danger here: even shaky, alligator pears eagerly thrashing when pressed, inside, closer to the bone, can still remain tart. Of course, it is better to take the fruit that is soft to the touch, because as hard as a stone is definitely unripe. But when choosing, pay attention to other signs.
  2. By color. The next most important evaluation criterion is the color of the skin. The ripening avocado goes from light green to almost black. The darker - the more ripe the fruit. The lightest in food is not yet suitable, a rich green tint indicates that the selected specimen can be eaten in a day, dark green - immediately after the acquisition, and pronounced blackness indicates that the fruit has overcame.
  3. According to the condition of the cutting. You chose a soft avocado of dark green color, but for control, pay attention to the stain left after the cutting is removed. In the best fruit it will have a light yellow color. But if the stain has darkened and turned dark brown - in front of you a ripe alligator pear.
  4. According to a knock of a stone. Everything is simple: gently shake the copy you like near the ear. If you hear the bone tapping inside, this is a sure sign of the right condition.
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Now you know all the secrets of how to choose the perfect avocado. But let's focus on other points about which every hostess should have an idea. For example, what is bad overripe fruit? It becomes soft and impossible to process, in particular - cutting. In addition, the pulp of such a fetus is dangerous poisoning, as it is often already rotten from the inside. It can cause gastrointestinal upset. But the immature is quite possible to purchase. It is not so difficult to bring to the desired condition at home. This will be discussed below.

The color of the skin of an alligator pear is a determining factor when choosing the right fruit, but there are some secrets here as well. Proceed from the variety. The fact is that there is a California avocado, also called Haas. In its mature form, it is saturated brownish or even black, in which case the color does not indicate over-ripeness, but, on the contrary, indicates a normal stage of maturation.

Well, a few words about how to peel avocados, so as not to damage the flesh. It all depends on what you plan to use the fruit for. If for sauce, then it is cut in half, the bone is pulled out, and the flesh is taken out with a regular spoon, scraped to the walls. Another thing - rolls or salad. For them, alligator pear must be cut into thin strips, cubes. The fruit is thoroughly washed, cut, remove the bone. Then gently pick up the peel from the top edge and strip it off. Peeled fruit is cut as needed.

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storage and ripening

Now you know not only how to choose avocados, but also how to clean it for eating. Let's deal with storage features.

Fruit can easily survive at home, and it does not take much time. And yet, how to store an avocado so that it ripens? There is nothing complicated. Put the dry fruit in a dark, warm place, leave for two to five days. You can speed up the process. Ethylene gas will help achieve the desired, and its active producers are apples or bananas. Put them in one bag with avocados and store them again in a warm, dry, dark place. Alligator pear will be ready for use much faster. Here, perhaps, and all the secrets of how to store avocados.

Do not store the fruit in plastic bags, because in them it can “suffocate” and deteriorate. The best option - paper packaging or wooden, cardboard box. Can be placed in a canvas bag.

Knowing how to determine the ripeness of avocados, you can easily choose the perfect fruit, suitable for both salad and delicious sauce, fresh rolls. We wish you to please the family with useful avocados!

How to choose and peel avocado - video

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