Artificial stones and sculptures made of concrete in the country and garden

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To implement this truly amazing design idea, it takes quite a bit: desire, diligence and, of course, fantasy. And if the master has the talent of a sculptor, then real works of art can come out from under his hands.

Preparation of a mortar for sculptures

To make sculptures, use gypsum or concrete. Concrete is made so: mix cement and sand in a ratio of 1 to 3. Then, in small portions, water is added, which is approximately half the volume of cement. The process of kneading resembles the preparation of a dough.

To plasticity of concrete was higher, PVA is added to the usual composition. The moisture resistance of the finished product is increased by adding liquid nails to the mixture.

The readiness of the solution is checked as follows: a little mixture is compressed in the fist, the palm is opened and something is made by the groove. If there is water in the pit, then there are surpluses in the concrete. In this case add to the mixture of cement.

Sometimes the piece immediately begins to crumble. This means that it is necessary to add water to the solution.

Molding method of making figurines

Even the most inexperienced people can make of a concrete or gypsum a mushroom glade or a merry forest in a mushroom cap, a ladybird or a turtle walking along a path. Using the molding method, it is easy to manufacture a concrete hemisphere. After a little extra work on the workpiece, adding details and dyeing, the master will receive a cute figure to decorate his site.

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As a form for obtaining the hemisphere, you can use a half of the rubber ball. To do this, it should be cut in half and put in a basin of sand. Only then can you start pouring the mold with concrete or gypsum. If you put the rubber hemisphere on the floor or the ground, then from the bottom on the dried part you get a notch.


To form the shell of a turtle and some species of fungi, you can use a basin. But for the convenience of removing the parts, it is best to put polyethylene on the bottom of the mold.

Making mushrooms

After filling the hemisphere form for the fungus, you need to put and slightly drown in the concrete a plastic bottle with a cut neck.

The eggplant is also filled with mass. But first it should be installed metal rod so that it protrudes slightly above the cut. Then it will be convenient to set the figure vertically, sticking it into the ground.

After a while, when the concrete in a semi-circular shape grasps, the bottle needs to be taken out - there must be a notch. The ball is removed from the concrete part-cap. If cracks or voids appear on the surface of the future hat, they can be covered with a mortar or a putty. The part is still slightly dried to absolute hardness.

From the legs, too, you need to remove the bottle. It can be cut with a sharp knife. Also, cracks and voids should be puttied.

Since mushrooms usually grow in families, it is possible to make several fillings of different sizes at once. You will need balls with a slightly smaller diameter. Or it will be necessary to pour concrete into the other half just below the previous level. As a form for the leg can be used disposable half-liter glass.

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When the parts have acquired the necessary hardness, they are covered with a primer and combined into a common figure. Then, somewhere in an hour, you can start painting. To give the shiny figure a master can cover it with varnish.

Making a turtle

On the shell of a turtle, after removing it from its form, it is necessary to draw a drawing with a stick. While the part is not completely dried, it is possible to do it. If the picture is of poor quality, you can apply a thin layer of mortar or putty and already on fresh apply hexahedrons on the shell or lay it with pebbles, make a mosaic of pieces of glass.

If desired, you can join her legs, tail, head. But then already during pouring metal pins are inserted into the solution. They will later be stitched up with limbs and a neck with a head.


It is quite difficult to cast large figures. The more difficult it is to find the right shape. Therefore, skeletons are used to create such sculptures.

Materials needed to create frame sculpture

If you decide to make concrete figures with your own hands, the master needs to stock up

  • concrete;
  • aluminum wire or wire mesh for frame;
  • polyethylene film;
  • foam, old buckets, baths, metal barrels to facilitate the weight of the figure and reduce the volume of concrete used;
  • spatula;
  • a spray with water;
  • paint used for outdoor works;
  • thin rubber gloves;
  • A mask that protects the respiratory tract from cement dust and paint fumes;
  • A saw with diamond circles for processing a finished figurine.
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Artificial stone-boulder

To make such decoration of a site will be able practically any. And the boulder on the site looks rather exotic. Particularly beautiful is the stone looks near the reservoir, the pool, in the recreation area, along the tracks.

Benches can also be attached to boulders. It can serve as the foot of a table with a table top, which, as it were, crosses its upper part.

The manufacturing process with a wire frame

The wire is made of a stone frame.

The inner part of the frame is filled with packages, foam plastic. You can also use construction debris, empty glass bottles, empty buckets, basins, barrels. This will reduce the consumption of cement mortar and will delay the process of its "failure" inside the frame.

Prepare a cement solution.

Small cakes are stuck on the frame of concrete.

After some time, the first layer of cement will seize. Then you need to make the solution senescent and secondly to coat the stone, smoothing the irregularities with a spatula.

Then the top part of the stone is wrapped with polyethylene and left to dry a little.

When the top of the stone is seized, the workpiece is turned over and coated with a solution of the sole of the boulder.

Making a boulder with burlap

In the liquid solution of concrete, lower the sacking, squeeze. Then it is applied to the frame.

With thick concrete, the blank is coated. The algorithm for applying the solution is repeated - with small cakes the figure sticks to the top, as well as on the wire frame.

The edges of the burlap are tucked inside.

After drying, the stone is painted and varnished.

Video lesson of manufacturing a frame vase made of concrete

More complex sculptures are made using the same technology. Only for the work of the master will already need talent sculpture.

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